The Best Pickup Lines for Halloween Condomgrams

Halloween Condom-Gram

Every Halloween, H*yas for Choice sells condomgrams (because the last thing students need is a post-Halloween spook). For a dollar, a H*yas for Choice member will hand-deliver a condom and a personalized card to the Georgetown student of your choice.

With these condomgrams comes a lot of pressure to make witty and creative Halloween-themed pickup lines. The cards can be anonymous, allowing us to finally hit on that cutie from math class, poke fun at our roommates or make our abstinent friends very uncomfortable. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

My devil costume won’t be the only thing that’s horny tonight.

I know if I’m haunting you, you must be haunting me.

Even the best candy needs a wrapper.

Because your face shouldn’t be the only thing covered up on Halloween.

So you won’t have to go trick-or-treating as a parent next year.

You’re the only treat I want in my sack this Halloween.

Ready to make you my BOO!

Why dress up for candy when you can undress for me?

In case you get a costume that somehow makes you appealing.

Happy Halloweiner!

Have an incredible Halloween and make sure that even if you aren’t participating in the H*yas for Choice condomgram extravaganza, you’re still making safe decisions while embracing the #debauchery.

Got any Halloween pickup lines of your own? Add them below in the comments.


The 10 #Basic Commandments of Fall

Basic Fall

Fall is undoubtedly the greatest season of all: The leaves start to change colors, Starbucks releases its seasonal drinks and, of course, Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner. Naturally, the beautiful autumn backdrop and seasonal traditions lend themselves to the perfect Instagram (with the right filter), which is sure to rack up the likes. So really, it comes to no one’s surprise that fall is a  #basicgirl’s favorite season.

As you have most likely noticed, the #basic movement has definitely taken over the Hilltop as the aroma of artificially scented pumpkin everything fills the air and infinity scarves are in abundance. After noticing the trend, you may find yourself asking, “WOW! What can I to do to become more #basic?” If this applies to you, then we here at 4E have some answers, as we’ve compiled the 10 Commandments of Being #Basicinthefall.

1. Thou shall visit a pumpkin patch for the sake of a new profile picture (which thou shall delete if it does not get enough likes).

2. Thou shall go “apple picking” at least once and Instagram the entire excursion because thou shall always #doitfortheinsta.

3. Thou shall not pick more than three apples when “apple picking”, because excessive apple picking detracts from picture taking time.

4. Thou shall instill creativity in your Halloween costumes.

5. Thou shall honor the sacred combination of riding boots, vests and flannels and this shall be worn at least three times a week.

6. Thou shall purchase an abundance of fall scented Yankee Candles, for which your roommate will surely thank you.  Permitted scents include: Apple Pumpkin, Season’s Blessings, Cozy Sweater, November Rain and Autumn Wreath (and yes, these scents actually do exist).

7. Thou shall partake in an extravagant Friendsgiving feast … in your dorm.

8. Thou shall channel your inner Martha Stewart and try every fall related recipe on Pinterest for your aforementioned feast.

9. Thou shall go out of your way to crunch every dead leaf you encounter on your walks to and from class, which is sure to be a nuisance to all other passersby’s.

10. Thou shall spend at least half of your flex dollars at the Leavey Starbucks this season exclusively on Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and Salted Caramel Mochas.

So there you have it 4E readers, a whole set of #basicguidelines. Hopefully, it will help you embark on your #basicjourney to become a #basicHoya. Good luck!

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