The Five Stages of Getting Written Up

In the wise words of Hannah Montana, “Nobody’s perfect.” This timeless adage is particularly true for Georgetown students. Sometimes we make a little too much noise, have a little too much fun and get a little too lit. And sometimes we get caught. For those have been written up, you know exactly what I am talking about. For those who have not, this is what you can expect:

  1. Caught in the Act- Perhaps you were blasting “Closer” a little too loud during quiet hours, or maybe you were caught roaming the halls of New South with an illicit beverage (which 4E in no way supports if you are under 21). Whatever you were doing, you were likely not supposed to be doing it. You know it, and more importantly the RA knows it. Whether you get a knock on the door or you get stopped in the hallway, you better cooperate because God knows there’s no way out of this one.
  2. The Wait- The RA takes down your information and tells you to expect an email from the Judicial Council. What she does not tell you is that it will not come for approximately three weeks. This excessive time period is racked with questions, doubts and uncertainties. What will they charge me with? Will I be expelled? Will this affect my housing points? Was this all possibly some sick joke?
  3. The Meeting- You finally receive the long awaited email accompanied with several charges-a number of which definitely did not happen. You are told to report to the McCarthy Library where you will essentially sell your soul to a community director and, for some reason unbeknownst to you, that kid in your calc class. Get ready to bring out the tears, you’re gonna need them.
  4. The Wait Part 2- You finish the meeting and they tell you to expect another email in a week. A WEEK? I mean seriously, how long does it take? I swear they do this for dramatic effect. Just rip off the band aid people.
  5. Punishment- Your fate has arrived. You find out you only actually received half of the charges you were initially charged with (#blessed), but you also learn you have to take an online course, pay a 50 dollar fee and complete several hours of sanctioned service hours. 4E will ~cash you ousside~ picking up trash in the Georgetown neighborhood for the next two weeks!

While we here at 4E hope this never happens to you,  we are glad we have prepared you for this trying process. May the odds be ever in your favor.


Friday Fixat10ns: The Soundtrack to Your First Freshman Crawl


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Attention freshman: tonight is the night you’ve all been waiting for. You’re finished with your first week of classes, and your friend that you met once at Leo’s has texted you about a lead he has about a party at Brown House. “Hey, I heard this party was gonna be crackin’. My roommate’s brother is in a class with one of the people who live there, so I can probably get us in.”

You heard Brown House was the place to be on Georgetown’s campus, so you can’t believe your social prowess. You’ve already established yourself as one of the swaggiest freshmen on campus only one week into the year, now all you need is a pregame to attend.

Luckily for you, you just received a text from the guy in your NSO group who lives on New South 3. “Huge pregame in my room tonight. Bring some friends. 10pm.” SCORE!

You know full well that it’s social suicide to show up to a pregame on time, so even though you’re all ready to go at 8, you make sure to hold off until 10:15 to show up. By the time you get there, the pregame is lit, you had no idea this many sweaty freshmen could fit into one room. With the music blaring, your night out has officially begun. Here are some of the songs you can expect to hear as you embark on a formative part of your freshman experience.

1. “Shots”-LMFAO: As much as Map is a graduation requirement for SFS students, enthusiastically blasting this song at a pregame is the only way to truly establish yourself as a freshman.

2. “Trap Queen”-Fetty Wap: A staple of any pregame, this song must be played in order to unquestionably establish your knowledge and love of trap music. Make yourself familiar with it now, you will be hearing it multiple times a night for the rest of your Georgetown experience.

3. “Faded”-Tyga ft. Lil Wayne: Because you will be.

4. “Ignition (Remix)”-R. Kelly: Affectionately known as “the beep beep song” (by me), this song is the turning point at which your night swings into full party mode. You’re impressing the ladies with your knowledge of every single music, and expertly choreographed dancing-just remember to mime bouncing a basketball when you hear “Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce.”

5. “Get Low”-Lil Jon: No party is complete without everyone dropping their red solo cups to let out an enthusiastic “TO THE WINDOWWW!”

6. “Can’t Feel My Face”-The Weeknd: The Weeknd has been getting lots of recognition lately, much to the chagrin of people who’ve known about him for a long time and who hate nothing more than people thinking he’s a band. You should expect this song to become pretty popular this year around the Georgetown party circuit.

7. “Uptown Funk”-Bruno Mars: If you don’t hear this song and sing along to every word, were you really at a Georgetown party?

8. “All Night Longer”-Sammy Adams: This song describes exactly how you’re feeling: you’re absolutely killing the game at this party, and you cannot imagine leaving. Despite the fact that it’s 11:45, you’re ready to stay out until the sun comes up, assuming the Brown House table you’re dancing on doesn’t break.

9. “Blank Space”-Taylor Swift: At this point, you’re ready to showcase your shadow love of T Swift to all your newfound best friends and belt out all of the lyrics to Blank Space. Just make sure you get to this point before you’re sent running for the exits because you heard DPS was about to show up.

10. “Take 5”-Mike Strickland: It’s 12am, and you’ve made it to Epi. Get ready to drop $8.42 on the best quesadilla you’ve had in your life. Although the music here isn’t quite as poppin’ as what you’ve been hearing all night (think elevators), the gooey, melty and ridiculously overpriced pile of cheese more than makes up for it.