50 Things Better Than SaxaNet

Despite being 3 months into a school year that has graced us with new Leo’s and a NUG, we still have no new SaxaNet. Maybe this is a cry for help or just an attempt to make sure that we live in a constant state of stress, but one thing is for sure: 4E is here to remind you of all of the things better than our current SaxaNet!

1 . GuestNet.

2. Wisey’s Rat. A cultural icon.

3. NUG (New Uncommon Grounds).

4. Being swerved by Patrick Ewing for a selfie.

5. A closed Quick Pita #neverforget #foreverinourhearts.

6. Sleeping on the ground, waiting for a speaker while it rains (HRC event last year I’m looking at you).

7. The VW Bus in Leo’s.

8. JT3.

9. Just getting up to the Vill A rooftops as the parties are being shut down.

10. Meek Mill getting arrested before Hoya Madness.

11. The President DeGioia Fathead on Vil A.

12. The lines at Whisk at 9 am.

13. Chik-Fil-A closing at 7 pm on a weeknight.

14. Class in St. Mary’s and then in Walsh 15 minutes later.

15. Drinking with your parents.

16. The 2008 Leo’s norovirus outbreak.

17. Walking up the Regents stairs.

18. Rain during the Farmer’s Market.

19. Rats scurrying across your path on the way to Lau 2.

20. The lack of soy milk AND a working blender at Midnight MUG.

21. The football team’s losing season (1-7).

22. Our rivalry with the Georgetown neighborhood.

23. Maintenance request response rates.

24. The lack of a Metro stop in Georgetown.

25. Walking up the Exorcist Steps.

26. LXR.

27. The one hour three hour wait for Cosí last year (#gonebutneverforgotten).

28. The Walsh elevator.

29. The emergence of Darnall as a #lit dorm.

30. Being rejected from Blue and Gray AND The Corp AND GUASFCU (Thanks Georgetown meme page for showing accurate feels!).

31. Going to Wisey’s at 11:15 pm and finding it closed.

32. The line on Tapingo for Bulldog at 8:01pm (#55thinlinereactsonly).

33. Meeting yet ANOTHER member of the #DirtyJerz during NSO.

34. The Lau fire alarm going off in the middle of midterms season.

35. Sweetgreen’s move to Wisconsin.

36. FINALLY seeing Jack on campus, but he’s not up for photos.

37. Using the last of your flex dollars.

38. Being such a Lau regular that the security guard recognizes doesn’t ask for your GoCard.

39. Starbucks not accepting your free drinks.

40. Paying for Chick-Fil-A.

41. Lau as an entity.

42. The prices at the bookstore.

43. Hilltoss’ new menu.

44. Only getting free samples of apples and peaches from the Farmer’s Market because you spent all of your money.

45. Taking your midterm and realizing that ~studying memes~ on Lau 4 last night did not help.

46. Getting to Farmers Fishers Bakers at 10:35am (just missing First Bake) and having no breakfast.

47. Eating at downstairs Leo’s.

48. Getting to class after your professor has started speaking.

49. Getting rejected from Piano in addition to getting your fake taken.

50. Reading this article using GuestNet.

As much as we complain about it, we can appreciate like understand Saxanet and its dysfunction. Hopefully by next finals season we’ll have a better version to hate!

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Survive the Wrath of SuxaNet


The Internet has really, really, really sucked lately. Really really sucked. Get the picture?

Here at 4E we know the importance of good, strong WiFi so…

Here are some tips to help you survive:

Handwrite letters and coerce freshmen or frat pledges into delivering them by promising lifelong friendship.

Train a carrier pigeon. Step-by-step instructions can be found here. 

Actually use books for your research instead of online sources. We have a library, despite how soul-crushing it is.

Make decisions without first consulting a Buzzfeed quiz. Even though that is theoretically impossible.

Construct an elaborate zip-line system connecting your windows to your friends’ (Village C to McCarthy or Harbin, Copley to Village B, Darnall to Henle, Kennedy to Reynolds) so you can pop in and share news and cool things without using Facebook messenger.

Stop Facebook stalking your exes and crushes… this is probably a good habit to get into anyway.

Disclaimer: I realize the irony of publishing an article online with tips of how to survive the plague of the slow Internet. It is my sincere hope that SaxaNet (aka SuxaNet) shows mercy on 4E and allows you to load this page (and the pigeon instructions) before it goes under completely.

Godspeed my friends and let the WiFi always be with you.

Photo: https://technology.msb.edu/helptopics/macosx/

30 Things You’ll Never Hear a Georgetown Student Say


Inspired by recent use of the hashtag #OverheardAtGeorgetown and this article, we at 4E decided to compile a list of things you’ll never hear a Georgetown student say under any circumstances:

1. Dinner at Leo’s was delicious tonight
2. I can’t wait to take Intro to Philosophy
3. The core curriculum allows me so much freedom in my choice of courses
4. The GUTS buses are so reliable
6. The seating in the new student center is so practical
7. Salad Creations is way better than Sweetgreen
8. Burnett’s tastes so good
9. Pre-registration is so simple
10. I love not having a metro stop on campus
11. The weekend hours of Leavey Starbucks and Cosi are ideal
12. I don’t want to talk about how cool my internship is
13. Of course I did the reading for this class
14. I’m not busy today
15. The elevators in Darnall/Copley/Lau are so fast
16. No it’s fine, I didn’t want to live off campus anyway
17. The construction maze is not annoying
18. I love the rats in my Henle – they’re my friends
19. I’ve never had to wait in a line here
20. I love how quiet Lau 2 is
21. I really enjoy spending my time in a cube on Lau 5, especially now that there is no bathroom or water fountain
22. The hand dryers in the freshmen dorms really dry my hands
23. I don’t make fun of weird kids who post in the GAAP groups over the summer
24. I fully support the 2010 Campus Plan
25. Pulling an all-nighter in Lau has been the highlight of my Georgetown experience so far
26. My meal plan is such a good value
27. I wish this campus had more hills
28. SaxaNet is really fast and consistent
29. Epi is so reasonably priced
30. What hookup culture?

Hoyas come from all over and it can be hard to discover our common ideas and interests. Finding things we all love to hate – meal plans, campus housing, rules in general – and complaining endlessly about them will forever be something that keeps us together.