What Does the Fox Say?


You may have noticed around campus that there are a myriad of orange fox stickers that look something like this:


This adorable little fox started popping up in odd places on campus towards the beginning of the semester. At first I only noticed it on a few cubicles in Lau. But now, as you go about your day you probably have seen this guy on the walls of the ICC, the brick pathways near Healy and even on a couple of trashcans. So what does this mean?

At first, there were various speculations. One student told me it was a secret society on campus- I really wish this was true, but alas, not the source of the fox stickers.

secret society

Another student told me it was for GAAP weekend, as a way to guide new students around campus. Instead of following footprints or arrows you simply follow the fox! While that would be highly entertaining to watch confused high school students and parents search for strangely placed foxes, this is also not the true source of the sticker.

What it is, is the logo for a new app called Secret. While it does have a clever name and an adorable fox as its mascot, people seem skeptical about the app itself. The purpose of Secret is that it allows you to post anonymous secrets for other people to read. Ironically the tag line for the app is “be yourself”, despite the fact that the entire purpose of the app is anonymity.


Don’t worry kitten, we are too

So what exactly do people post on this Secret app? According to the app description, you can post things such as what is your biggest lie and what would you tell your 13 year old self?

The app promotes expressing yourself and making new friends. It kind of sounds like Facebook and Instagram without all the stalking, YikYak without the helpful tips or Formspring minus all the nasty questions and teen angst.

Unsurprisingly, there have been some concerns about vulgarity and bullying on the site. But who knows, maybe Secret is just about to catch on. Only time will tell. For now, the biggest secret seems to be, who has been putting up these secret fox stickers all over campus!?

Photos: play.google.com; survivingcollege.com; www.sodahead.com; apkware.com

Selfie Sleuth


The selfie: a  present day representation of our generation’s narcissistic attitude.


Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge selfier. Ask any of my snapchat friends, they’ll back me up.

One of the biggest reasons for a selfie is the background you get to capture. *Cue every girl who took a selfie with the Eiffel Tower abroad.* The selfie is the perfect way to take a picture of yourself in front of something without having to ask someone to help you out.

The downside of selfies? Selfies are prone to selfie-overlookers, the people who see a selfie happening and, more often than not, judge the selfier.


Georgetown has one of the prettiest campuses in the world, so naturally there are a plethora of selfie opportunities. Since all Georgetown students are crazy busy, these selfies are usually ruined by selfie-overlookers. I know that a good amount of my Healy selfies have been foregone because someone gave me a look that instilled major fear.

So how do we fix this major issue?

Introducing, the secret selfie. A selfie so secret, you will never feel judgement again.

This is an art, to say the least. The secret selfier needs to be cunning, observant and ready at any moment. You never know when the right moment selfie moment will strike.

To demonstrate, I went undercover to take the best secret selfies at Georgetown. Because if I can do it, there is no reason you can’t!

*Note: Selfies are taken at my favorite places on campus, which are not the norm.*

1. Lau 2: The key here is to take advantage of the midterms stress and commiserate with everyone. Honestly, how epic is this selfie? 7 people were in it and not a single person was judging me. #score


2. Regents 4: Selfies in Regents are particularly difficult because of the bright lighting and large quantity of science-loving people. You can’t see it, because I was selfie-ing so quickly, but there are like 7 people in the background who didn’t see me.

IMG_05943. The Construction Zone: Living in Henle, my life is characterized by the construction that surrounds me. The fake leaves that cover the fence are basically my best friends. Also, this picture was taken during the busy rush times between classes. Legendary.


4. Darnall: Darnall was my first home at Georgetown and I am basically starstruck every time I pass it. I couldn’t see anyone in the windows, but I only hope that no one was looking/judging me from there!


5. 36th Street: One of the best places on campus, Tombs. Even though I am not part of the 21+ club, that doesn’t mean that I can’t selfie part of the 99-days club. Also, how perfect is this picture? Not a single person or bouncer in sight! (Note: time and date of this picture is irrevelant.)


Basically, selfies are awesome and you just need to go to random places on campus to take them without feeling selfie-shamed. Snap on, my friends.

Photos/Gifs: youthconnectmag.com; wired.com; buildforsearch.com; Courtney Klein/The Hoya

So… How Was Your Valentine’s Day?

Shh!It is over. The love is gone. Instagrams about how perfect your relationship is are now unacceptable. And it is certainly time to put those pickup lines away and try something else.

1.148Since it is Feb. 15, people have bombarded me with questions about my Valentine’s Day. People must think I have an interesting life or something … which is clearly stretching the truth.

Are you also sick of being asked how your day was? Here at 4E, we understand that. So here are a few ways to spice up your answers. Because nothing is worse than continually saying the same thing.

“So, how was your Valentine’s Day?”

Make up a crazy tale that will make people instantly jealous. The more craziness, the better. I went to a party downtown and fell madly in love with a European prince. We danced all night and now I’m pulling a Princess Diaries and I am a princess. BOOM. 


Food is always better. Make up a story that involves some amazing dinner. The more you describe the food, the more jealous people will be. And you better spend at least 25 minutes talking about your penne. The pasta was so amazing, I felt like I was in Italy. The smell intoxicated me and the cheese melted like an ice cream cone in July. 


Put a ring on it. Totally pretend that you got engaged. Who will know? He liked it and then he put a ring on it. 


Ignore the question. If you make it seem like a secret, people will instantly think the best. Oh sorry I can’t tell you, it is a secret. But if only you knew…


Forever alone? More like party of one. You can always make it seem better, no matter what the circumstances are.

So go, my friends, and lie about your exploits. Oh, and the truth about my night? Ha, well you kinda had to be there…

Photo: yogatraveltree.com GIFS: tumblr.com 

Off-Campus Study Spotlight

off campus

While we do attend a particularly beautiful university that bears an eerie, yet exciting resemblance to Harry Potter’s magical wonderland of a school, life on the Hilltop can become overwhelming scarily fast. Trust me, freshmen, during midterms and finals, Lau will transform into a demonic chamber comparable to prison or the psychotic-ridden desert in The Hills Have Eyes and you will want to flee for your life.

Luckily for you, I have a solution to said madness: various nearby oases where you can escape the clutter of homework and people to complete your studies efficiently. While I hate to give away my secret spots, I have faith that my advice will help you all find relaxing places to get those A’s you’re paying $50,000+ a year for. The added benefit of this is that completing your work efficiently will mean freeing up weekend time for shenanigans.

1. Malmaison (3401 K St, NW) You’ll feel like you’ve entered a trendy hipster café in the lower east side of Manhattan where James Franco may be lurking in the corner drinking straight black coffee. My time here is usually divided between eating their particularly herby and fresh tomato and mozzarella panini and watching the strange array of fitness freaks and artsy designers that are denizens to this teashop.

2. Marvelous Market (3217 P St, NW) I’m shocked more people haven’t discovered this place. They have the best sandwiches I’ve ever had in my entire life, there’s an ice cream store next door, and they’ve got a little seating area that really typifies an ideal study environment.

3. Library of Congress (101 Independence Ave, SE) Yes, this one’s for the more avid nerds of Georgetown, but I can promise you firsthand that you will get so much more work done in an hour than you ever thought possible. You’ll find yourself feeling rather smart, efficient and official.

4. Starbucks (3050 K St, NW) This Starbucks – located right next to the Potomac and what in winter is an ice skating rink – is the perfect place to do work. Enjoy a chai, walk by the water, and feel completely secluded from the chaos that can sometimes suffuse our wonderful school.

So relax, Hoyas. Check out some of my favorite study spots and feel free to share yours in the comments below!

Photo: Shannon Walsh/The Hoya



Free Tickets to Taylor Swift!


I’m not kidding.

Starting tomorrow, May 9, 2013, Diet Coke will begin it’s “Silver Ticket” scavenger hunt, giving 8 Washington D.C. area residents a chance to win free tickets to Taylor Swift’s sold-out RED Tour concert on May 11 at the Verizon Center.

Want to get free seats at T-Swift’s Verizon Center Show? Here’s how it can happen:

Diet Coke will be releasing a series of “Swift-inspired” scavenger hunt clues on its Twitter, @DietCoke, beginning at 8am tomorrow morning! The @DietCoke clues will ultimately lead Swift fans to a secret “Silver Ticket” location in the D.C. area. The first eight fans (who are 18 and older) to reach the secret “Silver Ticket” location will receive two passes to Taylor’s May 11 Concert at the Verizon Center.

D.C. is one of several cities that Diet Coke has chosen to launch their “Silver Ticket” sweepstakes in partnership with Taylor Swift. Swift was recently chosen as a centerpiece in Diet Coke’s Stay Extraordinary campaign, on which she will serve as a brand ambassador for numerous initiatives and ad campaigns.

So what are you waiting for, Hoyas? Forget finals, put down your cup of coffee and forget your struggles! Who wouldn’t want free tickets, especially for something like this:

Photo: Famous-Wallpapers.com