The Gondolas Are Coming … Maybe

Paul_Revere's_rideHoyas, take a deep breath, close your eyes (don’t actually because then you couldn’t read this) and imagine soaring above the crystalline waters of the Potomac River, gently gliding through the sky on a springtime morning.

To your left is the Key Bridge, congested with commuter traffic. On your right spans a breathtaking landscape, the river below you extending gracefully until it vanishes into a lush expanse of Virginia fauna. Behind you is your Georgetown home, featuring the both beloved towers of Healy Hall and the dreaded concrete facade of Lau. In front of you is the thriving metropolis we call Rosslyn.

Open your eyes (though you shouldn’t have ever closed them). Although this might seem like some magical dream you had while passed out in a Regents booth at 3 a.m., it is something that actually might become reality. As previously reported by The Hoya, the Georgetown Business Improvement District has proposed the construction of a gondola system over the Potomac River from Georgetown to Rosslyn as part of its fifteen-year 2028 Plan.

See? It's not a dream!
We told you it’s not a dream.

There’s only one problem: It doesn’t have enough funding … yet.

According to InTheCapital and UrbanTurf, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments recently announced it will not give funding towards a feasibility study necessary for the current gondola project.

The [gondola] project did not enter this round of [COB] funding,” Georgetown BID spokesperson Rachel Cothran said to UrbanTurf reporters.

But don’t get your knickers in a bunch too quickly. Although the gondola project isn’t getting off the ground (get it?) with the COB, it has still received approximately $100,000 in private sector money for the feasibility study. BID officials are confident that despite the setback, the project will continue and the the study will be completed by the end of 2015.

So just kick back and enjoy the summer, Hoyas! Before you know it (read: in about 15 years), you’ll be soaring over the Potomac like Aladdin on a magic carpet!

See, Jasmine? Gondolas are great!
Photos: Georgetown BID,,

Ferris Wheel Takes The Harbor

Ferris WheelI’m going to be up front about this: I am overly ecstatic about the 175-foot Ferris wheel coming to the National Harbor in May, which will feature 42 eight-person gondolas for passengers. According to DCist, the Ferris wheel will provide a means for you and seven of your closest friends to experience what will be a magical flight over the city in a gondola!

The developers from Peterson Companies seem to have done an incredible job spreading the word about this new wheel, recruiting all of these renowned artists to perform songs about the joys of Ferris wheel-ing! (Note: They didn’t actually do this, but you should watch the videos anyway.)

Up there soarin’ and flyin’ on the Ferris wheel, I can say with certainty that you can reach every star in heaven! There’s not one that you can’t reach!

Elfie said it right: Everyone deserves a chance to fly!

Then there’s my girl Selena who so aptly describes how once you’re on the ride, you’ll go round and round.

Get out to the National Harbor in May, Hoyas! Hop in a gondola and you’ll be flying up, up and away in no time!

Photo: (Brown Craig Turner Architects + Designers) via DCist