Georgetown Day Drinking Hacks

Georgetown Day Drinking Hacks

The time has come for ALL Georgetown students to relax, let loose and celebrate the end of classes. Georgetown Day is almost here and 4E is ready to get you very excited for all of the debauchery.

One who has experienced the ridiculousness of Georgetown Day knows that you will be moving from townhouse to rooftop to lawn to (insert pizza place here) to your bed.  You’ll be on the move and therefore will need a nifty way to carry your libations safely from brunch to party.  4E is here to give you some Georgetown Day drinking hacks!

Hack #1: Go to SNAXA and use the slushie machine to create the perfect portable beverage!  Need a cold drink to cool you off after dancing too much on the Vil A rooftop? Run over to SNAXA and get a slushie, then pour a little bit of your fav alc in it.  I recommend some vodka or rum!

Hack #2: The Corp cups will be your best friend!  Just order your fav coffee drink and add Kahlua or Bailey’s! You’ll feel energized and buzzed.

Hack #3: Einstein’s orange juice. You can’t go wrong with orange juice as your solid chaser or cocktail accoutrement.  Run down to Einstein’s in the morning and grab an orange juice to make the perfect mimo. Take a bagel while you’re at it, because eating something to soak up that andré is essential.

Hack #4: Get a straw for your personal bottle of André. I don’t think I need to explain why this drinking hack is a must. Let’s just say a straw is efficient and you won’t be sloppily getting champagne all over you.

Hack #5: And of course, you can never go wrong with carrying around a personal flask!

Here are just a few of the many approaches one can take when carefully transporting their precious gin & juice. Just remember to drink responsibly!


I Saw the Sign

soccrrrWe’re going to Disney World! Actually we’re going to the Elite 8, but that’s pretty cool too. This Sunday, Georgetown Men’s Soccer beat Syracuse and earned themselves a spot in the Elite 8 of the NCAA tournament. 4E is excited because we’re die-hard soccer fans.

Today, the Hoyas will face UVA on Shaw Field at 1 p.m.

4E has put together a few game day sign suggestions for you all. We tried to provide a variety for Hoyas who know Josh Yaro’s name and for everyone else who isn’t as “sporty.”

Things to know: Calle Brown is UVA’s Senior Goalkeeper and Josh Yaro is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

What’s a Wahoo?

The guy behind me can’t see.

Thomas Jefferson wore Crocs.

Calle Brown drinks Sugar Cookie Burnett’s.

Calle Brown Hates Santa Claus.

Calle Brown Enjoys Coffee Dates.

Calle Brown Smells Like Leo’s.

Calle Brown only does it for the Insta.

Is this Foxfield?


One Time Josh Yaro Punched Me in the Face… It Was Awesome.

He which hath no stomach to this fight, let him depart.

Cavalry is Dead!


Where’s Lee Corso?

Virginia is for Haters

I Was Promised Georgetown Cupcakes.

This is NO TIME to be cavalier.


We got into UVA too. #twinsies

God bless Us, Every One!

All I want for Christmas is a National Championship.

That’s all Folks! Get ready for game day, make some genius signs and remember to have fun with it. Also if you know where we can find poster board, please let us know.


5 Olympic Sport Spirit Animals

Olympic Spirit AnimalsAs the Olympics wrap up this weekend, it’s time to reflect upon the past few weeks. We’ve watched Olympians ski, jump, race and skate around, representing their countries in the most competitive sports contest in the world. During the Winter Games in Sochi, I’ve learned a lot of things — things about beautiful Olympians and new sporting events — but what I’ve really learned in that each Olympic sport actually has a special spirit animal. Cute animals plus winter sports … what more could a person want? Without further ado, here are the top five spirit animals of the Sochi Olympics.

1. Figure Skaters They’re beautiful, graceful and wonderful, but let’s be honest, those skater girls can be nasty (cough, cough, Tonya Harding), just like our friend the swan.

figure skatingswans

2. Downhill Skiers Going at speed of up to 80-90 miles per hour, it’s clear that these speed demons are cheetahs at heart.

downhill skiing


3. Curlers We’re not really sure what their sport is and they don’t go very fast, but having long arms like this sloth would sure help.



4. Snowboarders The tricks they do are awesome, and it’s almost like they’re flying through the air, just like this nifty little flying squirrel.



flying squirrels

5. Lugers Let’s be honest, they basically stole this sport from penguins, except penguins do it all without any equipment.




There you have it: this year’s Winter Olympics summed up in pictures of cute animals. So embrace your spirit animals and you’ll be basically halfway to the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games, Hoyas!