A New Look for 4E: The Soundtrack

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Introducing the new and improved 4E! We’ve been working tirelessly to revamp the 4E Blog and what better way to celebrate than with a good ol’ playlist?

Beginnings – Chicago with Earth, Wind & Fire We can use a lot of different adjectives to describe the new look. Exciting, hip, going H.A.M — but the word “beginning”, or “new beginning”, is probably most fitting. Oh, and this song is bumpin’.

Reinvent Yourself – Paris Hilton I hope my friends don’t read this; I’ll get a lot of flak for putting Paris on this playlist. It’s hard to keep her off the list when she’s dropping wisdom like this though. 4E took her advice and look at us now.

A Change Would Do You Good – Sheryl Crow Now, there was nothing wrong with the old 4E. We have a lot of good memories and, yeah, it kind of hurt parting ways. But sometimes you just need a little change.

Through the Wire – Kanye West Folks at the 4E are a dynamic bunch. We love new things and new looks. Although this new site may take some getting used to, it would do us all well to heed the words of Yeezy. This song was released after his near-fatal car crash and he recorded it with his jaw wired together:: “‘Through The Wire’ is the worst thing that could’ve possibly happen to me, and now it’s obviously the best thing.”

I’m Ready – Rockie Fresh “Fresh” is the best way to describe Rockie Fresh’s music right now. It’s catchy, he has the flow, and his verses have substance. His bars ought to give direction to everyone involved with 4E (readers especially!) on how to deal with our pretty new site: “So ready, are you ready/For whatever may come, cause I’m ready/Born ready, so ready, for whatever may come”

Das Racist – Return To Innocence This song is sampled off of enigma’s original  “Return to Innocence”. I’m not so sure if 4E is about to make a return to innocence (I don’t think we were ever considered innocent to begin with), but we’re all about a new outlook on our mission to doing it big on the blogosphere: “Das Racist is running rap/run with that or run it back”. With this slick new layout, you know we ’bout to blow up.

Are – Somewhere I Been “Somewhere I been/It’s gonna be alright” – New frontiers! New layout! New posts! 4E is looking to the future, and it looks pretty good.
Death Cab for Cutie – A Movie Script Ending And this is the end of the transition from the old to the new. Big ups to my editor for spending time on the new kickass website, and a huge thank you to the readers who make our blogging worthwhile.

Sixteen Sweet Study Songs

4E’s Study Sixteen from thehoya on 8tracks Radio.

Studying sucks. Luckily for you, music doesn’t. And for those of you whose friends are distracting you by whispering in Pierce (which is forbidden, but by friends are doing it anyway), you probably need a little chill study music to distract you. Look no farther. These sixteen songs are guaranteed to help you focus and get you through finals happily.

Dull to Pause — Junior Boys This song has been on my study playlist for at least the past two years. Great beats that ride the line between monotonous and beautiful. Which, if you ask me, is the ultimate study song.

Hurricane — MS MR If you didn’t discover this song when the Internet was making Hurrican Sandy playlists, now is your chance. Fall in love with her voice. (This is also thematically relevant for me and my studying for my climate science final).

Pull My Heart Away — Jack Peñate I love Jack’s voice. It’s soothing and oozes emotion, but not so much that you start crying from a mixture of desperation and the song’s emotional power.

Slowdance — Matthew Dear This is actually the ideal study song. I actually wouldn’t be opposed to just listening to this song on repeat until I finish my paper.

Brackett, WI — Bon Iver Justin Vernon’s musical melancholy might be a little too depressing for those of you holed up in cube. But this song’s emotion mirrors the winter outside, so it’s a great study song.

Civilian — Wye Oak This song simultaneously makes me focus and destress. It’s a win-win.

Holocene — Bon Iver It always helps to surround yourself with beauty during desperate times.

Heart Skipped a Beat — The xx and Unfold — The xx Every song by The xx is perfectly tailored for studying. Listen to their past two albums on repeat. This playlist contains a dong from each.

The Mall and Misery — Broken Bells I spent all of my time during winter finals 2011 listening to this song and managed to do well. Here’s hoping this song continues the trend!

Runaway — JMSN This is kind of a mix of study music and hipster baby-making music. It’s helped me focus so far.

Bad Religion — Frank Ocean Love Frank Ocean. After his album’s release this summer, no soothing playlist would be complete without his beautiful voice.

Mariana — Bia Krieger This song is Brazilian, so you won’t understand the words (which always helps with focusing). It also comes from Putumayo’s “Brazilian Lounge” album, and Brazilian lounges seem super chill. We’re all in need of a little carefree Brazilian music right now.

Relax, Take It Easy — Mika The title says it all. Also, love Mika. If you ever want to cry in a music video like you do in a romcom, watch this one. Wouldn’t you want someone to tell you that you were the Origin of Love? That’s actually the biggest compliment I can imagine and if that song doesn’t play on my wedding day I’m going to murder the DJ.

Cruel — St. Vincent Yes, finals are cruel. This song will make you feel better.

Pretty Girl From Michigan — The Avett Brothers I’m in Lau, staring at a pretty girl who may or may not be from Michigan.

Friday Fixat10ns: Spring in Step

Spring In Step from ecgarbi on 8tracks.

These here are walking songs.

“The stones were sharp,
The wind came at my back;
Walking along the highway,
Mincing like a cat.”
― Theodore Roethke

Simple Song – The Shins Springy, green and kind of saccharin. Perfect for going places in warm weather.
Fitz and the Dizzyspells – Andrew Bird Bird’s folksy songs are always pretty lush. This one’s got a quick tempo.
Go Your Own Way- Fleetwood Mac You can walk your own way.
Cool, Calm & Collected – The Rolling Stones Three adjectives which very accurately describe walker’s ego.
Here Comes Your Man – Pixies An entrance song.
Suspicious Minds – Elvis Presley Okay, not specifically about walking but the beat and swing to it make it work.
I Walked – Sufjan Stevens “I walked as you walked”
I Follow Rivers – Lykke Li Following = walking
Robin – Tennis The melody sound familiar? Tennis is apparently a fan of Disney’s Robin Hood. Mi piace the Italian version.
Walk On By  – Dionne Warwick Soulful walking.
I’m Waiting For the Day –  The Beach Boys The DRUMS!