Things We Forgot Happened in 2014


2014 was a long year – 365 days, to be exact. This might have felt longer or shorter depending on if you had a good year or a bad year. Nonetheless, there are a ton of things that we forgot happened in the last 12 months. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

Sochi Olympics

Tweets made fun of the Sochi Olympics #sochiproblems

Justin Bieber got arrested

Someone scored for their own team in the World Cup

Obama appeared in “Between Two Ferns”


Georgetown was in the NIT

People were obsessed with Flappy Bird

Erdogan got elected president of Turkey

Lauren Conrad got married

Johns Hopkins mistakenly sent acceptance emails to 296 rejected students

Kim Kardashian was on the cover of Vogue

Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber fought

Adam Levine got married

Suarez bit someone

Taylor Swift took all her music off Spotify

Ellen took a celebrity selfie at the Oscar’s

We landed on a comet

Chris Christie (NJ) caused a traffic jam as political revenge

Malaysian Airlines had a tough time

“How I Met Your Mother” ended

Kim Kardashian tied the knot for the third time

Jay Leno’s Tonight Show ended

Jimmy Fallon started his Tonight Show

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 1

Solange and Jay-Z fought in an elevator

Robin Williams died

“Wrecking Ball” got video of the year

The iPhone 6 made its debut

Derek Jeter retired

The ice bucket challenge took over

Marijuana was legalized

Kim Kardashian’s butt broke the internet


Ebola happened

A person with Ebola flew on a commercial airplane

Maya Angelou died

The Republican party won the majority of the House and the Senate

Starbucks released their first new holiday drink in forever – chestnut praline latte

California Chrome didn’t win the Triple Crown

“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” premiered

Phillip Seymour Hoffman died

Hillary Clinton spoke to an empty Gaston Hall



Hoyas, we at 4E hope you had an awesome year with some truly unforgettable moments.


What Happened in Sochi? An Olympics Recap


After many complications, Sochi actually managed to pull off the 2014 Winter Olympics. For most current Hoyas, these were the first Olympics taking place during their time on campus, and there was a lot of discussion about how much more difficult it was to watch the events at school than it usually is at home. Luckily, this post will provide you with all the outcomes and highlights you missed in the 2014 Winter Olympics.

The Medal Count


In the overall medal count, Russia came in first place with 33 total medals. The United States came in second with 28, while Norway finished third with 26.

In gold medal rankings, the United States came in fourth. Russia took first again in gold, with Norway and Canada in second and third place, respectively. In silver medals, Russia took first, Canada took second and Austria took third.

Finally, the United States garnered the most bronze medals, followed by Norway and then Russia. Way to be consistently mediocre among the best in the world, USA!

Other Major Highlights

The Olympic rings and the cauldron for the Olympic flame at the Olympic Park, Sochi

Canada clinched a victory over the United States in men’s hockey.

Russia’s Adelina Sotnikova beat Yuna Kim, the defending champion, in figure skating. This sparked controversy regarding scoring methods and against the judges who made the decision, but the final decision remained unchanged.

Meryl Davis and Charlie White won the gold medal in ice dancing, the first in U.S. Olympic history.

Sarah Burke was honored and remembered as Maddie Bowman won a gold medal in the first-ever halfpipe event for women’s skiing. Sarah Burke was slated to be a frontrunner for the event in the Winter Games but passed away due to a skiing injury before Sochi 2014. You can watch the gesture here.

The weather was uncharacteristically warm in Sochi for the winter events. Some athletes were even able to compete in short-sleeved shirts.

For more information on other Olympic coverage, check out NBC’s Most Memorable Moments website. Read up, learn about these games and be “Sochi-ll.”

Sources: NBC; Photos: the guardian; 

5 Olympic Sport Spirit Animals

Olympic Spirit AnimalsAs the Olympics wrap up this weekend, it’s time to reflect upon the past few weeks. We’ve watched Olympians ski, jump, race and skate around, representing their countries in the most competitive sports contest in the world. During the Winter Games in Sochi, I’ve learned a lot of things — things about beautiful Olympians and new sporting events — but what I’ve really learned in that each Olympic sport actually has a special spirit animal. Cute animals plus winter sports … what more could a person want? Without further ado, here are the top five spirit animals of the Sochi Olympics.

1. Figure Skaters They’re beautiful, graceful and wonderful, but let’s be honest, those skater girls can be nasty (cough, cough, Tonya Harding), just like our friend the swan.

figure skatingswans

2. Downhill Skiers Going at speed of up to 80-90 miles per hour, it’s clear that these speed demons are cheetahs at heart.

downhill skiing


3. Curlers We’re not really sure what their sport is and they don’t go very fast, but having long arms like this sloth would sure help.



4. Snowboarders The tricks they do are awesome, and it’s almost like they’re flying through the air, just like this nifty little flying squirrel.



flying squirrels

5. Lugers Let’s be honest, they basically stole this sport from penguins, except penguins do it all without any equipment.




There you have it: this year’s Winter Olympics summed up in pictures of cute animals. So embrace your spirit animals and you’ll be basically halfway to the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games, Hoyas!


Eye Candy Alert: The Hottest Olympians In Sochi

sochi hottiezEverybody knows why Sochi has been having unexpectedly high temperatures these past few days: The Olympians there are just too hot! It’s an understatement to say that the athletes competing in the Sochi Winter Games are the epitome of fit and beautiful. For those that really just watch the Olympics to admire muscles, six packs or just pure beauty, here’s a guide to help you be on the lookout for the most enjoyable sights you’ll see during this year’s Winter Games…

1. Bode Miller

Miller is a skier from the U.S. who has already garnered 5 career Winter Olympic medals!


2. Tina Weirather

All the way from Liechtenstein comes another alpine ski racer who made her debut in the World Cup when she was just 16.


3. David Backes

Backes is a U.S. Olympic hockey player and captain of the St. Louis Blues!


4. Jamie Anderson

Hailing from Lake Tahoe, Anderson is an Olympic snowboarder who won gold in the inaugural Women’s Slopestyle event in Sochi.


5. Bene Mayr

Germany is represented by this sexy freestyle skier. Just look at all all that freestyle swag!


6. Tina Maze

A World Cup alpine skier from Slovenia, she’s the current Super-G world champion and is also an Olympic champion in downhill.


7. Jonathan Toews 

This Canadian Olympic competitor’s one hot hockey player, but he knows how to cool things down on the ice.


8. Sara Hurtado 

De España, Hurtado is an ice dancer. Her Spanish look is sure to spice things up.


9. Shani Davis 

Another athlete from the U.S., Davis is a speed skater. Just look at that smile!

Shani Davis of the U.S. waves at the stands after the 1500m mens division A event at the ISU World Cup Speed Skating in Heerenveen

10. Theresa Johaug 

Last but not least, this blonde beauty is a cross-country skier from Norway.


Well, Hoyas, I don’t know about you, but after looking at these Olympians I have to go to Yates to feel a little better about myself! See you on the treadmills!


Poli Sci for the Average Guy: Vlad’s Games

Tonight at 7:30 p.m. EST on NBC, the world will discover that Sochi is a real place. World-class athletes from almost 100 different nations will participate in an event first held 3,000 years ago in Olympia, Greece. Although today we use the Olympics to celebrate the gods among men rather than the gods themselves, the Olympics remain the lynchpin of the international sporting community.

sochi-2014-logoHowever, it’s not all about luging — but if it were, I wouldn’t complain. Time and time again the Olympics have provided a platform for political revolution and revelation. By hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics, Russia has invited international criticism of many fronts.

In the late 1800s, Sochi was home to the genocide of the Circassian people — historically Sunni Muslims in North Caucus — who today, still united as a global Circassian community, protest Russia’s hosting the games on the grounds that Russia never apologized for its wrongdoing.

Protest for LGBT rights in Russia, London, Britain - 10 Aug 2013

The criticisms don’t end there. At the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, a “Pride House” was instituted to welcome LGBT athletes, but this year, the Russian Ministry of Justice shot down the idea of a “Pride House” for the 2014 Games, claiming that creating one would incite “propaganda of non-traditional sexual orientation which can undermine the security of the Russian society and the state and provoke social-religious hatred, which is the feature of the extremist character of the activity.”

The safety of LGBT athletes in the Sochi games has been hotly contested and brought to the forefront of the international community; just recently, Vladimir Putin signed into a law a series of “anti-gay” laws that challenge the protection the Olympic Charter provides for members and supporters of the LGBT community.

In addition, reporters arriving at the games have described stunning conditions in Sochi: unsafe drinking water, unfinished buildings and the “elimination” of stray dogs from the city. In other words, everything’s a hot mess.

t-A-T-u-tatu-23149208-800-600The silver lining? Russia has spent $51 million on tonight’s opening ceremonies, featuring none other than the R-Pop stars t.a.T.u. Stay tuned!