7 Ways To Treat Momma Earth Better on Her Special Day ♡


In honor of Mother’s Day. … Wait no. … In honor of Earth Day, here is a list of things you can be doing to celebrate your Mom! I mean Earth! Here are some things you can be doing to celebrate the EARTH this April 22!

Public Service Announcement: EVERY DAY is Earth Day! Use these tips beyond April 22. So go recycle, you tree huggers ;)

1.) Eat Plant Based!

Being a vegan for just one day saves approximately 1,100 gallons of water and 45 pounds of grain. By opting to be plant based for the 22nd, less strain is put on Earth’s resources. Heck yeah!


Aside from the plentiful vegan content creators, like VeGains, check out other celebrities’ vegan meals for inspiration! Instead of eating eggs and bacon this 22nd, try Lizzo’s “Nature’s Cereal” for a sweet start to the day.



If you find meal prepping like a celebrity to be too difficult, try fast food! While the fast food industry is not the most carbon-neutral meal option, replacing an animal byproduct meal with something plant-based does limit your carbon footprint. Need suggestions on what to order? Check these options out!

  • Chipotle: instead of meat, try sofritas (aka Tofu)
  • Taco Bell: order your usual meal as meatless and “Fresco Style” (Fresco Style replaces the item’s cheese, sour cream, and mayo-based sauces with diced tomatoes).
  • Subway: order a wrap with guac and all the veggies
  • Burger King: the Impossible Burger
  • Chick-fil-A: Grilled Cool Wrap (without cheese or chicken) with a side of waffle fries
  • McDonald’s: coming later this year, Micky D’s will be releasing the McPlant Burger to North America. About time!

2.) Use a refillable water bottle

While using a refillable water bottle seems to be a no brainer for Earth Day, 80% of plastic water bottles are never recycled. Additionally, the whole bottling water supply chain is incredible inefficient. So you BEST not be drinking from a “Life’ plastic water bottle this holiday season.


3.) Change Your Transportation Habits

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, transportation leaves the largest carbon footprint every year. Changing how you get around can profoundly impact your individual effect on the environment. Instead of driving to get your nails done, try these alternatives:

  • Bike!
    • Which …
      • limits your greenhouse gas emissions
      • burns calories (which means more Oreos for later ;) … did I mention Oreos are vegan?!)
      • saves you money from not paying for gas or car insurance (more money = more Patagucci)
    • Don’t own a bike? Check out Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace! Because spending too much on a new bike is a terrible idea considering the amount of bikes stolen every year in the Washington, D.C. area.
  • Carpool!
    • While saving the planet is cool and all … carpooling also allows someone to assert their dominance on the aux. The key to a success carpool is finding someone who is likeminded in their music taste. Otherwise, your wannabe Spice Girl will clash hard with their Lil Nas X.
  • Roller Blade!
    • Have you ever seen someone look upset while Roller blading? Neither have I. Maybe its because they feel like Apolo Ohno? Or maybe they are embracing their main character moment? Regardless, roller blading does provide a faster alternative to walking.
  • Power Walk ;)
    • Embrace your inner future MILF: pull up those Lulu’s, get your gossip ready, and pick up that pace! Remember: it’s heel-to-toe not feel-too-slow. So get out there and be the MILF you are destined to be, baby!
  • Buy a Tesla!
    • Because Elon Musk needs to fund The Boring Company’s tunnel expansion. But in all seriousness, buying a Tesla indicates you are wealthy, hot, AND an Earth lover.

4.) Shop Local, Secondhand, Slow!

I know that Shein bikini is super cute and would complement your skin color, but the company is extremely unethical and abuses the environment! Even though the suit is pink, Elle Woods would call you out for wearing such a thing. As the fashion industry is not linear and often recycles trends every 20ish years, invest in pieces that will last and are compatible to your individual wardrobe. There is a reason you still raid your parent’s closets for vintage gemsthe things you buy now have the potential to resurface in a few years! Check out these great eco-friendly shopping companies and suggestions:



Some local Georgetown/D.C. favs are:

  • Frugalista
  • Rosario’s
  • Smash Records
  • The Goodwill in Bethesda, Md.
  • The Goodwill in Rockville
  • And Adams Morgan has a ton of great antique/thrift shops!


  • Best Outdoor/Workout Clothing:
    • Patagonia
    • Arc’teryx
    • The North Face
    • Girlfriend Collective
    • Outdoor Voices
  • Wear to Work Clothes:
    • Reformation
    • Eileen Fisher
    • Artizia
    • Everlane
  • Shoes:
    • Allbirds
    • Blundstones (lifetime warranty, baby!)
    • Teva
    • Chacos
    • Rothy’s


  • Poshmark
  • Mercari
  • DePop
  • threadUP
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Ebay

5.) Use the Day To Embrace Your Inner Slob

So much of the innovation that we have nowadays is often abused and taken for granted. On this holiday, use the day to be mindful of your habits and (perhaps) get a little lazy.

  • Skip a shower for the day: while your roommates will hate you for this … missing a shower can save a tremendous amount of water (especially if you typically sing along with T. Swift).
  • Eat EVERYTHING: the more you eat, the less food that is wasted and sent to landfills. Dig through your pantry and play around with food combos! Perhaps mixing peanut butter with pickles? Bonus points if your creations are vegan!
  • Leave your lights off: living in the dark requires less energy, decreases your energy bill, and really creates a ~homey~ feel when you light up some candles. Let’s take it back to our roots and live like cavemen, cavewomen and cave nonbinary people for the day.
  • Stay Home: Calling all homebodies! Instead of leaving your living space to use transportation, shop from a fast fashion company, or eat from an establishment that abuses natural resources … just stay home!

6.) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Stemming from the first Earth Day, the three Rs reduce, reuse, recycle has become a common and inclusive way to help spread the environmentalist agenda. Need some motivation for incorporating the three Rs into your life? Well look no further!


  • Food
    • Let’s reduce our food consumption this spring. Buy food that you know you will eat and will not be wasted. If you didn’t vibe with Trader Joe’s Thai Style Green Chili Sauce, maybe hand it off to a friend?
  • Toxic Energy
    • Not only am I talking about that weird on-and-off again relationship you have going with your ex, but also using unsustainable energy sources. Try to reduce your dependence on fossil fuels!


Ok, maybe that “weird on-and-off again relationship you have going with your ex” does apply here … but nevertheless! Invest in quality items that can be repurposed and reused. Alternatively, become that Pinterest influencer who’s deep inside you and dying to get out. Finished a pint of Talenti gelato to soften the pain of midterms? Use the jar to store something. But what’s that something? I don’t know, that’s for you to find out! ;)



Here’s an idea: Let’s recycle that “weird on-and-off again relationship you have going with your ex” to become your friend’s problem. Maybe they can turn that nothing into something? Just a thought!


But remember: What can and cannot be recycled varies by state. For more information, check out Martha Stewart’s comprehensive list of varies state’s recycling policies. Cheers to Ms. Stewart for being such a stellar citizen perhaps she learned what can and cannot be recycled from her time picking up trash in jail? Thanks Queen! In the case of D.C.: these items are eligible to be recycled.

7.) Help Out a Worthy Cause!

Georgetown peeps! Y’all literally go to school in D.C. and should know the power of the people. Check out these resources for some progressive environmental change!




If you are able, below are some amazing organizations committed to environmental causes that also accept monetary donations:


Happy Earth Day!


Instead of using Earth Day to post on your Instagram all those heavily edited pics from all the places you have traveled, do something that actually positively affects our planet’s health. Please do something from this list to help our Momma Earth!

Remember: there is no Plan(et) B for after you screw Earth. Treat her right!

Header Image: ONE EARTH

4E’s Thanksgiving Countdown

It doesn’t seem valid to get excited year after year about a holiday that commemorates our subjugation of native peoples and destructive colonial ways, but let me tell you: I am excited for Thanksgiving break.

You may ask me, “What could be so exciting about five days in central New Jersey?” Well, first of all, New Jersey is the most underrated state. Second of all, a brief reprieve from midterms is exactly what I need to restore my sanity.

Please join me on a ~journey~ to cozy, fall-time feels. Whether you’re travelling home for Thanksgiving or not, these activities should allow you to start healing that part of your soul that a semester-long midterm season has sucked out of you.

First, play this song for maximum reading experience.

Day 1: Nov. 5

Divine your Thanksgiving horoscope. What’s in the stars for you this year? If you’re going home, will you finally hook up with your high school crush? Will you get taken to the hospital with an irreversible food coma? Only one way to find out…

Day 2: Nov. 6

Go vote. If you haven’t voted yet, please motivate yourself with the thought of Great-Grandma Pat’s wrath when you tell her you abused the right she fought so hard for back when they only showered like once a week or whatever. This way, when your family members start arguing at the dinner table, you’ll be able to validate the opinions you’ve honed in all of those SFS classes by proving that you’re an active participant in our democracy.

Day 3: Nov. 7

Plan out your plate. Everyone knows that going into the holiday meal without an attack plan is a fool’s errand. Use the below image to prevent future discomfort and maximize future deliciousness.

Image result for thanksgiving plate outline

Day 4: Nov. 8

Get the 411 on those crazy relatives you’re afraid to see. Call your mom. You should probably do this anyway, but for your own safety, ask her to give you an update about Aunt Linda’s “situation” so you’re not blindsided on the big day.

Day 5: Nov. 9

Start filling up your shopping carts. Two weeks before Black Friday, go against your better judgment and let those natural consumer instincts run wild. I’ve never actually shopped on Black Friday before, but I like to imagine that filling up online shopping carts is just as good.

Day 6: Nov. 10

Check out those fall colors. Get out of your musty apartment for once and take a walk somewhere in the city — it’s actually very beautiful here and we tend to take that for granted too often.

Day 7: Nov. 11

It’s cuffing season. Have you found your big/little spoon yet? It’s getting pretty chilly outside; you should probably get on that.

Day 8: Nov. 12

Convince your dad that a turducken is a bad idea. Tell him the hard truth: 55 is too old to spice things up, especially with the multi-meat equivalent of the Human Centipede. Like him, sometimes oldies are goodies — no more of this millennial nonsense.

Day 9: Nov. 13

Start packing. I’m serious. If you do it this far in advance, you’ll avoid that last-minute packing nightmare in which you somehow only bring home booty shorts, a turtleneck and over-the-knee boots.

Day 10: Nov. 14

Do something ~cute~ with your friends. Make a pie. Drink some chai. Discuss the best moisturizing strategies for preventing dry winter skin (non-spon but pls check out this account @dewydudes). Put aside homework for a sec and appreciate the value of good, wholesome fun.

Day 11: Nov. 15

Come up with a fake major to get your grandparents off your back. They don’t understand that you’re not wasting their money; you’re just finding yourself. So, pose as a Future Government Official/Investment Person to get out of hot water with the old folks.

Day 12: Nov. 16

Learn how to play football (?). I’m very thankful that my family does not maintain this tradition, but if yours does, it’s probably time to tighten up that spiral. Who knows, maybe you’ll get concussed and won’t have to take any more exams!

Bradley Cooper in “A Star is Born,” 2018 (colorized).

Day 13: Nov. 17

Thank your roommate(s). Whether you’re best friends or mere living partners, be grateful to this person for putting up with you. This way, your inability to wash dishes and sexiling habits won’t weigh heavy on your conscience over the break.

Day 14: Nov. 18

Friendsgiving! Get together with all of your friends for one last hurrah before going your separate ways. A group dinner feat. Leo’s turkey and mashed potatoes never looked so cute.

Day 15: Nov. 19

Watch the twurkey dance. This is a good distraction that will get you hype for the holiday.

Day 16: Nov. 20

What? Sorry. I’m already gone. If possible, remove yourself mentally and/or physically from the Georgetown environment. This could be done in the form of a really long nap, ripping up a blue book — you name it.

Hoya Saxa! I’m grateful for you <3

Sources: festival-collection.com, giphy.com, youtube.com, people.com

4E’s Guide To Black Friday Shopping

Banner - Black FridayThe holiday season is right around the corner. Soon you’ll be sprawled about on a couch, wondering how it is humanly possible to still be alive after eating that much food. Soon after, you’ll be hit with a harsh dose of reality: you still haven’t bought any gifts for your friends and family. While this can be stressful, Black Friday, your last opportunity to get the best deals, can be even more stressful. 4E can make Black Friday the best Friday of the year with just several simple steps:

  1. Sleep late. If you’re going to be running around all day, you’re going to need a lot of energy. Eating so much yesterday probably took a lot out of you, so you’ll need some extra Z’s to feel refreshed.
  2. Wear a ski mask. You definitely don’t want to run into any of your high school ~friends~ when back in the home town. A nice ski mask will prevent awkward encounters and also keep you warm (darker colors = more sunlight absorbed)!
  3. Lie on the ground in front of Wal-Mart. In order to get the most incredible deals, like a refurbished low-grade tv that hopefully works for FREE, you’ll need to stake out your territory. Sprawling out across the ground is the best way to fend people off.
  4. Drive aggressively in the parking lot. There’s no hope in ever being able to find a parking spot if you’re not really willing to go for it at any cost. Reckless driving gets you a ticket, aggressive driving doesn’t.
  5. Don’t ask for help. You really can’t trust anyone. Everyone else vying for those clothes doesn’t care about you: not the store employees, not your friends, not even your family. Go it alone and don’t tell anyone your plans if you know what’s good for you.

    Trust NOBODY when it looks like this!

In the end, there’s always Cyber Monday. Happy shopping!

Photos/Gifs: giphy.com, telegraph.co.uk

Bed, Bath & Beyond Blacklisted: The Unofficial Back to School List

Back to School List

As most of you are packing up your rooms at home or just moving out of your apartments from your internship/summer job days, you’re probably asking yourself: “Am I missing anything?” While this packing process is quite overwhelming, the answer to that question is “Yes.” Yes, you are definitely missing a few back-to-college essentials that we can GUARANTEE you haven’t thought of.

If you are returning to the Hilltop, you may have realized that these items were necessary for your first few days at Georgetown, but for those of you who are new, you will be happy that you came across yet another 4E guide!

Here is our ~unofficial~ back to school list: 

Bottle-opener key chain: This item is essential for two reasons.

1. You need something to put your new dorm key on because you do not want to lose it! That $100 lost key charge could be better spent on Wisey’s sandwiches and Saxby’s cold brew! Also, you should probably lose the lanyard A$AP (that’s just 4E’s advice).

2. Once you have ditched that pesky lanyard you got at NSO, a bottle opener key chain will def prove handy when you are out and about “exploring” Georgetown.

This is NOT the guy who gets invited back next weekend. You've been warned.
This is NOT the guy who gets invited        back next weekend. You’ve been                                warned.

Extended phone charger: This item may not sound very cool, but trust me, it is essential when you know you’ll be either sleeping in bunk beds or lofted beds for the next few years. There is nothing worse than having to wake up with no battery on your phone or laying in bed and having to get up to charge it. #FirstWorldProblems

A big-a** bottle of Advil/Ibuprofen: This, my young friends, will be your saving grace. While you should drink water instead of resorting to Advil for those headaches (we won’t discuss how you got those!), we just recommend you have some a lot at hand. You will thank 4E later.

“Uh, and if you don’t know,                                now you know…”

Anything but a mesh trash can: Put quite simply, there will be some unsightly things entering that trash can this year. You don’t want anything leaking on the floor now, do you?

A 21-year-old “friend”: I don’t think I need to explain why this connection is something essential when stepping onto campus as an underclassman.


A fellow freshman with an older sibling at Georgetown: Who better to inform you, you youngin’, of the ins and outs of Georgetown than a living, breathing Hoya? (Answer: 4E, duh. We have all the answers.)

Blotting papers: Listen up – everyone will benefit from purchasing a pack of these to slide in your wallet. D.C. humidity is NOT – I repeat – NOT a joke. Things get sweaty real quick. Stay on top of your game. A great way to earn friends is to ensure they remain as put together as one can when braving the 85 and muggy temperatures of the Hilltop nightfall.

A Costco size jar of Nutella: Take it from someone who knows; there is nothing better to late-night binge eat than a heaping spoonful of Nutella. Unless that spoon has previously been dipped in some Skippy and you’re now slathering the entire mess onto a Double Stuffed Oreo.

Felt this in my loins.
Felt this in my loins.

A taste for the finer things: Leo’s brunch and plastic bottles of Burnetts now await you. Gone are the days of buying an 18-pack of Bud Light at your town bodega. Natty Light is your drink of choice now. Get used to it.

We are 99 percent sure this scene was actually shot in Leo’s during Sunday brunch hour.

A dictionary: However, in this case, a Webster simply won’t do. Brush up on your Georgetown lingo before arriving on the Hilltop with this 4E helping hand. Who’s lost in translation? Not you!

Your best smile :) It’s like Annie always said, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile!” The best years of your life await you. Greet them with open arms and you’ll reap the benefits.

Images: giphy.com, https://bit.ly/2biBWVK 

Last Minute Christmas Shopping

Bookstore Shopping

Between pulling all-nighters on Lau 2 this past week and complaining about how much work you have to do, you may find yourself a little pressed for time for holiday shopping.  Perhaps you’ve even forgotten all about the upcoming festivities after spending hours in an isolated little cubicle in the depths of our soul-crushing library.  If you’re suddenly finding yourself in a gift-less state of distress thinking, “But what will I get Uncle Jim?!”, then you may want to continue reading.

We’ve gone over some nice ideas for absurd holiday gifts, but if you’re looking for something Hoya-themed, forget googling perfect gift ideas for middle-aged uncles and instead pull up the Georgetown University Bookstore website.  They’ve got some pretty great gift options this holiday season, so you’re sure to find something for everyone on your list!  The bookstore has an overwhelming number of possibilities, so 4E decided to put together a list of their most versatile and useful options.

  1. Hoyas Basketball Gnome: Maybe you’re shopping for a family member who’s really into supporting the Hoyas on the court and also happens to value fine lawn decor?  This lawn gnome could really bring that WOW factor to a yard.  Pretty much anyone on your gift list would be lucky to receive such a treasure.
  2. Serenity Teapot: Looking for a gift for a particularly calming person?  In that case look no further and consider your holiday shopping done. Nothing brings tranquility quite like this Serenity Teapot… plus it holds 24 oz of tea!
  3. Georgetown Nutcracker: Nothing screams “Tis’ the season!” quite like Nutcrackers.  But this isn’t just any Nutcracker, no, this one is Georgetown themed!  Can you think of anything that more perfectly combines a love of the holidays and Georgetown?!  We can’t…

  4. Georgetown Hoyas Frisbee:  Everyone love playing frisbee, right?  Well, maybe.  But we’re sure that your younger cousin would be really excited to get a gift like this!
  5. Life-Sized Jack the Bulldog Statue: You’ve probably seen this statue just sitting in the middle of the bookstore and thought to yourself, “Hey what’s Jack doing here?!”.  Upon closer examination you probably realized that it was actually just a freakishly life-like statue and not the real bulldog.  But it’s pretty close to the real deal, so why not get it for your animal loving friend?  With a price tag of $500 it’s definitely worth every penny.

As you can clearly see, the bookstore should be your one stop shopping spot this year.  Feel free to peruse the site because there really wasn’t enough room in this post to include all of their fantastic options (plus it’s a great way to procrastinate even more for that managerial accounting final).  Happy Holidays, Hoyas, and remember when all else fails…

Photos: twimg.com, bkstr.com/georgetownstore, bookstorejobs.com; Gif: reactiongifs.com 

Francesca’s Is Coming to M Street


Sick of your current Georgetown wardrobe? Feel like updating your style with the changing of seasons? Looking for the right statement necklace to compliment your dress for the formal you’ll inevitably attend?

Well then you might want to brace yourself and your wallet, because Francesca’s is opening up a new store on M Street. Just in case you can’t tell from the gif inserted below, 4E is pretty excited about this news!

That’s right Hoyas, the Houston-based women’s boutique is coming to Georgetown in early 2015, providing you with just another perfect excuse to drain your bank account (as if there weren’t enough already).

The store carries an array of affordably priced clothes, handbags, shoes and accessories perfect for any trendy student’s closet. Francesca’s aims to provide its customers with fashionable options at lower prices in comparison to other upper-end retailers already on M Street. Finally, the perfect place for the fashion forward college student: cute clothes and low prices. You know what that means?  More money to spend on coffee and food. YES.

The brand has been working on making a greater presence in the district, as it has opened shops in many of the major shopping malls. While you’ll have to wait until next year to conveniently shop at the brand’s M Street location, you can peruse the Francesca’s website for a little fashion inspiration and holiday shopping (for yourself, obviously).

Francesca’s also has some great gift options and a ton of online as well as in-store promotions and clearance items. The holiday season is truly upon us.

Happy shopping, Hoyas!

Thanks to Biz Journals for this amazing discovery.

Gifs: tumblr.com; Photos: https://www.turkeycreek.com/businesslisting/francescas-collection/; https://www.panoramio.com/photo/16824744

The 5 People You Will Meet On Black Friday


The time of year for maxed-out credit cards, wrapping paper and enormous lines at stores is upon us. Soon the turkey and stuffing will be gone and only a nice memory will remain to get you through the biggest game of the year: Black Friday.


Black Friday has evolved from a way to buy presents cheap into a full-on battle of one’s wits. No one is safe at a store on this godforsaken morning.

While I will not be participating in this sacred event, I have had enough experience to describe this event pretty well.

Last year, 4E brought you How to Survive Black Friday tips, which hopefully you all have looked over and studied hard. There is no way you will survive this event without the proper study session.

 The five people you will meet on Black Friday

1. The overeager soccer mom

This is the classic Black Friday visitor. Suburban moms love to not spend a million-and-a-half dollars on gifts for the precious children. Sometimes even the overeager suburban dad can be spotted — truly a wild species. Nonetheless, watch out for these ones. They might seem nice and sweet, but the second you grab something they want you will be public enemy numero uno.

2. The hungover 20-something


Thanksgiving is not only an eating holiday for the 21+ club. Sometimes spending time with estranged relatives is just not easily done without some liquid courage. (Note: 4E does not promote using alcohol to avoid family members.) Despite whatever happened the night before, these young people will not give up the chance to buy cheap gifts as the lack-of-income game is strong with these ones. Throw them off by shouting the words “vodka” or “whiskey” really loud. Those words will be like knives in their stomachs.

3. The optimistic preteen

Most people have their first Black Friday experience during those formative preteen years. The taste of freedom is real and they are so naïve to the reality of this holiday. Don’t worry, they will realize soon enough that this is not an event for the weak. Word of advice? Watch your feet. These people are small and will probably try to sneak under you when you are not looking.

4. The clueless son/boyfriend/husband 

While there are probably some male specimens that enjoy shopping and fighting with a group of women over a pair of Steven Madden wedges, I have personally never found one. The only men I have seen on Black Friday have either been acting as bodyguards or blockades or are sitting drinking Starbucks in the food court.

5. The pissed-off employee

While you might be upset that you have to deal with people and lines, you have no idea what the employees of these stores have to go through! You think you “woke up early”? These angels probably never went to bed. To avoid issues, get on their good sides. They know where all the goods are and might even give you special treatment for being a kind soul (probably not, but it is worth a try).

These are the people to look out for, so prepare yourself. Play the 4E Black Friday playlist, bundle up and, more than anything, stay calm.

Gifs: https://www.popsugar.com/fashion/Black-Friday-Shopping-GIFs-32560869; https://jinglebells333.tumblr.com/post/27713122430/saturday-mornings-massively-hungover

Photos: https://bullhorn.nationofchange.org/black_friday_blue_laws; https://www.annarbor.com/business-review/watch-black-friday-shoppers-rush-ann-arbor-target-store/

Hippie Hoyas: Free People Will Open in Fino Italiano Spot

Free People

Whether you identify as hippie, hipster or simply hip, all Hoyas can look forward to the opening of the we-made-mainstream-uncool fashion franchise, Free People, at 3009 M St. NW. The storefront housed Italian restaurant Fino Italiano until Sept. 2012, when it closed in Georgetown and moved to the Mount Vernon Square neighborhood. Where you once enjoyed Bolognese sauce, you’ll soon be shopping for bohemian looks.

Free People, an offshoot of parent company Urban Outfitters, serves as the bohemian cousin to Urban. At the same time, both stores work to make sure things that were cool in third grade, such as fanny packs and colorful tights, become fashion statements for young adults.

Hippie Heaven
Hippie Heaven

Welcome to M Street, Free People. It looks like Georgetown is shaking its preppy reputation one oversized sweater at a time.

Special thanks to Georgetown Metropolitan for this article.

Photos: Google, highlyrelevant.com

Unwritten: Georgetown’s New Consignment Store

UnwrittenI’m sure many of you have received the Facebook invites and notifications about the consignment shop recently brought to Georgetown, but you still might be wondering what it’s all about. Founded last year at the University of Maryland, Unwritten is a student-run online consignment store and blog. A group of Hoyas has now started a branch at Georgetown.

So what’s in it for you? Unwritten will feature some of the most popular brands at college-friendly prices. It’s also convenient because it’s online. (During the stress of midterms, we all know how difficult it can be to get out to do any shopping.) It also is an amazing way to avoid the M Street prices we all love to cringe at. For some extra pocket money, it’s a great way to clean out your closet between seasons as well.

Unwritten is a completely student-run start-up company. They offer in-person consignment appointments and same-day delivery to Georgetown students! To get started, read more at www.shopunwritten.com or Facebook.com/shopunwritten.

In the meantime, check out some of these featured items, modeled by our very own Georgetown students:

unw1 unw2








Let’s support our fellow students in this awesome initiative. Get thrifting, Hoyas!

Photos: Facebook.com/shopunwritten, www.shopunwritten.com

How to Prep Properly for Spring Break

Spring BreakWhy does it seem like we just came back from winter break and we are already taking midterms? For everyone who feels like they can’t study for one more second or wake up early anymore: There’s still hope.

SPRING BREAK is only 12 days from today, and preparation time is officially upon us! If you still haven’t made plans, stop everything you’re doing, forget about your midterms (there are more important things in life) and start planning.

1. Find some friends Sorry, not sorry, family, but this week is for getting away from the Hilltop while taking some of the Hilltop with you. Plan a trip with a group of your closest friends, with your favorite club or sports team or even with those friends you haven’t seen for the past few months and need to see again.

2. Look for the best destination Consider nightlife, money, fun activities and weather. Here are some recommendations…

  • California If you want to feel young, wild and free, consider flying out to the West Coast. It is definitely not that mainstream of a plan, and possibilities range from camping in the wild to roadtripping around Cali to visiting San Francisco or just hanging out on one of the many beaches. And consider that California boys and girls are undeniable! You might want to have a share…
  • Miami, South Beach: Good food (well, everything not related to Leo’s is good food), a nice beach and the best nightlife possible sounds like a full package to me. Plus, traveling inside the country might be easier and cheaper.
  • Islands around Latin America or the Caribbean I recommend Punta Cana, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta or the Bahamas. These are my favorite of all the options, but I’m obviously biased because I just bought my ticket to Punta Cana. Say ciao to this cold winter and welcome the sun from these tropical islands. Palms, white sand, crystalline water, all-inclusive hotels, exotic cocktail drinks, concerts in the sand, PARTY, PARTY, PARTY. You will have the opportunity to get that piercing you always wanted (but your parents did not let you have), go parasailing, get a henna (or real) tattoo or just do nothing in a hammock.

3. Talk to your parents Now that you’ve decided where to go, show them how much you’ve worked during midterms and how much you love them. It’s all a matter of being convenient and praying for mercy.

4. Prepare Create multiple music playlists, go shopping for sexy bikinis, go to Yates as much as you can (in two weeks, miracles might happen) and, whatever you do, ignore the calorie count picture in the bathroom stalls around campus; we don’t want you to get depressed.


5. Study now Work, work, work. When spring break comes, you should not have pending work to distract you from relaxing! Remember: In 12 days, you’ll just be disconnecting from everything.

Buena suerte con todo, Hoyas! And start booking if you haven’t already!

Photos: Lupita Humbert for The Hoya, mi9.com