GUSA Executive Campaign Logo Is A Snapchat Geofilter


While some Georgetown students rapidly dashed off campus Friday to begin the joy that is spring break, many of us (*sob*) are still stranded amongst the snow. But, just when you were worrying we were going to have a boring Friday night, up popped this new geofilter for Georgetown on Snapchat.

An example of a not very good snapchat


Most Hoyas will recognize this as the campaign slogan of two candidates,Sara Margolis (COL ’16) and Ryan Shymansky (COL ’16), in this year’s GUSA Executive Race…the results of which were announced on February 20.

What has happened? Did Snapchat suddenly find out about the exciting (and controversial) nature of the GUSA race? Were they just a bit behind? Or is this part of a wider conspiracy on the part of Sara and Ryan, hoping to somehow overthrow Joe Luther and Conor Rohan, the recently elected GUSA President and VP, by gathering a rebellion of students powerfully moved by the new geofilter?


Sadly, it seems that none of the above are anywhere close to an explanation. According to a status posted by Sara herself on Facebook, the campaign team had asked Snapchat to use it as a geofilter during the campaign itself (makes sense), but for some reason, despite having rejected it at the time, Snapchat has now decided to use it. And not just for Georgetown – our sources tell us that it’s popping up in Chinatown and other parts of DC as well.


But who cares why it’s here? Let’s just enjoy the fact it is. After all, it’s a pretty good graphic (shoutout to designer Martin De Leon). Happy Snapchatting, Hoyas!

4E Reviews GUSA Campaign Videos

GUSA 2015 Vids

Well, well, well. GUSA 2015 is upon us! Last week, we were introduced to the five pairs of candidates gunning to be our next Prez and VP. Each pair has since released official campaign videos, and we’ve taken it upon ourselves here at 4E to review them. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Christopher Wadibia and Meredith Cheney

First of all, PROPS for the soundtrack. Set to the hard-hitting instrumentals of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” and the inspirational poetry of “Our Deepest Fear” by Marianne Williamson, the video is titled “Find Your Light”. Shot in #artsy black and white, it features clips of the candidates doing cool, Georgetown-y things (Christopher speechifying, Meredith running to the Lincoln memorial) while other Hoyas show off a variety of impressive skills. Overall, by showing how ordinary Hoyas can do extraordinary things, this video sends a great and empowering message. Very much in keeping with the #DIGNITY2015 campaign.

Abbey McNaughton and Will Simons

A heartfelt “Meet the Candidates” vid. Backlit by Coldplay (classic), Abbey and Will talk about their high schools, how they came to love Georgetown and how they want to bring the student voice into GUSA. It’s cool to feel like the candidates are talking straight to you and fully describing their campaign message of “Rise Together.” Also a fan of the candid laughing shots near the end. GUSA candidates are people, too!

Tim Rosenberger and Reno Varghese

How did they get it to snow while they were filming their campaign video??? For some reason, the fact that this 30-second intro video was shot on a snowy day in Dahlgren acts as a huge plus. With a message of “For the Love of Georgetown,” Tim and Reno keep it short and sweet, outlining their favorite things about Georgetown (#GSProud! IRC!) while gently encouraging the viewer to check out their website. Which I then did. Love the logo, guys.

Sara Margolis and Ryan Shymansky

This video opens with Sara and Ryan talking about their favorite colors (Sara’s is a tie of crimson, gold and Carolina blue, which I can respect), favorite Wisey’s foods and other favorite things – a cute opener that is able to effectively introduce the candidates’ personalities a little bit. The candidates then extol the virtues of student advocacy before launching into a montage, in which Ryan shows off dope patriotic socks and Sara writes “Believe in Georgetown!” on a whiteboard with impeccable handwriting. Seriously, if GUSA campaigns were judged off of “Handwriting Displayed in Campaign Video”, I’d know who my vote would go to.

Joe Luther and Connor Rohan

The music of this video gets me super amped. Was this taken from “The War” by Ken Burns? With a campaign promise that “We’re here to annihilate anything you don’t like and to make Georgetown a utopia,” this ticket’s going to be tough to beat. No more terrifying steam whistles? No more bees? No more living in fear of Jesuit ghosts? Yes please.

So there we have it – 5 pairs of candidates, 5 campaign videos. In the words of the dude who hosts “Iron Chef,” WHOSE CUISINE CAMPAIGN VID WILL REIGN SUPREME? Vote below!

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