The Dos and Don’ts of Move-In Day

1714_uc082114moveinday0001‘Twas the night before move-in day, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring- except for you, frantically running around and throwing every article of clothing and bath product you own, a picture of your second grade class and your dog into your already oversized suitcase because you procrastinated packing until today.

Move-in day is a rite of passage for every college student. It’s a frantic, chaotic mess of rowdy upperclassmen running you over with carts out of excitement, nervous and sweaty freshmen lugging 90 pound suitcases around in 95% humidity and dads becoming instant BFFs due to their mutual love of saying, “Hi hungry, I’m dad!”

You’re probably a little overwhelmed/excited/hysterical about the year to come, and move-in day is a fitting test for your ability to juggle a million things at once. You’ll be tasked with meeting your roommate, meeting your roommate’s extended family as they harshly judge you and deem you unworthy of their precious offspring, unpacking your endless belongings in a tiny rectangular room while 5 other people in the same tiny rectangle are attempting to do the same thing and preparing to say goodbye to your parents. We know this process can be a little overwhelming, so we’ve prepared you a handy list of Dos and Don’ts to help you navigate what’s sure to be a herculean task:

DO: If your mom wants to make your bed, fold your underwear, or otherwise profoundly embarrass you, let her. No one will notice, and you will be wishing you had your mom to make your bed in about 3 months when you’re sleeping atop a pile of dirty clothes and Epi water bottles.

DON’T: Let your dad bring a giant, unnecessary supply of school supplies into your room, especially pencil sharpeners. He will open the pencil sharpener all over your floor, and you will still be finding pencil shavings embedded in your carpet when you wake up face-down at 4pm on Georgetown Day.

DO: Be nice to your roommate and your roommate’s family, and be considerate during the unpacking process. Nothing says “I’m going to be a generally terrible person to live with!” like taking up the entire room with your 5 suitcases while your roommate has to awkwardly stand in the hallway.

DON’T: Worry too much about impressing anyone on the first day. Everyone is just as stressed out as you are, and no one is paying too much attention to what you or your parents are doing. You’ll have trouble recalling who you met on move-in day and who you met at your first Brown House party by the end of October.

DO: Give your family a huge hug, don’t be afraid to be yourself in your new environment, and get ready for an amazing first year at Georgetown. We can’t wait to meet you!


Translation: I’m Getting Desperate!

stepWith the deadline to find a roommate via our famous CHARMS matching service less than a week away, many freshmen have turned to the second-most effective vehicle to nail down that match made in heaven: the desperate Facebook post in the Class of 2019 GAAP group.

Usually littered with meaningless questions about laptop preferences and summer reading, toward the end of June, the GAAP group becomes somewhat of a black market for people to post page-long descriptions of themselves hoping some other desperate loner will send them the following via Facebook message: “OMG I’m like really into Harry Potter too! And I also am undecided in the College. We should like room together or something!”

It all sounds great until you really take a look at everyone’s descriptions of themselves; they’re all perfect! Each person posts the most appealing profile of a roommate there ever was. How could every single hopeful be a “super neat, varsity athlete that plans to get a 4.0 but rage on the weekends?” It’s my job to provide a detailed translation of what incoming freshman really mean when they post a bio in hopes of finding a roommate.

What they say: “Hi, my name is Zack. I’m from the New York area. CHARMS is going really well, but I thought I’d just put my bio out there to see if anyone else wants to match and be roommates!”

What they mean: “My mom has called me Zachary my entire life, but now is the time to reinvent myself right? I’m from New Jersey, but not the Jersey Shore kind I promise!!! CHARMS couldn’t be going worse. The only person I matched with plans on having a pet ferret in the room and is unironically into anime. Please room with me I’m desperate.”

What they say: “So, I’m a pretty big athlete and I’m really looking to room with a dude who is into sports.”

What they mean: “I ran the mile once a semester in high school and have severe asthma, but I need at least one person to go to Georgetown basketball games with.”

What they say: “I’m into my studies, but obviously I love to go out and have fun. I’m planning on raging a lot on the weekends and studying mad hard during the week.”

What they mean: “At my senior prom, my math team buddies and I each had a beer and I threw up everywhere. But, like, I’m willing to give drinking another shot I think.”


What they say: “I’m into music, art, football, dodgeball, writing, reading, rollerblading, underwater basket weaving, friendship bracelet making, biology and a bunch of other stuff! Any questions, just ask me!”

What they mean: “I’m about to list every single subject possible hoping to hook at least one person. In reality, I like Blink 182 and napping eight hours a day.”

What they say: “I’m studying at the College looking to major in Government and minor in Econ.”

What they mean: “In grade school, my second grade teacher gave me the class superlative of ‘Most Likely to be President’, but if that doesn’t work out, I’m really trying to make some money.”

What they say: “Lol, looking for someone neat! (It’s ok if you aren’t a neat freak though. A little clutter is fine.)”

What they mean: “I am one of the messiest people on the planet. Frank Ocean actually wrote ‘Thinking Bout You’ when he saw my room at home because it looks like a tornado flew around my room before you came, so please excuse the mess it made. With that said, I irrationally expect your side of the room to be spotless and will throw a fit if I find one of your socks as I dig through my piles of clothes on my floor to get to  my hidden backpack.”

What they say: “I’m not too picky about sleeping hours or room temperature. I’m just really laid back and go with the flow.” 

What they mean: “I plan on making my room an arctic tundra and you are going to have to deal with it…I have severe night sweats. Oh also, I plan on being up until around 3am watching Netflix, so really hoping the glare from my screen won’t affect the necessary sleep you need to survive your 8am class!”

What they say: “I’m definitely into politics, but I would consider myself a firm moderate. I find equal value in both parties.” 

What they mean: “If you’re not #Ready4Hillary, I’m not #Ready2Speak2You.”

What they say: “I’m honestly down to share anything. I am looking to room with someone who will become a great friend, so sharing is caring am i right? Haha!”

What they mean: “I will be seriously offended if you touch any of the Go-Gurt tubes my mom sent me.”

What they say: “Haha sorry for the long post. If you read this far, please reach out. Although I have a lot of people I matched with on CHARMS, I would love to get to know some people before we get to campus. Alright well, I’ll see you guys on the hilltop. And as they say, ‘Hoya Saxa!'”

What they mean: “I really hope more people read this than the number of people that read our summer reading book, because I’m really getting desperate here. If this doesn’t work, I might have to get a doctor’s note claiming that I am allergic to humans and live in a single in the Southwest Quad. I’m really hoping no one unearths this around Christmas time to show how embarrassing I was. And what does ‘Hoya Saxa’ even mean? It sounds like the hole-in-the wall Chinese restaurant by my house. Well whatever it seems like everyone says it so I might as well!

Good luck with the roommate hunt freshmen! I hope this will help you on your journey to find your perfect mate. Trust me, this is not as bad as it gets. Just wait for first semester finals when that girl who sits next to you in Problem of God finds your embarrassing post and you get to relive this horror all over again!


CHARMS for Dummies: A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Roommate

john-belushi-animal-house-001If you’re an incoming freshman, chances are, you’re freaking out about finding a roommate. CHARMS is taking over your life with the insidiousness of Facebook or Instagram but with almost no functionality or efficiency. You constantly check to see if that seemingly awesome person has messaged you back. All the nicknames in your account are some nonsensical collection of “Dog girl” (the girl said she liked dogs), “Taylor Swift” (she seems to have a little bit of an obsession), and “pillow” (it was the first word that popped into your head). We understand that you might be a little overwhelmed with the whole process: after all, you will be sharing breathing space and a 16’x10′ rectangle with this person for an entire school year, so you’d better make sure they’re chill.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Trailer

CHARMS is just like online dating: you write a bunch of lies about yourself in an attempt to make you seem cooler than you are. Here at 4E, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to translate some of the more common things you will read on a potential roommate’s housing application, so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to choosing your new BFF:

1. Social Preferences

When they say: “I care about school, but I also like to have fun.”

They actually mean: “I will, at some point this year, post in the GAAP group about leaving my black North Face at brown house.”

When they say: “I’m totally fine with you bringing girls back to the room, as long as you’ll also stay out when I’m gettin’ some.”

They actually mean: “Neither of us will ever bring a girl back to the room.”

2. Sleeping Preferences

When they say: “I usually try to wake up early, like before 8.”

They actually mean: “I will never wake up before 1pm.”

3. Studying Preferences

When they say: “I’m a bio major on the pre-med track.”

They actually mean: “You will never see me, unless you are in Regents between midnight and 3am.”

4. Music Preferences

When they say: “I like most types of music, but I especially like trap.”

They actually mean: “I will play Trap Queen at least 500 times this semester. Especially if someone cool is walking by the door.”

5. Cleanliness Preferences

When they say: “I’m pretty neat, but I won’t get super mad if you are a little messy!”

They actually mean: “You will never see the floor. You might also find me sleeping with multiple half-eaten Epi quesadillas in my bed.”

6. Free Time Preferences

When they say: “I can’t wait to get out and explore DC!”

They actually mean: “I will not go past the corner of M and Wisconsin the entire year, unless it’s via Uber.”

7. Room Temperature Preferences

When they say: “I like the room to be cold when I sleep.”

They actually mean: “I’m a normal person.”

When they say: “I like the room to be warm when I sleep.”

They actually mean: “I am a sociopath.”

In all seriousness, don’t freak out too much about finding a roommate. You might meet your new best friend, or you might not, but everyone at Georgetown is worth getting to know. And hey, even if you wind up with a crazy roommate, at least you’ll have some stories to tell!


A Crash Course in Cuddlr-ing

cuddlrguideIn 2012 the world witnessed the launch of Tinder, a groundbreaking new “dating app” that allowed users to connect with each other with a single swipe.  Coeds across college campuses found themselves captivated as they wasted hours upon hours of their lives scrolling through photos and making the quick decision between left and right swiping.  However, fingers soon began to tire and cramp from tedious Tinder-ing, emotions ran high from the rejection of not matching with a solid right-swipe and confusion arose as awkward messages were exchanged.  Such sentiments made it clear that a new innovation in dating apps was necessary.

The breakthrough presented itself in September of this year with the emergence of Cuddlr, an app which allows users to connect with one another in the hopes of finding a platonic cuddle buddy.  The app functions similarly to Tinder as it accesses your Facebook and allows you to scroll through potential matches while providing you with the option of sending other users “cuddle requests”.  If your potential match accepts your request, you are given the option to exchange messages and also view a map with the GPS location of one another.  We here at 4E took it upon ourselves to compile a list of the top 5 cuddle requests you should actually accept (because let’s face it, you won’t want to give your exact location to just anyone):

5. Bradley Cooper: This one made the list for pretty obvious reasons.  Bradley is a former Hoya, big time celeb and all in all pretty easy on the eyes.  He may live outside of the Cuddlr app vicinity for Georgetown, but hey a girl can always dream.

4. Jack the Bulldog: He’s cute, furry and pretty easy going.  Give this potential match a treat and he’ll cuddle right up to you…just make sure you watch out for his drool!

3. Your Roommate:  If you and your roommate are pretty inseparable then matching on Cuddlr is really just the next step in your relationship.  It’s convenient because you’re likely already in the same room, so travel arrangements won’t really be an issue as it could be with other potential matches.  Pull up your favorite show on Netflix and let the binge watching ensue (bonus points if it’s a shared account)!

2. Pumpkin Spice Latte:  It’s finally fall on the Hilltop, and what’s more in season than a steaming PSL to go along with your pumpkin scone and pumpkin scented candle collection?  Answer: Nothing.  Be honest, does anything really sound better than cuddling up with your favorite seasonal drink after a long day of classes?  That’s what I thought… #Basic

1. The Boyfriend Pillow:  This one speaks for itself.  It’s easily portable, incredibly comfortable, and it won’t complain when you insist on watching Rom-Com marathons…I mean could things get any better than this?!

Cuddle on, 4E readers!

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How to Break Up With Your Roommate

o-BREAKUP-facebookHousing selection is on the horizon! Freshmen everywhere are wondering, “Will I get that Henle/Village A?” (Answer: With that 248 lottery number, keep dreaming.) Upperclassmen are considering whether or not to move off campus. But whether you’re in your first year or your third, you could have one thing in common: You might not want to stay with your current roommate. The problem is: They don’t know it yet.

We here at 4E understand this struggle and have developed a form letter for you to give to your soon-to-be ex-roomie. Just select the proper options and go! Slip it under her pillow! Display it prominently on his desk! Or, you know, tell her in person and be a mature adult.

A Form Letter for Breaking Up With Your Roommate

Hey, [name],

I don’t know about you, but when we met [on CHARMS/ on Facebook/ the first day of school/ in New South that one time/ just kidding we never met], you seemed [super chill/ very compatible/ the most willing to put up with my 3 a.m. drunk crying].

I was really [happy/ ambivalent/ secretly doubtful] when we agreed to be roommates for this year.

When we started hanging out together more during [NSO/ dinner in Leo’s/ just kidding we never hang out], I realized that you were actually kind of [a jerk/ flaky/ literally insane/ I have no idea what your personality is like because we don’t hang out].

And our room. Can we just take a moment to talk about a little thing called [our roommate agreement/ basic hygiene]?

I understand that maybe you’re not used to cleaning up after yourself, but that’s no excuse for [not taking out the garbage/ leaving your week-old sandwich on your desk/ not cleaning up last night’s vomit].

And, okay, maybe you’ve never lived with a roommate before, but that’s still no reason to [blast music at 2 a.m. on a Tuesday/ steal my stuff/ not clean up last night’s vomit].

Now, I know that I’m not perfect. Sorry about that time I [drunkenly ate everything in the fridge/ forgot to wake you up for that class/ said I was a “9” on cleanliness when I’m apparently about a “2”].

How about we just do the right thing and agree to find different roommates for next year? Because I may have already asked someone else …

Sorry [not sorry],
[Your name here]


The 12 Things That Will Likely Happen On Your First Day at Georgetown

12 things

Every Hoya has their own one-of-a-kind experience on the first day of college. Some Hoyas make life-changing journeys across continents to come here to the Hilltop while others travel only minutes from their homes in D.C.

The first day is filled with unbelievable new experiences, new schools, new people, new classes, new cultures, new languages, new friends — the list is endless. And ultimately, all Hoyas have their own special story of the very first day they spent here at Georgetown.

But that’s not what we’re here to talk about. We’ll leave that to our friends at Project Day1. Instead, we’re going to go over a few first day basics that will probably happen to every Hoya when he or she arrives. Here are The 11 Things That Will Likely Happen On Your First Day at Georgetown:

1. You’ll pull up and see an insane wave of activity on the Hilltop. Between the move in crew, the Residence Hall Office workers helping you check into your room, the orientation advisors and captains, on top of all of the other tons of freshmen and freshmen parents moving in, It might seem a bit overwhelming.

2. You’ll see your dorm room new home for the first time! Whether it’s Harbin, Darnall, Village C West, Village C East or New South, there will something about your dorm that feels just right. Not to mention the company will be great…

3. …Because you’ll meet your roommate for the first time. Remember that intense period over the summer where you CHARMS-ed your head off looking for “the one?” Remember how you stalked all of your potential matches until you were ready to “pop the question?” And remember the sweet feeling of joy and love and connection when you realized that you would be living with this person for the rest of your life freshman year? Well, everything you did comes down to this moment. You will meet your roommate today and try to keep an open mind!

4. But you’ll also awkwardly pass that person that you declined on CHARMS and it might look something like this:tumblr_mby1h01xPH1r8588co1_500

5. Similarly, you’ll encounter the person on the GAAP page who was posting 24/7. Although they seemed super cool, witty and confident online, in real life he/she actually looks like this:awkward

6. But not Georgetown President John DeGioia. He’s not one for awkward interactions. You’ll probably meet him on your first day and learn to love him just like the rest of us Hoyas.washingtonian_photo_john_degioia

7. Speaking of people we love on campus, you’ll also probably meet a few Jesuits. Be sure to make friends with them: Not only are they brilliantly smart and funny, they also might invite you to the Jesuit Residence (JesRes) for dinner. And rumor has it that the food there is “divine.” (See #4 for how I feel about that pun.)

8. You’ll also start meeting what seems like a billion new people. And all of them are going to ask the same things: Where are you from? What school are you in? Where are you living? What do you want to study? How often do you read 4E? After a while, it starts to feel like this:tumblr_mjg3hcvtgT1rfwgx5o1_500

(Except for the 4E part. We really are always fascinating.)

Since you’ll be meeting all of these new people, it’s going to be hard to get all of the names straight. As difficult as it is, make a real effort to remember as many as you can. It can really go a long way.

9. But, everyone else is meeting this many people also. So on your first day, you’re bound to have someone you’ve already met forget your name and you will forget someone else’s. It’s natural and everyone understands since they’re all going through the same thing!

10. At the end of your first day, you’ll feel completely exhausted. After all, you just went through a whirl of meeting and greeting and unpacking! Again, everyone feels that way so it’s alright!

11. But instead of going to bed, you’ll probably stay up and talk with your roommate and your floor, and then you’ll go exploring all over campus to some of the great NSO activities (Maybe you’ll take a dip in Dahlgren Fountain or sit on John Carroll’s lap for good luck?)

12. But you’ll realize that you just finished the first day of the best four years of your life.


Hoya Saxa and Welcome to the Hilltop!

This has been a collaborative effort with with the University’s Project Day1, which seeks to capture the incredibly diverse stories of GU students of their journeys from their hometowns to the Hilltop. To get involved and share your unique move-in story with Project Day1, click on the link here and follow the instructions on their page. Be sure to post about your #GeorgetownBound journey on Facebook and Twitter, and also remember to post your #ProjectDay1 videos on Vine and Instagram. You could even win free lunch for a month at Sweetgreen or Luke’s Lobster! 

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The 5 People You’ll Meet On CHARMS


You’ve got your acceptance letter. Graduation is over (or fast-approaching). You’ve deftly navigated MyAccess to sign up for classes. Aunt Verna already bought all of your dorm supplies.(thank goodness for those receipts!)


CHARMS or Campus Housing Roommate Matching System can easily be described as the Craigslist for Georgetown freshmen housing. So we here at 4E have taken it upon ourselves to show you what’s in store. #HoyaList #LuckyCHARMS

Are you ready to meet your roommate??

1. Your (Future) President

This potential roomie (PR) describes themselves as a “political junkie.” In their CHARMS bio, they will make it clear what their affiliation is whether that be conservative, liberal, moderate, or Nutella-lover. Though opinionated, this PR can definitely hold an intelligent conversation. They are preparing themselves to be the embodiment of “Women and Men for Others.” Don’t be fooled, though, they will probably engage in some College Dems and/or College Republican ragers. After all, our alum “Slick Willy” Clinton was known for his ability to…how shall we put this lightly…party like it’s 1968. Upsides? Who wouldn’t want to room with Slick Willy?

2. The “Almost” Athlete

Roomies of the athletic sort? That covers a lot of the Hoya population as we are collectively very health conscious, but this PR practices an almost religious-like devotion to his/her favorite teams. Want to know the score of that game no one was watching last night? They know. And they will tell you about it, I promise. They don’t really play sports (weak ankles, they say), but if they could, they would be starting on our basketball team tomorrow (they say). They’re “just looking for a workout buddy to motivate them to go to Yates”. Upsides? This PR is an encourager; they will be rooting for you AND they will have season tickets to everything happening on campus and in DC. Can you say no to a ticket to see the Washington Capitals? Didn’t think so…

3. The Religious Type

While going through CHARMS you will inevitably run across this type of PR. For some, this could be a God-send (see what we did there?), but for others this pairing would be less than ideal. Whatever your stance, the religious PR offers a unique opportunity for a cultured freshman experience. Religion plays an important role in our Jesuit community as we are accepting of all religious beliefs…so why not room with this PR! You’ll gain insight into their belief system (as most have differences even within the same religion or worldview). Upsides? You may become more spiritually aware which is something Hoyas value as seen in our motto “Cura Personalis.” (Care of the whole person)

4. The Globe-Trotter

The international student! Their bio is a dead give-away because capitalization isn’t as important where they are from. This PR will be cool to you no matter what they say because of their accent. They are exotic and other-worldly. How much cooler can you get than rooming with someone who hasn’t had an “American childhood.” Think of all of the things you could talk about and compare…now that is some culture right there. “What do you call chocolate milk?” …. “Uhh. 巧克力牛奶.” Riveting. Upsides? CARE. PACKAGES. This PR’s mom will send tons of their favorite goodies. Just imagine all of that food.

5. You

You’re determined to show PRs that you’re laid back and have a lot to offer them. You’re trying hard not to rub anyone the wrong way but want people to know that you really want to “strike a balance between school and social life”, that you’re “not a neat freak, but keep things fairly tidy”, and are “totally down to share if you ask first!”.

CHARMS is half luck and half effort, so do what you can and hopefully it’ll work out!

Housing At a Glance: Finding the Perfect Roommate

By Martin Hussey

With freshman housing selection just a few weeks away, it seems like the entire class of 2015 is on pins and needles with roommate drama. The coming weeks will inevitably be filled with jostling for the few remaining apartments in Henle, needless drama between people who may or may not live together and the frightening feeling that all of your friends have found roommates, leaving you all alone.

Yes, for freshmen, the housing selection process for sophomore year is both terrifying and stressful. Dramatic and confusing. Nerve-wracking and miserable. Fortunately for freshmen, 4E is beginning a series of posts, composed by those of us who have survived the process, with advice about how to navigate this stressful difficult process. Today’s post: how to pick your roommate for next year.

Picking roommates for sophomore year is the process that causes the most drama in the housing selection process. Friend groups jostle for who should be placed in which room. Current roommates must choose between living with each other or living with other people. Most of what makes the process of choosing a roommate so difficult is that everyone has a different idea of who they want to live with. And, since freshmen have only known each other for a semester, it’s difficult to know now what your friendship will look like a year from now. After the jump, we include some tips on finding the perfect roommate for next year so that you don’t end up rooming with The Roommate.

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