The 10 Gifs You Need This Finals Season


‘Tis the season for crying and complaining. Welcome to finals, the Georgetown version of a state school frat’s hell week. Teachers aren’t clear, assignments are ridiculous and there is a .9 percent chance that you actually have all of the notes to make that study guide. Before you grab your hammer and start beating a hole into the wall of Lau, take a deep breath. 4E has compiled a list of 10 gifs that are sure to express your current anger and frustration. You’re welcome.

1. When your teacher assigns a take home test that is 100% impossible.


2. When your final is not cumulative, but also low-key very cumulative.


3. When all of your pens are out of ink, you run out of paper in your legal pad or your computer dies and you have no charger.

Addison Crying

4. When people are happy and smiling and all you want to do is throw hot coffee in their faces.


5. When someone complains about having “so much work” when in reality they have one final.


6. When you dedicate 3 hours to an essay and then you have to change everything you just wrote.


7. When coffee isn’t helping you anymore. Why have you failed us caffeine?


8. When all your friends finish finals and you are the only one left in Lau.


9. When someone asks you to do something during finals.


10. When you are #overit and it is still study days.


See ya in Lau, baes. Don’t take it personally if I’m rude.


Prince William Is Coming to DC


Get ready, Georgetown: The British are coming!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (a.k.a. Will and Kate) will be making their first ever visit to New York City and (more importantly) Washington, D.C. The royal couple will arrive in New York on Dec. 7, and the Duke will be heading to D.C. on Dec. 8 — sadly without Kate. He’ll be attending an anti-corruption conference at the World Bank as well as attending a lunch there to discuss fighting against illegal trade in ivory.

And their timing — during study days — is perfect for some royal stalking. Unrestricted by class schedules, and unlikely to yet be feeling the true terror of studying for finals, there is no real reason for you to not get down to the World Bank.

One important question still remains: Will Prince George be with them? This is the couple’s first trip to the U.S. since their world-famous son’s birth, and we’re all dying for a glimpse of the cutest royal. The only thing better than having them bring George would be if Harry decided to tag along and make a pit stop at Rhino. We can only dream.

The Five Stages of Finals Acceptance

5 Stages of Finals Acceptance

Study Days: a time when classes are over, alarms are turned off and fashion doesn’t exist. Sadly, they are simply a precursor to final exams, those pesky little tests that cover basically everything you’ve learned in the semester. Here at 4E, we know all too well that it takes a little time to come to grips with the impending doom. Here are your five stages of finals acceptance:

1. Denial

Finals? What finals? The first stage is always denial. It’s just too easy to go on, blissfully “unaware” of the impending finals-induced pain. You enjoy your final semi-formals, sleeping in and not having to go to class — ignoring the reason why you don’t have to go to class.

2. Procrastination

OK, so it starts to set in that all of your final exams and papers are about to hit you like a giant brick wall. That doesn’t mean that you necessarily start studying, though. It just means one more Sporcle quiz, one more phone call to your mom or one more load of laundry. Maybe it’s time for a new profile picture? Literally any excuse not to study.

3. Studying Begins

So you’ve finally exhausted all other options. It’s time to gather your books and head to Sellinger, Lau 2, Starbucks or any other social study environment. After all, you won’t be seeing your friends for a while after the next couple weeks. Who says you can’t study and have fun?

4. Panic

Looks like you’ve been having too much fun and not enough studying. It’s time to make the dreaded trip to the “bookends” of Lau (see what I did there?) and head to the silent sanctums of either Lau 1 or 5. You’ve got six pages of a Problem of God paper left to write and a microeconomics exam tomorrow. The Self-Control app is a necessity.

5. Relief


At long last, you are finally free! You hand in that last paper, fill in your last Scantron-bubble and crank up Queen’s “We Are the Champions” — maybe that last one is just me. Sure, you still have a lot of packing left, and yes, end of the year goodbyes are sad. But the burden of finals week is finally off of your shoulders.

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Three Meals, One Swipe: A Georgetown Study Secret

Leo's StudyLeo’s is the best dining hall on campus, simply due to the fact that it is the only dining hall on campus. But is it also the best study hall on campus? I think it needs to be given serious consideration, for a few major reasons:

1) Outlets

Along the back wall, studious Hoyas can find multiple places to charge their electronics, giving them no reason to need to leave, pack up and find a new location.

2) Ambiance 

Outside of rush hours during lunch and dinner, Leo’s is, for the large part, relatively quiet. However, it isn’t silent, which I view as a huge plus for studying. While a Lau cubicle is sometimes necessary to get work done, silence (at least for me) can add to the stressful nature of studying and suppress my creativity. It’s good to be able to have some human interaction throughout the course of your studying. Just bring some headphones, so you can zone in when needed.

3) Unlimited Coffee

During a busy week, and especially during study days, many students can go through multiple cups of coffee each day. Do that for a week, and you are spending quite a bit of money to keep yourself properly caffeinated. At Leo’s, so long as the coffee machine doesn’t run out, you can refill your coffee cup as many times as your heart desires, with no extra charge.

4) People Watching

While you are, of course, attempting to get work done, it is inevitable that you will get distracted wherever you work. It’s only healthy to take a breather every once in a while. Leo’s is probably the most entertaining study spot to take this break, as you never know who you could see and what they’ll be doing.

5) All You Can Eat

Sure, this can get dangerous. But, as the title suggests, it is possible to get all three of your meals for the day without having to leave your study spot or use any extra money and swipes. Not only is there a “large” variety of meals available, but there are always snack foods like cookies and fruits available to keep you “satisfied” while you study.

Certainly, studying at Leo’s can have its downsides. It can get a little distracting, there aren’t any printers and you will have the “Leo’s smell” to an unbelievable degree. But our beloved Leo’s is certainly an underrated study spot – and a place I would recommend for any weary, overwhelmed Hoya during study days.

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