Holy Horses: A Guide to FoxField’s


While everyone is talking about the joy that is Georgetown Day (THIS FRIDAY), there is another critical event this weekend that we need to cover: FoxField’s! 4E has informed you how to look foxxy for this fabulous event, but this year we are going to provide you with the advice you never knew you needed. Here are some critical tips from a seasoned professional:

1. Pack snacks, water and all the alcohol you could ever want/need. FoxField’s is in the middle of nowhere, so make sure you have everything you could ever need to survive, or else you are going to be dying on the trip back.

2. Pick a meeting space for your group. If you have a plot, you are golden. If not, make sure to choose a place to meet so that you don’t get lost and miss your bus. The Uber from Virginia back to the Hilltop is not a pretty one.

3. Bring some cash money. There are a bunch of vendors and food options at the fields, so make sure to bring some dinero to help you out.

4. Be prepared for all weather. Last year’s rain was H O R R I B L E, especially if you aren’t prepared. Bring some extra clothes or an umbrella to make your experience more bearable.

5. Save your phone battery. There is no service at FoxField’s, which is not good for the type of event it is. Save your Instas and Snaps for later, and enjoy the alcohol horses. Which brings me to my next point…

6. Take a lot of photos. Cause you all dressed up nice & it deserves to be documented.

7. Start slow. This is the day after Georgetown Day, so take that into account. You don’t want to be that person.

8. Power through. You can sleep on the bus. See some horses and live the life of a prep. Sleep is for the weak.

9. Actually eat. A midday reminder to eat could just save your life, and your liver. Forgetting could be your downfall. And, finally and most importantly…

10. DON’T GET LOST, MISS YOUR BUS OR GET ARRESTED. None of those things are fun, and will certainly put a damper on the weekend.

See you, your hats and all the pastels at the races (yes there are actually races).

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Hippie Hoyas: Free People Will Open in Fino Italiano Spot

Free People

Whether you identify as hippie, hipster or simply hip, all Hoyas can look forward to the opening of the we-made-mainstream-uncool fashion franchise, Free People, at 3009 M St. NW. The storefront housed Italian restaurant Fino Italiano until Sept. 2012, when it closed in Georgetown and moved to the Mount Vernon Square neighborhood. Where you once enjoyed Bolognese sauce, you’ll soon be shopping for bohemian looks.

Free People, an offshoot of parent company Urban Outfitters, serves as the bohemian cousin to Urban. At the same time, both stores work to make sure things that were cool in third grade, such as fanny packs and colorful tights, become fashion statements for young adults.

Hippie Heaven
Hippie Heaven

Welcome to M Street, Free People. It looks like Georgetown is shaking its preppy reputation one oversized sweater at a time.

Special thanks to Georgetown Metropolitan for this article.

Photos: Google, highlyrelevant.com

The 4E Guide to Picnicking

picnicwithclassWell, it’s that time of year again. Zyrtec commercials are back on the air, winter coats are going on sale and chilling inside is suddenly not socially acceptable because you could be “lawn-ing.” You now face a new dilemma: How do you experience your two favorite activities, eating and enjoying the weather, at the same time? Fortunately, this very problem was solved just two-ish centuries ago with the invention of the picnic. So for your last golden days at Georgetown this year, before the wacky summer of love you’ve got planned, grab some friends, head to the lawn and use our tips to have a ballin’ picnic!

Nail the tunes
Maybe you love the sound of birds chirping or other natural noises. Maybe you hate it. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to put together a killer playlist that includes both the “commercial with hair flowing in the wind” feeling and the “me and my friends are just chillin’ on the stoop” vibe. You don’t really know how the afternoon will go, and you want to be prepared for any setting. We recommend one of our 4E summer playlists.

Plan your outfit
Clothing choices for picnicking are difficult and require a bit of forethought. Something pastel says “I’m preppy, happy and enjoying my youth” from the front but “I was too shortsighted to consider grass stains” from the back. Anything too dark may save you from green-butt syndrome (which is real) but will make you seem too serious for the occasion. Also remember that the outdoors comes with nature. Watch out for creepy crawlers and the occasional wind gust.

Bring good eats
This should be an obvious tip for picnicking anyway, but I figured it was necessary to emphasize. Whether it’s a sweet treat from Pinkberry or Ben & Jerry’s, something you picked up from Sweetgreen or a homemade feast that you prepared, food is a necessity for picnics. Just be sure to bring utensils and definitely don’t forget to clean up after yourself.

Bring a football, volleyball or Frisbee
If you are anything like me, you haven’t sat cross-legged on the ground for more than a few minutes since sitting around the magic rug in third grade. Pro tip: If prolonged sitting isn’t your thing, bring something that gets you up and moving. An impromptu Frisbee toss among friends is a perfect picnicking activity — you can enjoy the weather while getting an excuse to skip Yates!


So those are a couple of tips for the perfect spring picnic. This weekend is supposed to be killer in terms of the weather, so be sure to get some Vitamin D with your friends! Happy picnicking, Hoyas!

Photo: crestwood-elementary.com

P4EPPY: How to Look Foxxy at Foxfield

foxfieldprepSo, you’re going to Foxfield: What does this mean? You could be traveling with a group of friends to visit the prep capital of America to experience the preppiest event ever. It’s basically UVA’s Georgetown Day — how preppy is that?! Or maybe you’re just aware that a day like Georgetown Day requires a day-after like this champagne-brunch-on-wheels of an event. Or maybe you’re actually a horse-racing fan excited to see horses! (Unfortunately, you will probably be disappointed.)

My reaction when I see a horse at Foxfield.

Whatever the reason, you need to dress appropriately. Embracing the prep culture for a day is part of what makes Foxfield so fun! That being said, the dress code is hella strict. Let me lay it out for you…

We’ll start with the men:

Vineyard Vines calls this a "Kentucky Derby Collect" set. Perfect.
Vineyard Vines calls this a “Kentucky Derby Collect” jacket. Perfect.

That’s it. That’s all you need. Seersucker or bust. Throw on some boat shoes and grab the perfect bow tie to bring your ensemble all together. If you are missing the seersucker must-haves, no worries! Just focus on getting that “country club chic” look. Bring a cane, blot your forehead with a handkerchief or exchange any item of clothing for another boasting the Vineyard Vines whale. Just remember that you can never be too preppy!

The women will want to impress with “Sunday’s Best”:

Reminder: Do not fake tan. Just don’t.

To put things simply, get a sundress. You’ll want it to have bright pastels and/or a floral print pattern. As far as accessories go, go big or go home. Big gold or pearl necklaces that hurt your neck because they’re so preppin’ heavy, with equally large and laborious earrings. Hats are also a must! Look for a woven hat large enough to be confused for a parasol. Not only will the hat look good, but you’ll save yourself from a harsh sunburn, too. Finally, I know you want to bring those cute heels that will match everything, but keep in mind that you will be standing in a field all day. You don’t want to sink into the ground with every step! Wear shoes that you think will be practical for the event, but that also look hot.

That’s it for Foxfield fashion! I can’t wait to stalk all of your hilariously preppy pics for future articles. The 4E wishes you all an enjoyable Foxfield and Georgetown Day weekend!

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Photos: vineyardvines.com, thecollegeprepster.com

Campus Sartorialist: February

Although it’s only February, the stylish students of Georgetown University are taking full advantage of the unusually warm weather. They’re doing away with coats and scarves in order to show off a variety of fashionable looks.

Alex Rice (MSB ’15) and Stephanie Cai (MSB ’15), a dynamic roommate duo, depict the best of the East and West Coast.  Alex looks flawless in her laid back Cali ensemble and Stephanie is simply adorable in a knitted sweater and ballet flats – classic NYC.

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We Are the Preppiest

by Martin Hussey

Photo from The Huffington Post

Finally, a college ranking that makes sense. After Georgetown was profiled as one of the ten most hipster colleges in the country, we have now made the cut as one of the preppiest colleges in the country as well, according to The Huffington Post. And how couldn’t we? Even as I write this post in the ICC, I see at least four girls clutching Vineyard Vines bags, three people wearing Sperry’s, and even more preppy scarves, coats and boots.

The Huffington Post points out that our surroundings are conducive to the preppiness as well. Georgetown, after all, is frequented by the very people that we as prepsters try to become — Senators, Presidents, D.C. socialites, etc. — and by the stores where we as prepsters love to shop, including Vineyard Vines, Lacoste and Rugby.

So what’s the most telling sign of our preppiness? The Huffington Post notes that “all it takes is one trip to The Tombs … to realize students here like to imagine they’re living in a real life version of the Social Network.” Is it possible, then, that we are too preppy?

Other schools that made the cut included the University of Virginia, Boston College, Wheaton College, Cornell, Ohio State and Alabama.