Phys 102 Study Guide

Science-Mathematics-Physics-Illustration-via-Shutterstock-615x345So it looks like 4E’s getting into the study guide business! As a student currently in PHYS 102, I wouldn’t call myself the best source of physics knowledge. But I’m definitely probably not the worst! Since the test was this morning, you already know that you missed a lot of information. Here is what you should have studied, instead of the textbook.

1. Light is crazy: If you’re like me, you’ve only ever quantified light as: “Too Dim, Can’t Read Funny/Annoying Buzzfeed Listicle”, “A Little Too Bright aka Reading Phone at Night” and “OH GOD THE SUN IS KILLING ME #hungover.” But no! Light can do a lot more than burn your retina when you space out and accidentally stare at the sun! For the final, you had to know about reflection, refraction, diffraction… It’s good times. Just don’t take light for granted.

2. Carbon Dating…?: I’m sure you’ve heard the old joke: “How did Spiderman meet his girlfriend? RADIOACTIVE DATING!” But the mathematical process behind carbon dating is no joke. It combines multiple concepts so it’s basically catnip for professors trying to make a nice, integrated final exam.

3. Are You Rad?: If you didn’t go to the last class, NEVER FEAR! Here’s a super-quick rundown of what we went over. (But seriously, if you missed out, go get someone’s notes, I’m pretty sure it was important.) 1 RAD * RBE = 1 REM. 1 GRAY * RBE = 1 SIEVERT. For photos, RBE = 1; electrons, RBE = 2; alpha particles, RBE = 20. Let’s hope you commited that ish to memory or at least slapped it on your equation sheet.

4. The Text Is Not the Last Word: Seriously, I think we can all agree that while in many respects the textbook is a great resource, in other respects it sucks. But there are other great resources! Check out this Youtube series on diffraction. Or this diagram about the powers of radiation. Or this cute pic of a dog, just because.

Anyway, HOPE YOU DID WELL TODAY FOLKS! (Remember, the final was today, Friday, at 9:00 am, in either REI 103 or REI 112. In case you forgot. No judgment here.)

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