Spanish 002 Study Guide


As finals week reaches its last few days, the end is in sight! After countless hours in Lau doing Econ problem sets and memorizing those IR questions you probably feel that you deserve to take a break. But wait, you still have that Spanish exam tomorrow. In case you are like me and somehow have forgotten every word you have ever learned in Spanish, do not panic, here is all you need to know:

Section I: Listening Comprehension:

By far the hardest section of the whole exam. You will hear a series of very fast and confusing conversations. Right when you think you understand what is said, they say something else that you completely miss. Unfortunately, the recording is only played once.

How to study for this section: Listen to Spanish Music

These fast paced Spanish pop songs are great studying soundtracks, even if you can only understand 2 words out of the whole song, it’s better than nothing.

Recommendation: Shakira, Shakira, Shakira

Section II: Reading comprehension:

You will be given an article written entirely in Spanish and you will probably have no idea what is about. You will then have to answer questions about this article, still having no idea what the questions are even asking

How to study for this section: Visit a Local Mexican Restaurant

Go have breakfast/lunch/dinner at Chipotle, El Centro or Los Cuates. The menus at restaurants are in Spanish, and will teach you valuable Spanish vocabulary like “burrito” or “taco”. These words will most likely show up on your test at some point.

Section III: Crossword 

This section is straight up memorization. You are given all the clues and the answers ahead of time, sounds pretty straight forward. Except you are expected to know all 282 terms. Good luck…

How to study for this section: Quizlet.

Or if you want to go old school go ahead and make 282 flashcards.

Image result for studying spanish meme

Section IV:  Composition

Basically you have to write a bunch of paragraphs in Spanish about a topic.

How to Study for this section: Relearn every word, verb tense and preposition you ever learned in class.

If you run out of stuff to write about, fill the next few lines with phrases your remember like “Cinco de Mayo” or “hola mi nombre es..”. You could also try and write really big to make it look like you wrote the line requirement.

Good luck, buena suerte and, if all else fails, watch this video:


Voy a Quito

watchcourtneyHola Georgetown friends! I hope you all are having an amazing time raging, sleeping and possibly working? (I am so sorry)

I am a huge proponent of adventurous summers — I tried sitting around and working last year and almost lost my mind.

As you all should know, I am going abroad to Turkey in the fall. So, naturally, I had to make my summer the epic pregame to my legendary Fall semester.

Yes, thats right. Today I will being heading down to Quito, Ecuador, for a fabulous six weeks! You are jealous, I know. It is completely understandable.

I needed to do summer study abroad because I need to become proficient in Spanish (#SFS). Thankfully, my trip is one of the coolest things ever and will be anything BUT boring.

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Crazy beautiful, right?

However, preparing for such an extravaganza is not as easy as it might seem. I have had the most difficult time packing, unpacking, shopping and re-packing again. It’s an endless cycle.

Making sure I have everything for Ecuador is like the Olympics of packing. The weather where I will be staying varies from around 50 to 85 degrees. And then, I also have to pack for both the jungle and the Galapagos. My wardrobe is seriously damaged. Hopefully all my preparation will pay off and I’ll survive this Hunger Games of dressing. And if not, you can pay your respects at Los Cuates with some guac.

While I will miss my family, friends and of course my fans (cue hair flip), I cannot wait for this adventure. I will be speaking only Spanish for around 40 days. Can I do it? ¿Dónde está la biblioteca?