Spring Concert Reveal: W– K—–?!

Banner - WizAll along the Eastern shore…. people line up to recieve/

She got the power in her hand/ To shock you like you won’t believe/

Saw her in the Mcdonough line/ With the Voltage running through her skin [….]

I said, OOOO GIRL 



Get your Black and Yellow out so that you and you Taylor Gang can Drop it Down on it, because on April 22, Shawty is gonna roll up and before long he will be saying “See You Again”. Yeah-Ah-Ah you know what it is, everything he do yeah he do it big and 4E is hoping Georgetown will be no exception. Now we are left to ponder who his opener will be…..?

Probably not MGMT, unfortunately.

See you at the Spring Concert!

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Your Spring Concert Is…

Spring Concert 2015

Had a blast at Big Sean last year? Ready to see what GPB has in store for you this year? As they’ve just announced, here are the performers for 2015’s spring kickoff concert…


Pretty awesome, right? Like they did in 2013 when Calvin Harris came to campus, GPB is partnering up with Recess (a “music and ideas festival that works with colleges to put on a great show as well as career-oriented events during the day”) this year. Check out this video to get a peek at what kind of events will be occurring on the day of the concert.

But enough about that. Who are these performers and what can we expect on April 10?


A 21-year-old rapper from Ventura, California, Kyle lists his influences as Drake and Kid Cudi. Check out one of his hits, “Keep It Real”, below, or hit up his Soundcloud page.

Matt and Kim

Whether you’re a certified fan or have never heard of them, you’ve almost definitely heard “Daylight.” But who are Matt and Kim? A dynamic duo from Brooklyn, they’ve been creating their indie pop hits since 2004. Check out one of my favorite tracks of theirs, “Cameras”:

And this year’s headliner is…

The Chainsmokers

One word: #SELFIE.

(Also, they’ve remixed a ton of songs: listen for yourself via Soundcloud.)

So GET EXCITED, because GPB’s putting on a great show this year! Tickets go on sale tomorrow, including a limited number of VIP tickets that will include Fast Entry as well as a Meet and Greet with the Chainsmokers themselves. Basically, this year’s concert is going to be all-out amazing, and we can’t wait to get our tickets.

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Friday Fixat10ns: Spring Concert Edition

[8tracks width=”300″ height=”250″ playops=”” url=”https://8tracks.com/mixes/3580015″]

By now, some of you may know that the headliners for the Spring Kick-Off Concert are official. In less than a month, McDonough Gymnasium will be the venue for Big Sean and the White Panda.

For those of you who don’t know, Big Sean is a hip-hop artist/rapper from Detroit, signed with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music record label. The White Panda are two childhood friends who make crazy good mashups for a living. With the two acts performing, this concert will definitely be a good time. Here at 4E, we’ve compiled a quick playlist of a few of both artists’ songs. Listen to it when you’re stuck in Lau, at Yates or doing something else that’s not as fun as a concert.

1. Control (ft. Kendrick Lamar, Jay Electronica) – Big Sean Yes, this is the song where Kendrick drops truth bombs everywhere. But Big Sean kills his verse too, making it a great track overall.

2. Animals (ft. Kendrick Lamar) – The White Panda Mashing up Kendrick, Tiesto and others, this song definitely won’t kill your vibe.

3. Clique (ft. Big Sean, Jay-Z) – Kanye West Technically not Big Sean’s song, but a great track nevertheless. Besides his verse, Big Sean gets a couple of his signature “Oh GAWD’s” in there.

4. Dance (A$$) Remix (ft. Nicki Minaj) – Big Sean A classic.

5. Midnight Life – The White Panda A mashup of M83’s “Midnight City” and Kanye’s “Good Life,” this song is a prime example of when a mashup sounds ludicrous but actually works.

6. Beware (ft. Jheno Aiko, Lil Wayne)  – Big Sean A single from last year’s Hall of Fame, this “cautionary love song” comes with a great music video.

7. Stereo Hands – The White Panda Mixing “Stereo Love”, Waka Flaka and Wale sounds ridiculous until you hear this song.

8. What You Know About Little Secrets – The White Panda So T.I. and Passion Pit sound pretty good together!

9. Ashley (ft. Miguel) – Big Sean Besides having a great hook (courtesy of Miguel – when is he coming to Georgetown?), this song shows Big Sean’s emotional side without sacrificing his great rapping.

10. Deep In the Levels – The White Panda Adele + Avicii = concert bliss. The moral of the story is that The White Panda can do no wrong, and they, along with Big Sean, are going to kill it at the Spring Concert.

Photo: Georgetown Program Board, jayelaudio.com, stateinthereal.com