Best of Georgetown’s Facebook Meme Page

For the past several months, meme culture has permeated the very fabric of American society. Everywhere you look, there are dank (or not so dank) memes. Despite the seemingly ubiquitous nature of memery, there has been a noticeable void on Georgetown’s campus… until now. In the past few weeks, the Facebook page known as “Georgetown Memes for Nonconforming Jesuit Teens” has taken the Hilltop by storm, with memes made by and made for Georgetown’s very own Hoyas.

This page really tackles some hot issues at Georgetown with prime memery. Here, we’ve compiled some of the most ~fire~ of these memes for your viewing pleasure:

Ita Uduebo takes on the ridiculous pressure and exclusivity of club culture at Georgetown with this incredible meme:

Emily Saadi similarly offers some quality satirical commentary on diversity at Georgetown:

John Matthews contributed a quality meme on being blatantly unprepared for class, as I am sure many Hoyas can relate to:

There have been a number of impressive Leo’s memes as well. Allison Kozeracki, for instance, contributed this beautiful one:

Lastly, Sayako Quinlan contributed one of my personal favorite memes on the culture of relationships at Georgetown. Truly an A+ meme:

While these are just a few of 4E’s favorites, join the “Georgetown Memes For Non-Comforming Jesuit Teens” Facebook group for an even wider selection of prime meme material. I look forward to getting that notification that “_____ has requested to join.”


Word Wednesday: Tricycle

Banner - Tricycle
noun: tricycle
Definition: an entity formed when the third wheel of a relationship has been embraced, by conscious choice or by happenstance.third-wheel
Example: As the third wheel of the tricycle I’ve already planned a wedding speech for Sara and Ben because no one knows their relationship as well as I do.third_wheel_outer_largeAs we all know, the third wheel of the tricycle is obviously the one in the front, determining the path of the relationship. This leadership comes with great responsibility.
The duties of a third wheel are as follows:
1. Photobombing
Because you’re the poster child of their relationship…
2. Coordinating Group Costumes
Because if you don’t plan it out, no one will…
3. Intrusive Commentary
Because you’re a troll…
Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 3.04.43 AM
4. Initiating Group Messages
You know… for those times you can’t poke your nose into their relationship from the bottom bunk. Extra points for choosing an awesome group name.
Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 1.41.24 AM
5. Supporting the couple
Because you are the glue that keeps the relationship together…
Without the third wheel they are just a bicycle, and bicycles topple easily. A tricycle is sturdier and able to stand tall when things slow down in the relationship.
Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 3.28.32 AM
Relationship is to Bicycle as Relationship+Third Wheel is to Tricycle
And we all know tricycles are way cooler than bicycles, so third wheels: keep on pedaling!

WORD WEDNESDAY: “Bae” vs. “Side Bae”

12071784_10206766218011218_43930723_nBae is used as a warm word of endearment when referring to a boyfriend, girlfriend or even a Chipotle burrito. Now, an emerging phenomena known as the side bae is sweeping the campus. But how does one define a side bae, and what distinguishes a side bae from a bae? 

Are you your crush’s bae or side bae? 4E is here to settle these pressing questions:

According to the relationship experts, “If you’re in a relationship and worried that your significant other might have a side bae, odds are that it’s you.”


If you’re single or in some sort of confusing modern relationship “thing,” take the quiz below to find out where you stand.

[playbuzz-game game=””]


Totally Absurd Christmas Gifts


Tired of giving your friends and family members the standard, generic Christmas gifts: jewelry, gift cards, food, clothes? This year, get a little more creative with some totally absurd presents. You can be completely sure that your acquaintances won’t have – and probably have never heard of – any of these gifts. Here is 4E’s list of unique and novel gift ideas that even the most picky loved/tolerated person on your list will appreciate and use forever.

Facebook Finder

This nifty device will notify you whenever a Facebook friend is within 2 miles of you. Stalking your exes just got a lot easier. Instead of looking through their photos (and those of the girls/boys they’re tagged with) you can go find them and actually physically stalk them. Goodbye sanity, hello psychiatrist!

The Tie Tie-r

Tired of wasting precious time tying your tie every single morning (and some nights)? Buy that friend or family member this device with settings to make all the crucial knots – Eldredge, Tulip, Trinity – in about 10 minutes!

eldredge-knot-gold-300x300 tulip-knot2-300x300 trinity-knot-purple-300x300

Solar Powered Flashlight

How often are you outside in broad daylight wishing you had a powerful flashlight? Simply push the “on” button to harness the energy of the solar system’s most powerful star into a hand-held beam that shines with the same brightness as a blubber lamp. Must have access to direct sunlight to be effective.

Cargo Shorts Kit

Love cargo shorts, but hate the bulky pockets? This kit gives you the best of both worlds. The khaki slightly-below-the-knee-length shorts feature strips of Velcro on the side of each leg, allowing you to add the included fake pockets (piece of fabric resembling a pocket) in whatever design, ratio or even shape that you desire. Kit comes in a variety of colors and themes including camouflage, Hello Kitty and Disney princesses. The perfect gift for anyone on your list!

Remote Control for iPhone 6

Ever want to change the song or check social media but don’t feel like taking out your cell phone to do so? Use this remote control instead. Roughly the size of the ancient relic known as “the iPhone 4s,” this remote will fit conveniently in your other pocket and allow you to control your new iPhone 6 with just a few taps.

Left: iPhone 6. Right: Size of iPhone 6 remote.

Relationship Scoreboard

This computerized device will keep track of everything you argue about in your relationship: Who forgot to do their chores? Who had the last sassy remark? Who made a mean comment? Fights will be more productive than ever and revenge will be surprisingly easy. Warning: may cause deterioration of relationship.


Recipients of these gifts have deemed them “life changing” and “what gets me out of bed in the morning.”

When asked if they recommend the gifts, people on the internet said:

“The Cargo Shorts Kit saved my marriage.”

“Thanks to the Tie Tie-r, tying my tie is knot a problem.”

“I saw a commercial for the Facebook Finder while I was in prison and immediately sought parole so I could get one ASAP.”

Hurry up and get these gifts before they’re sold out and everyone’s lives are ruined forever.