Manly Monday: Our First PSL

manlymondaysThe PSL. The drink of choice for the “basic” Georgetown population. Today, two men of 4E confronted gender norms and took a stab at ordering the signature autumn drink.

Placing the Order

Kyle and I waited in nervous anticipation as we approached the register of the Leavey Starbucks. A male employee was taking orders, though we didn’t know if that would make the experience any easier. Kyle placed the order. We watched as the employee did a double take, a grin curling on his face as he registered what was occurring. He tried to suppress the urge to laugh and succeeded. But Kyle and I knew what was going through his head. After we paid the ridiculous $4.35 for a Tall Pumpkin Spice Latte, we took our spot waiting at the bar.

Getting Our Cup

Again, anticipation built. Would the woman reading names laugh? Would the customers notice? As names were called out loudly for the entire coffee shop to hear, we waited. Finally, we heard “tall pumpkin spice latte”. Kyle rushed to the bar, hoping to grab the drink before his name was called. Not a chance. Before placing the drink on the bar, the employee loudly called out Kyle’s name. As he took the drink, they made eye contact, and she couldn’t help but smirk. “Have a nice day” she said with a chuckle. Kyle’s eyes darted the floor as he took the cup, hoping to avoid the judgmental gazes of other customers as we exited the Starbucks.

The First Sip 

Kyle: This tastes like liquified pumpkin pie. It’s actually not that bad.

Max: It tastes like I’m drinking a candle. But I kind of like it.

A few sips later…

Kyle: I don’t know if I can finish this. The sweetness is hard to bear.

Max: Word. This is too sweet. How do people drink this?

Kyle: Yeah, we’re too manly.

The Conclusion

After a few more sips, Kyle and I called it quits.  We were unable to finish our first (and last) PSL. We were pleasantly surprised by the first sips, but quickly realized it was not the drink for us. For you PSL fans out there, keep on keeping on. These manly men of 4E just couldn’t handle the intensity of your favorite drink.

Authors: Max “I’m too cool to drink a candle” Wheeler and Kyle “me too” Murphy

A Crash Course in Cuddlr-ing

cuddlrguideIn 2012 the world witnessed the launch of Tinder, a groundbreaking new “dating app” that allowed users to connect with each other with a single swipe.  Coeds across college campuses found themselves captivated as they wasted hours upon hours of their lives scrolling through photos and making the quick decision between left and right swiping.  However, fingers soon began to tire and cramp from tedious Tinder-ing, emotions ran high from the rejection of not matching with a solid right-swipe and confusion arose as awkward messages were exchanged.  Such sentiments made it clear that a new innovation in dating apps was necessary.

The breakthrough presented itself in September of this year with the emergence of Cuddlr, an app which allows users to connect with one another in the hopes of finding a platonic cuddle buddy.  The app functions similarly to Tinder as it accesses your Facebook and allows you to scroll through potential matches while providing you with the option of sending other users “cuddle requests”.  If your potential match accepts your request, you are given the option to exchange messages and also view a map with the GPS location of one another.  We here at 4E took it upon ourselves to compile a list of the top 5 cuddle requests you should actually accept (because let’s face it, you won’t want to give your exact location to just anyone):

5. Bradley Cooper: This one made the list for pretty obvious reasons.  Bradley is a former Hoya, big time celeb and all in all pretty easy on the eyes.  He may live outside of the Cuddlr app vicinity for Georgetown, but hey a girl can always dream.

4. Jack the Bulldog: He’s cute, furry and pretty easy going.  Give this potential match a treat and he’ll cuddle right up to you…just make sure you watch out for his drool!

3. Your Roommate:  If you and your roommate are pretty inseparable then matching on Cuddlr is really just the next step in your relationship.  It’s convenient because you’re likely already in the same room, so travel arrangements won’t really be an issue as it could be with other potential matches.  Pull up your favorite show on Netflix and let the binge watching ensue (bonus points if it’s a shared account)!

2. Pumpkin Spice Latte:  It’s finally fall on the Hilltop, and what’s more in season than a steaming PSL to go along with your pumpkin scone and pumpkin scented candle collection?  Answer: Nothing.  Be honest, does anything really sound better than cuddling up with your favorite seasonal drink after a long day of classes?  That’s what I thought… #Basic

1. The Boyfriend Pillow:  This one speaks for itself.  It’s easily portable, incredibly comfortable, and it won’t complain when you insist on watching Rom-Com marathons…I mean could things get any better than this?!

Cuddle on, 4E readers!

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Casual Thursday: Pumpkin Overload

Now that fall is in full swing, pumpkin spice is impossible to escape. From lattes and bagels to soup and bread (and of course pumpkin pie), it has firmly cemented itself as the spice of the season. And because we love fall and everything that goes with it, we figured we’d play along. This Thursday, in honor of the week being (almost) over, we’re celebrating all things pumpkin.

There’s no better (or more festive) way to relax at the end of a long week than with a pumpkin beer. Almost every brewery puts out their own version, but Harpoon puts out some of our favorites. They put out two different options – a pumpkin-spiced version of their UFO (a wheat beer) and a pumpkin cider. Both are great beers, not too expensive, and can be found at our local grocery and liquor stores.

In the mood for something a little fancier than beer? Try making a Pumpkin Pie Old Fashioned with squash-infused whiskey and a syrup made of brown sugar, cloves and cinnamon. Then come share it with us.

It wouldn’t be fall without a few Jack O’Lanterns around, so pick up a pumpkin and get to carving. You can find pumpkins all over the place, from Safeway and Trader Joe’s to Red Square (Relay For Life is selling pumpkins as a fundraiser). You can go with the classic Jack O’Lantern face, or go for something a tad more extreme.

If you’d rather stick beer inside a pumpkin than a candle, you can also make a pumpkin keg for your next party. After you gut your pumpkin, throw the seeds in the oven with a little olive oil and salt for a toasted pumpkin seed snack.

Stay casual, Hoyas.

Photos:, Flickr user micki_hills