Today is Uber’s “Puppy Bowl” celebration. This means that they are delivering puppies straight to your office until 3:00 pm! For only $30 you get 15 minutes of puppy playtime.


All profits are directly donated to the participating animal society; for us, that’s the Washington Area Rescue League.

The best part: all the puppies can be adopted. Most Georgetown students can’t really keep a dog on campus (I know, we’ve all thought about it), but today might be the day you can convince a professor, recent graduate or family friend to adopt a fuzzy playmate. Plus, if you live off-campus, no one will ever know about your extra roommate.

If you still use antiquated taxicab services because you’re old, lame and living under a rock, you can use special promo code PUPPYBOWL2015 to get $20 off your first Uber ride.

So quick: download Uber, use promo code DCpuppies and make a new friend!

Photos/Gifs: Tumblr.com; geeksandcleats.com