M Street Says Goodbye to Froyo (Again)


Today 4E discovered the greatest tragedy on M Street since the closure of RhinoSweetgreen has stopped serving frozen yogurt. This feels like a personal attack, as Sweetgreen was founded by three Georgetown graduates.

When the local Pinkberry closed its doors last spring, packs of basic white girls flocked to the corner of M and Bank to get their fix of this “healthy” ice cream alternative. However, now Sweetgreen has decided to cease production of their only dessert option, sticking to the standards: salad, grain bowls, soups and beverages.

After spending $11 on a salad with lite dressing and saying no to bread, a small cup of froyo was the perfect indulgence. What’s the point of salad if not to justify dessert?


Although frozen yogurt does have fewer calories than ice cream, walking a few extra blocks to T Sweets or Ben and Jerry’s will help even out your consumption. (Okay, it probably won’t, but you can convince yourself otherwise.)

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 3.15.24 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 3.15.33 PM

Thankfully Pinkberry has reopened, but without Sweetgreen froyo, nothing is the same.

Good luck finding alternative summer snacks, and RIP to the Sweetgreen froyo business.

Photos: myfitnesspal.com; fannetasticfood.com; elitedaily.com

Rhino’s Turning Into a Club! (Monaco)

Rhino Club Monaco

We know many of you are sad/inconsolable/furious about the recent closing of the late, great Rhino. But we’ve been wondering, what’s going to happen to that sweet space at 3295 M St?


…Monaco. Club Monaco, the quintessential “mid-priced, high-end casual clothing retailer owned by Polo Ralph Lauren.” This will definitely quiet down the people who keep saying there aren’t enough J. Crew-esque stores near campus!

The new establishment plans to open in early 2016, and yes – it’ll take up both levels of the building, so no chance of anything but 4400 square feet of clubwear. Sorry, Club Monaco-wear.

Info: bizjournals.com
Photo: wtop.com

What To Do Now That Basketball Season Is (Almost) Over


After an embarrassing loss to St. John’s, Georgetown basketball has only two games left in the regular season. For you fanatics who have relished the weekly trips to the Verizon Center and illegally streamed away games using your roommate’s cousin’s girlfriend’s Fox Sports 1 account, we know the end of the season means the end of the era.


To help you cope with post-basketball boredom and sadness, we at 4E have compiled a list of activities to keep you entertained.

Get a job
If you care at all, you literally planned your work hours around the basketball schedule this winter. Now that it’s over, you can work more or at least at normal hours and ditch the 8:00 am Sunday shifts.

Do your homework
Real fans know that any time they’ve bailed on a game in favor of studying, they’ve just refreshed their Twitter feeds continuously for two hours and been extremely unproductive. Now you can finally start that paper that’s due tomorrow.

Stalk the basketball players around campus
Some places you might see them: Leo’s, Copley, Rhino (RIP).

Obsess over a different sport
Although men’s tennis only has one home game (and it was last Friday), there are still plenty of other spring sports to choose from including golf, baseball, softball and men’s and women’s lacrosse. Didn’t know we had a golf team? Neither did I.

Pick up a new hobby
Stamp collecting, scrapbooking and cooking are all viable options. Feeling more creative? Try knitting or basket weaving.

On the plus side we still have two more games, The Big East Tournament and – dare I say – March Madness. Best of luck to the team and to all of you in surviving the next few weeks and filling the hole in your hearts that will remain when it is all over.

Photo: https://grfx.cstv.com/; depressedfan.com

The Final Days of Rhino


As you probably know by now, Georgetown’s quintessential bar, Rhino, is closing for good this Saturday, Feb. 28. While Georgetown technically has other bars such as Bandolero, Mason Inn, Piano Bar and Mr. Smith’s… oh wait that’s right, Mr. Smith’s also left because of the ridiculously high rent (and let’s be honest you’re never going to make the trek all the way to Mason Inn anyway), so there is no place quite like Rhino. Sorry Tombs.

Underage students all across campus are lamenting that they will never be able to attend this classy establishment. One junior expressed her regret: “I just want to be accepted at Rhino for me, not the random blonde girl I occasionally pretend to be”. One sophomore described an amazing birthday celebration: “I spent my 23rd birthday at Rhino, I wish I could have gone there for my 21st!” A freshman articulated her longing to go: “I want to be one of those girls, wearing 4 inch heels and too much makeup, waiting in line in the freezing cold, they just look so sophisticated”. Unfortunately these students will never have the true Rhino experience, and that’s a crying shame.

However, if you are 21, you’ve still got four days to live it up at Rhino. Go wild, go crazy!

Here are some ideas:

1. Wear something ridiculous. Those hot pink leopard leggings in the back of your closet? Now is your chance to show them off.

2. Order drinks on someone else’s tab. Shots for everyone!


3. Ask the bartenders for ridiculous mixed drinks with weird made up names. Can I have a Snowmuncher: tequila, coke and orange juice please!

4. Steal as many coats as you possibly can. Hey, it’s cold outside!

But in all seriousness, if you’re feel adventurous this week, Wednesday night is the last ever jersey night. So if you own a sports jersey, and are ready to get rowdy, start the weekend early by heading to Rhino at 9:00 pm! You have a midterm? Not a good enough excuse.

Come on guys, it’s closing time. One last call for alcohol, so come get your whiskey and beer!

Photos/Gifs:knowyourmeme.com; betcheslovethis.com; giphy.com

Rhino Temporarily Closes


Popular M Street spot Rhino Bar and Pumphouse will be closed through the weekend, leaving thirsty Hoyas looking for another place to spend their late nights.

After a February sting in which police officers found two underage girls with fake IDs and an underaged Georgetown student drinking a Bud Light inside the bar, the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Board forced the temporary closure. In addition to being shuttered through this Saturday, July 12, the bar will have to pay a fine of $3,000.

In the end, I don’t know what’s more surprising: that they only found two people with fakes at the bar or that they found a Georgetown student drinking something as highfalutin’ as Bud instead of Burnett’s or Natty.

Anyway, I’m sure Rhino says sorry for not serving their delectable hot wings for a few days. And while these next five days might be difficult for some of the more dedicated Rhino-goers among us, we believe in you. To help, we compiled some options for how to cope with your loss:

1. Find another Georgetown bar to call home.

From Old Glory and Rí Rá to El Centro and Gypsy Sally’s, there are plenty of other places close to campus where you can get your drink on. And while they might not have the familiar atmosphere or abundance of Georgetown students, you might be surprised and find a new Georgetown favorite.

2. Use the opportunity to explore bars around D.C.

OK, so your favorite Georgetown bar is out for the count — at least this weekend — but there are hundreds of cool bars around the District. Take the chance to get familiar with a few of these options.

3. Hang out with underage people.

I’m actually pretty OK with Rhino being closed for the next few days because, as an underaged Hoya without a fake (you’re welcome, Mom), it means that more of you will be forced to hang out with me. So take advantage of the closure and do just that.

Together, we can get through the next four days without Rhino. Stay strong, Hoyas.

H/t to The Georgetowner

Are You Ready For Some Football?

united states of football

Georgetown prides itself on being a university with a very diverse student body, represented by every state and dozens of different countries.  Along with this varied representation comes diversity of a different kind: football allegiances.  From the Patriots fans (like myself and senior blog editor, Lindsay Lee) to the Ravens fans (like senior sports editor, Laura Wagner) and all the fans in between (well, maybe not the Jaguars), NFL teams all have some sort of representation here at the school.  The only question is, where should these football-lovers go watch their favorite teams play?

Common Room

An ideal choice for freshmen, your floor’s common room (or any floor’s, for that matter) is a terrific place to watch a game on a Sunday.  As long as your common room has cable, it is an extremely convenient and often comfortable place to catch a game.  It’s certainly a great way to meet and bond with your fellow floor mates – so long as you don’t hate each other too much once the game is over.


While dorm rooms can often be a little cramped, there is certainly something to be said about streaming the game on your computer, getting an HDMI cable as a computer-to-TV adapter, and watching the game in the comfort of your own room (even better if you have cable).  Having the luxury of inviting your friends over to watch a game and being able to make food anytime you want can lead to the perfect game watching experience, especially in an apartment or townhouse,.


Sometimes the comfort of a common room or living room aren’t an option; other times, you just want to be social.  If that’s the case, Epicurean is a great place to watch your favorite NFL throw down.  Whether you’re 21 or not, Epicurean is buzzing on game days, and the atmosphere makes watching a game a lot of fun.  Order up a milkshake, kick back, and be ready to be entertained.

Alumni Lounge

Another on-campus option, the Alumni Lounge remains a mystery to many Hoyas.  Located just off of the VCW steps (walk up one set of stairs and go through the door on the left), Alumni Lounge has an optimal set-up for fans of bizarre, out-of-market teams.  They have multiple TVs going, DIRECTV, a lot of seating, ping-pong, foosball, billiards, vending machines and it provides an option to again meet some fellow football fans.


For the over-21 crowd, Rhino provides a great atmosphere to watch your favorite NFL team take the field.  A number of games going, good food, and the option of drinks certainly can make for an exciting day of football.


Leo’s now has a screen on the upper floor where they project games as they come on! (You may have to fight some people around 1pm on Sunday to get your game up there though…)

Hopefully, this Sunday you can watch your favorite team pick up the W, and meet some new people who share your allegiance (don’t get your hopes up, Bills’ fans).

Staffer of the Week: TM Gibbons-Neff

Once a week, The Hoya recognizes a staffer that has done a particularly awesome job — now you can get to know about them, too. As part of our Leavey 421 series, we’ll be posting quick interviews with each Staffer of the Week.photo-3

Name TM Gibbons-Neff
School College
Year 2015
Major English
Hometown Boston, Mass.
Positions on the Hoya Deputy business editor

Why did you earn staffer of the week? 

I got staffer of the week because I’m deputy editor of the new business page. It’s the second week running and everything went off without a hitch, and one of my stories about Rhino was pretty well read.

Tell us a little more about the new business section.

The business section will be composed of four parts: two stories, a column and an insider trading box, which are tips and tricks on how to get through the MSB and get ahead.

We have some great feedback from students about classes they’ve taken, ideas for interviews and things to bring to career events and information sessions. The stories will be business related and we’re going to try to break into the nitty-gritty components of what’s doing well, whether it be alumni businesses or student businesses or even just Georgetown students who are doing something extraordinary and deserve coverage.

The column is going to have a lot of great content: how to get hired by a start-up, the difference between a leader and manager — a broad spectrum of voices in the business field. So far we’ve had some military voices. Coming up we have a feature from a chief operating officer of a hundred year-old small business. We’re going to run the gamut of everything business.

What’s your favorite part about working for The Hoya?

Everyone at The Hoya is extremely professional and respectful. I’m 25 years old, and I was in the Marine Corps before I came to Georgetown. I have the utmost respect for the Senior Editors and everyone in the office who brings something unique to the table that I can learn from. I’m here to learn, and I might be older, but I’m still humbled every day by the people who work here — especially on production night. That’s just impressive.

If you could rename a Hoya staff meeting into a movie, what would it be called and who would star in it?

I don’t know what it would be called, but Paul Rudd would play Danny (editor-in-chief). And it would definitely be a Judd Apatow film. But I’m open for title suggestions.

Acronyms We Wish Existed

AcronymsHere at GU, we love acronyms. It’s not uncommon to head off to the ICC from the MSB to meet your friend (who’s in the NHS), grab a cup of coffee at MUG and start talking about your OA from NSO who’s a GUAFSCU Member and loves GUGS. Okay, so that might be a bit of a strange occurrence, but it is nonetheless an accurate representation of Georgetown’s undying infatuation with abbreviations formed by word components. Here at The Fourth Edition, we’ve had our brushes with acronyms in the past, but now, we’ve put on our thinking caps once again to come up with a special list of Georgetown acronyms… that don’t exactly exist. Yet. Here are some acronyms we wish existed:

EW – (eating Wisey’s) Let’s face it. We’re all addicted to the savory flavors of Wisemiller’s Grocery & Deli. Imagine this conversation:

Hoya 1: “Hey bro, where are you?”

Hoya 2: “Oh, you know, just grabbing a Chicken Madness. EW!”

Hoya 1: “Aw, man! I’m so jealous. I’ve been craving a Hot Chick all week. I wish I was EW-ing right now!”


AIL – (Alone in Leo’s) That awkward moment when you don’t have anyone to lunch with so you’re stuck in the loner section downstairs by the windows. It accompanies one of my editor’s favorite pre-existing acronyms, SEAL (Senior Eating At Leo’s) A sample text conversation example of AIL-ing:

Hoya 1: “Hey what’s up?”

Hoya 2: “I’m failing everywhere right now. I’m a SEAL AIL.”

Hoya 1: “Haha. That stinks, but it happens to the best of us.”


LOL – (Living on Lau) Courtesy of Blog Editor, Lindsay Lee, LOL describes that tragic time that comes before that big Bio test, the day preceding your ITrade midterm and, of course, during Finals Week. Side effects of LOL-ing include laughing at cubicle puns and procrastinating on Lau 2. Used in context:

Hoya 1: “How are you?”

Hoya 2: “Ugh. Classic LOL.”

Hoya 1: “LOL!”

Hoya 2: “You’re here too?!”

Hoya 1: “No. Just laughing at your sadness.”


YSO – (Yates show off) Also provided by Lindsay Lee – Yeah, we see you, Mr. Bodybuilder*. We all know you can bench 210 and squat 250, so there’s no need to prove it as all the ladies walk by.

Hoya 1: “That guy keeps doing curls in front of the mirror every time girls walk by.”

Hoya 2: “What a YSO.”

*YSOs can also be ladies. Check out this common example with a female YSO:

Hoya 1: “I can’t believe that girl. She kept looking at me and running faster on the elliptical like we were racing!”

Hoya 2: “I know. She did that to me the other day. She’s such a YSO.”


ROB? – Rhino or Bandolero? A common conundrum that pops up on Thursday nights around 11:30 pm. Example:

Hoya 1: “Where should we go tonight? ROB?”

Hoya 2: “Let’s just stick with Tombs. Much classier.”


BAG! – Bradley’s at Georgetown! The expression screamed by thousands of girls when our favorite alum makes a surprise appearance. Por ejemplo:

Hoya 1: “Shut up. No way.”

Hoya 2: “What?”

Hoya 1: “BAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGG!” (Runs out of classroom screaming)


SANASuper athletic, non-athlete Used frequently by the bleditor (blog editor) to describe those who are genuinely athletic but who aren’t quite up to the demanding D1 standards of Georgetown. These people hate being classified as NARPs (non-athletic, regular person) so here’ a new term for them.

Hoya 1: “Who should we get for our intramural basketball team?”

Hoya 2: “definitely ask Joe, he’s such a SANA”

Hoya 1: “Okay, what about Jane? She’d probably be good too”

Hoya 2: “Nah man, she’s just a YSO” (see what we did there?)


How do you feel about our acronym choices? What would you add? Hit us up in the comments below and don’t forget to share all the AL (acronym love) on Facebook!

Photo: Etsy


21 Ways You Know You’re About to Graduate from Georgetown

21 ways you know
There are only three days of classes left (if we’re really counting Georgetown Day as a day of class), and for the Class of 2013, this is a bittersweet fact. Some of the seniors on The Hoya pushed through their sadness to compile this list. We salute you, seniors. So here it is, the “21 Ways You Know You’re About to Graduate from Georgetown”.

1. You no longer get lost in ICC…for the most part

2. Graduating high school seems like a primitive time, thousands of years ago.

3. You actually get mad at yourself for sleeping through a class because there are so few left.

4. The phrase “Class of 2017” makes you feel 10,000 years old.

5. You could (slash have done) the 2 a.m. walk to and from Tuscany blindfolded and blackout.

6. You start missing Leo’s unless you’re a S.E.A.L. (senior eating at Leo’s)

7. You say to yourself, “there was a one keg limit? Missed that these four years.”

8. You’re rocking gym clothes at Tombs

9. SWUG life has completely taken over

10. You tell every GAAP kid, “If I only had four more years to do it again”

11. You know what Philly P is (and still think it’s better than Tuscany).

12. You pour one out for our fallen friends: Saloun, Guards, Thirds, and Hook.

13. You know your liver is prepared for Senior Week because you survived Snowpocalypse

14. You could clothe a small country with the collection of free t-shirts you’ve accumulated over the years

15. You constantly get asked the worst question in existence, “So, do you know what you’re doing after college?”

16. The idea of Lau 2 now makes you nauseous.

17. Rhino feels like a daycare center for toddlers.

18. You get sad on the inside when you realize you never have to register for classes again.

19. You won’t have the opportunity to use Classy from The Corp.

20. “Half-Price Wine Night” at The Tombs is essentially etched into your Google Calendar.

21. The fact that tomorrow is your last Georgetown Day is killing you from the inside out.

Think we missed anything? Leave it in the comments below!

Georgetown eCards: Sass to the Max

It’s finals season for universities all over the country, and people are looking for ways to procrastinate. The 4E staff has collaborated to offer you a very Hilltop-specific method of getting nothing done for a few minutes. Share and enjoy!



















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15 16.





18 19.