Peek at Peak Blossoms

It is that time of the year again; the time where Hoyas can shed off their twenty pound Canada Goose parkas; the time where every weekend, students are double fisting at darties not in Village A but on Village A.

It is finally spring.

Yet, as any D.C. resident knows, it is not truly spring until the cherry blossoms actually, well, blossom. Unfortunately, if you are like the rest of us internet folk/Georgetown students, you will be missing the 5 minutes of beauty for midterms, essays, and HRC’s visit (nbd).

So us, lovely folks, have decided to bring the beauty to you, through the internet, because we are internet folks.

You’re welcome!

And if you feel slightly bitter that you are at Lau and not there, just remember that you live in the greatest city in the world, and near three cupcake stores.

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4E’s Spring 2017 Blog Babies

Every semester, we at The Fourth Edition decide to open our doors to the few whom we think are pretty hilarious. This semester, we took five new, spectacular human beings out of a competitive applicant pool. We can’t wait to see what they accomplish!

Top 3 Moments on Season 21 of The Bachelor

1. When Corinne, age 24, casually discloses that she has a nanny. #FreeRaquel2k17

2. When Alexis (dolphin/shark) jumps into the pool and starts making what I presume are dolphin mating sounds to call out for Nick.

3. When Josephine forces Nick to “lady and tramp” an uncooked hot dog with her.

Top  3 Ways to Get Lost in the ICC

1. You took the stairs. Never take the stairs.

                  2.  You went to office hours. The offices seem to always be full of people and yet does anyone really know where they are?
                  3.  You went to the bathroom. If the stairs are from Hogwarts, the ICC bathrooms are practically closets to Narnia.


Top 3 Georgetown Pet Peeves

1. Facilities request.

2. When someone ignores your Venmo request.

3. Dominos closes at 2 AM????





Top 5 TV Show Episodes that Make a Bad Day Better

1. The Office, “Stress Relief”

2. Parks and Recreation, “Li’l Sebastian”

3. 30 Rock, “Queen of Jordan”




Top 3 Things Every Georgetown Student Can Agree On

1. The Leo’s coffee may be a crummy necessity in maintaining our caffeine addictions, but their banana bread is a delicious gift from heaven.

2. Jack DeGioia is low-key a baller. He owns his rescinding hair line and classy tie collection.

3. We look at the people on tours to see by chance if we know someone, even though we would never actually want to see some random from high school.


R. Kelly to Headline Spring Concert


4E is here to bring you the scoop.  Your Spring Concert headliner is none other than Grammy winner, R. Kelly.  If you’re not as pumped as we are, then maybe you need a little refresher on some R. Kelly throwbacks and why this year’s Spring Concert will be one for the books!

R. Kelly is a must see because…

There is nothing wrong with a little Bump N’ Grind 

Because my body is telling me yesss

Or some bouncin’ on that Ignition

And believing that you can fly

We believe you R. Kelly

Wait….the headliner for the spring concert has not been announced yet.  Sorry guys!!!!!!

But really, how amazing would it be if it was R. Kelly??? Hopefully the Program Board will hear our prayers for next year!!!


The 5 Guys You See During Springtime


‘Tis the season for rooftop parties, cherry blossoms and pre-final freakouts.  Springtime in Georgetown, in my opinion, is pure perfection and brings out the best in people (for the most part).  4E presents the 5 guys you see during springtime at Georgetown.

1. The non-elusive dartier: You’ve seen him at 4 o’clock on a Saturday afternoon at Wisey’s completely gone or trailing down Prospect with a 30-pack.  His bro tank and Vineyard Vines croakies give everything away.  To him, spring is a time of celebration. And why not celebrate with copious amounts of day-drinking?

2. The frisbee enthusiast:  You’ll usually find him throwing around the hippie biscuit on Copley Lawn with his other friends who share equal enthusiasm for this ultimate sport.  The only thing that bugs you about this guy is the fact that every time you walk through the lawn, you have to pray for your life you don’t get hit by a rogue frisbee.

3.The salmon short stalker: Ubiquitous among this campus, the salmon short (or is it nantucket red?) is a staple among many male students.  Sometimes the salmon short gets a lot of sh**, but honestly most girls love them.  So guys, keep doing you.

4. That pale guy: You may have seen him from afar laying out on Healy lawn or in your class showing off those calves that haven’t seen the light of day, but whoever he is, his poor ghostly complexion has seen little sun.  I think we all should give him credit for at least trying to attempt a tan.

5. Mr. Spring Fever:  The warm weather and shedding of coats can bring out a lot in people, mostly excitement.  Usually lurking on the Vil A rooftops on a Saturday night, Mr. Spring Fever is on the prowl.  But don’t worry, hopefully he’ll find his Miss Spring Fever soon!


Friday Fixat10ns: Georgetown Day


As today marks the one week mark til our favorite holiday, GEORGETOWN DAY, 4E has crafted the ultimate pump up playlist.

Play it while you study, while you drink or maybe even on actual Georgetown Day! The limits are endless.

1.Uptown Funk- Mark Ronson (feat Bruno Mars). While this song is annoyingly popular, there is no better song to start of the day!

2. Four Five Seconds- Rihanna, Kanye West, Paul McCartney. Three of the best artists, one song…. how could you get any better?

3. Love Me Like You Do- Ellie Goulding. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

4. Geronimo- Sheppard. This is personally my goto workout song, but it also is the most epic pregame to anything.

5. Summer- Calvin Harris. Cause it’s almost summer and there is nothing better!

6. Shut Up and Dance- Walk the Moon. Could be renamed shut up and rage with 4E.

7. Ghost- Ella Henderson. We keep, going to the lawn to rage. And we can’t contain how excited we are.

8. Santeria- Sublime. This song just reminds me of driving around, with the top down and my hair all in the wind (name that movie).

9. I Love It- Icona Pop (feat Charli XCX). This song sums up Georgetown Day freshman year and just brings back all the memories.

10. Wagon Wheel- Old Crow Medicine Show. Is there any other way to end a playlist, party or study sesh?!


What Does Spring Mean to Georgetown?


Spring has begun to sprung on the Georgetown campus! The weather is getting better, people are becoming happier and Lau is actually becoming less appealing!

4E asked Georgetown students what words they think of when they hear spring, and the responses we got were very indicative of the Georgetown community.


Okay Georgetown...
Okay Georgetown…

Emma Watson


Cherry Blossoms




Daisy Buchanan



j6viwevSQGy7MSIAyNL1_Open Beer Frisbee



Enjoy the warm weather, Hoyas. Hopefully it does not end soon!


Free Rita’s Italian Ice Tomorrow!

ritasSpring has finally started to roll around and temperatures are beginning to rise, so it is time to celebrate. Our friends over at Rita’s has the perfect way to celebrate.

Rita’s Italian Ice is offering a special giveaway tomorrow, March 20, to welcome in Spring. From noon until 9:00 pm they are hosting their 23rd Annual First Day of Spring FREE Italian Ice Giveaway.

giphy-facebook_sIf you go to any Rita’s between those times, you will receive a FREE limited edition cup of Italian Ice in the available flavor of their choice to celebrate the arrival of spring. The Facebook event can be found here.

To find your nearest Rita’s you can either visit, or download the Rita’s Ice App. The location nearest to Georgetown is in Chinatown near the Verizon Center, directions to which you can get by clicking this.

They are also offering a chance to win free ice for a whole year! If you go to their promotion and then capture your first day of spring moments and share them with Rita’s either on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag  #RitasFirstDayofSpring you have the chance to win the free ice for a year.

There are few better ways to enjoy one of the first days of spring than a free cup of Italian Ice, so celebrate both the beginning of the weekend and the beginning of spring with Rita’s tomorrow.


Manly Monday: Spring Break Edition


While the weather in DC wouldn’t be any indication, Spring Break is just a week away. One more week of classes and we can all retreat to warm paradises or our cozy homes. After a brutal few weeks of midterms and papers, a much-deserved break is finally on the horizon. The men at 4E are here to make sure our loyal manly men are all prepped for Spring Break.

funny animated GIF


This winter in DC has been historically cold, so it has definitely been a while since anyone has had the ability to break out the shorts and T-shirts. A solid wardrobe is essential to a memorable spring break. You don’t want to be that guy wearing the generic Nike shirt and shorts combo.

Every manly man needs something memorable, their own personal schtick. Maybe your thing will be visors instead of traditional hats, short-shorts or an assortment of old jerseys. Either way, you need to find something unique and embrace it.

If you’re just looking to upgrade, Chubbies Shorts are always a classic favorite. Also, everyone appreciates a good Hawaiian shirt, so make sure to have at least one in your repertoire. Finally, don’t forget a swimsuit. Seems so obvious, but unique trunks can really pull together a Spring Break outfit.


A quality and extensive Spring Break playlist is essential. You are finally back out in the sun and able to appreciate music that doesn’t make you long for the days of summer.

Spring break is a time for often-forgot-about “summer” songs to make their way back to your Spotify playlists. So break out that summer playlist that has been underutilized since the long-ago days of warmth.

Don’t have one? Don’t worry. 4E has you covered with a variety of summer and spring break themed playlists. Here is our latest Summer Throwbacks playlist that should definitely be utilized during your Spring Break.

Some country stars like Luke Bryan even have whole albums dedicated to Spring Break. So next time you need a study break, throw together a playlist for you and your boys to enjoy while getting a nice tan.

80s animated GIF

The Perfect Tan

That leads me to the next thing you need to prep for: getting that perfect bronze tan. Getting a quality tan is an artform. Burn too early, and you ruin your whole trip. Be too safe, you become one of those people that gets on a plane leaving Florida, Mexico, etc. still pasty white. It is a fine line you need to walk, but we are here to help.

First off, know your problem spots. For most people shoulders and nose are classic problem areas, so pay close attention to them. I recommend always putting a higher strength SPF on them. Obviously you are going to want to start out with stronger sunscreen, then work your way down.

After a long day in the sun, your best friend is going to be aloe. Even if you didn’t burn that day, it will help your skin recover for the next day.

Make sure to have an even tan. Nothing looks more bizarre than someone who laid on their back all day and their front is blatantly darker than their back.

Also, don’t wear sunglasses too often. A tan line from those is glaring and embarrassing. Moral of the story: be careful and don’t be embarrassed to ask a friend to help you reach those spots that you just cannot get to.

family guy animated GIF

What to Do?

While the majority of Spring Break should be spent relaxing, obviously you are all there to have fun. An instant way to ruin fun is to end up bickering at each other about what to do. Make sure to have some things planned.

In Florida for the week? Catch a Spring Training baseball game which just got started. Maybe you can all each pick one thing to do on the trip to make sure everyone gets to do what they want and no one has to argue. However you choose to do it, go into the vacation with a bit of a plan, but remember that you are there to kick back and relax.

Staying Home?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with heading home for Spring Break. Maybe you are lucky enough to live in a classic Spring Break area, and your backyard is your vacation. If you are home, it is important that you still enjoy yourself and not sulk around that you aren’t somewhere else.

Home is often the main ingredient in a recipe for a relaxing and fulfilling break. Spend time with your family, eat your favorite meals, finish House of Cards, or whatever suits you. The fact that you had to go home should not mean you have a boring break. Sometimes your couch and family are better than thousands of other people crowded onto a small beach. Everyone misses their family, so cherish the time you have at home.

Spring Break will be a welcome break that everyone has been counting down towards since we came back from winter break. No matter where you are going, or with who, just make sure to kick back, relax, and enjoy the break. To all the loyal followers of Manly Mondays, have a man-tastic Spring Break.

relax animated GIF


Apps & New Releases — Oct. 24, 2014


B4_AppLevelMoneyLevel Money

This new app is a great resource for college students. It analyzes your bank accounts to let you know just how much you can spend to stay within your budget. It has the ability to track income, bills and savings to display a spendable amount. In addition, it tracks transactions and categorizes them in an easy, color-coded interface that makes finances painless. Supported by over 2,000 banks, Level Money links to your bank account so you do not need to enter anything manually. This app effectively displays how much you can spend and is invaluable in keeping your finances on track.


Ever find yourself at Yates without a good playlist to match your workout? With this new app, this is no longer a problem. With upbeat songs picked by artists and friends alike, Spring makes it easy to change the tempo of your music to match the intensity of your exercise activity. It even synchronizes movement to different songs so users never find themselves listening to a song that is too slow. The app works as a more specialized version of Spotify, as its social media integration allows users to share playlists and rate other songs to add to their own playlists.

B4_AppSkypeQikSkype Qik

The issue of group video messaging on a mobile format is no more with this new app, which allows users to easily create group chats and record and share videos. A unique aspect is the ability to delete messages from the chat which erases them from the conversation. The minimalist design makes it easy to navigate, and there are no login, usernames or passwords to remember. Similar to SnapChat, this app creates a new way to send location-based messages and videos to individuals or groups.


New Releases

Bring Me the Horizon

The British metalcore band has put itself on the punk-metal music radar with this new single. Lead singer Oliver Syke demonstrates his talent as a singer with his abrupt transitions between smooth, serenading vocals and the signature coarse screams of the genre. While its prominent and fast-paced guitar and drum parts set up the foundation for metalcore moshing, the distant chorus contrasts these elements and lends a dreamier, less harsh feeling to the song. The accompanying music video is hilarious, including several seconds of a random jazz music intermission that continues the melody of the song while an exorcism supposedly takes place.

B7_Livingwithoutyou_islandrecords‘Living Without You’

Tulisa is a woman of many talents, and her newest single is a testament to her strength as a singer-songwriter. The intro begins with an impressive display of sultry vocals that culminates in an abrupt shift to synthetic beats. It is a welcome change that brings back ’60s disco vibes, and Tulisa’s lyrics pick up the pace to add to this playfulness. The bubbly synth layers complement her voice without overwhelming it, and the song is a great sing-along song for clubs or dance parties. Overall, the single wonderfully shows off Tulisa’s powerful, flexible voice, a feature that is usually lost in the safe, restrictive melodies of other pop songs.

B7_BabyDontLie_InterscopeRecords‘Baby Don’t Lie’
Gwen Stefani

It seems that Gwen Stefani has fallen into the trap of formulated pop music. She sacrifices her normally sassy, unwavering singing style for a bizarre tune that consistently changes from deep, yet tolerable vocals to a high-pitched squeak. While the synthetic beats are catchy and creative, Stefani’s weak melody and superficial lyrics fail to match their adventurous mood. The song transitions into an unnecessary section where Stefani gives a short speech accompanied by a strong bass that is supposed to build up and release tension in the following chorus but falls markedly short. Stefani has succeeded in imitating the beat-focused pop music of today, but at the cost of what made her rebellious songs like “Hollaback Girl” so famous.

B7_tswift_BigMachineRecords‘Welcome to New York’
Taylor Swift

This is the third single Swift has released in anticipation for her upcoming album “1989,” which will be released next week. The song begins with prominent claps and a buzzing synth pulse. Swift then takes over with her energetic falsetto voice which is subtly harmonized to produce a more unique effect. The song doesn’t incorporate her country roots, and it continues to follow the conventional layout of her recent pop hits.  While the lyrics aren’t very symbolic, they have a catchy, rhythmic flow that makes it an easy and enjoyable listen. Whether you’re a fan of Swift or not, one way or another you’ll somehow find yourself knowing all the words and singing along to this one.

What’s the Deal with the Cherry Blossoms?

Cherry+Blossom+Path_forWebArguably one of the best things about going to Georgetown is being able to experience Washington in the spring. The birds are chirping, Healy beach lawn is bubbling with excitement and D.C.’s cherry blossoms are beautifully bursting into in full bloom. At least you think they will be.

With the strange wintry weather we’ve been experiencing lately, you might be wondering how the cherry blossoms are going to be affected … and if they’re even going to bloom properly at all. Here at 4E, we’re all licensed cherry-bloom-ologists, and we’ve got the scoop on everything you need to know about how the recent weather will affect the cherry blossoms. Here are 3 questions you wanted to know about the D.C. cherry blossoms but were too afraid lazy to ask:

1. What’s the deal with the cherry blossoms? Are they going to bloom in this weird weather?

Yes. They might just be a little bit late. As we’ve already explained here on 4E, cherry blossom bloom dates are determined by temperatures. Basically, the colder the spring temperatures, the later the cherry blossom bloom dates. Check out this nifty graph to see the correlation:


Every Hoya can attest to the wacky cold weather we’ve experienced this spring, and for that reason, this year’s bloom is projected to be one of the latest in recent history. The Capital Weather Gang at the Washington Post even revised their peak bloom date projections from April 9 to April 13.

2. Will the snow affect the blooms?

No. Like we explained above, cherry blossom blooms are affected by temperature, not precipitation. The blooms would only be affected if there was so much snow that tree limbs would be damaged, and – thankfully – we haven’t had that much.

3. Is there anything positive about this weather?

Yes! Believe it or not, cold weather actually makes cherry blossom blooms last longer. Warm weather can cause the cherry buds to burst quickly and limit bloom times to around 4-5 days. Cold weather, on the other hand, can double peak bloom times, making for beautiful spring sights that last around 2 weeks.

In other words, things are about to get beautiful – and stay beautiful – around here really soon. Stick it out for a few more days, Hoyas. Spring awaits!

Photos: The Washington Post,