8 Steps to Aggressively Embrace the Fall Season

8 Steps to Fall

As we find ourselves in the midst of fall, it’s extremely hard to contain the excitement. Show everyone you love the fall season by following these 8 easy steps! Because 4E freaking loves the fall.

1. Gather leaves

No one will believe you love fall unless you show them! Grab some leaves from the ground, shove them in your backpack, and sprinkle them around your classrooms and residential halls to spread the fall love.

2. Chug a pumpkin spice latte and carry another around everywhere

Fall is never complete without letting everyone know you are obsessed with a mediocre drink! Also, take a pro tip from us: spill a little of your pumpkin spice latte on your shirt so people will ask about it! When they do, just remember to flash a big smile and say “Haha! Oh, it must be my pumpkin spice latte! It’s gotta be fall, AM I RIGHT?!” They’ll love it!

3. Clutter your every source of social media with pumpkin patch pictures

tumblr_inline_ne6rx2hAi11qzj4kc Instagram? Facebook? A text to your grandma? All of the above! And don’t forget to print a ton and hand them out to your friends so they know you LOVE pumpkins.

4. Bombard your refrigerator with apple cider

You’re not super into fall season if you don’t drink at least 30 gallons of apple cider! I always drink mine in a pumpkin-inspired “I LOVE FALL” mug! It always pulls everything together.

5. Bundle up!

If it’s not a Snuggie, make sure to wear a scarf, sweater, and brown boots EVERY DAY! Even if you get tired of it, make sure to stick to these items until the end of fall!

6. Pick a ton of apples and tell everyone about the experience

 All your buddies should know that you are jazzed about apple picking –  it’s all part of the seasonal festivities!

7. Call it ~autumn~

 Autumn sounds super fancy, so people will definitely be able to tell you appreciate it. You can be just like this girl, who doesn’t care that a leaf has fallen on her face!

8. Sit in a pile of leaves for a couple of hours 

 In my experience, people have approached me with some concerns as to how long I’ve admired the leaves. Don’t worry about these people – they probably prefer summer, or something crazy like that!

The fall season is only a limited amount of time, so aggressively enjoy it while you can!

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Staffers of the Week: Annie Chen, Emma Hinchliffe

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 11.55.31 AM

Once a week, The Hoya recognizes a staffer that has done a particularly awesome job – now you can get to know about them too. As part of our Leavey 421 series, we’ll be posting quick interviews with each Staffer of the Week!

This week, two staffers went above and beyond the call of duty to obtain the glorious Staffer of the Week title (and the even more coveted Fourth Edition interview). Read what they had to say here:

Names Annie Chen//Emma Hinchliffe
Positions on The Hoya Staff Writer and News Assistant//Campus News Editor
Schools SFS//College
Years 2015//2015
Majors International Political Economy//Government
Hometowns Taichung, Taiwan (where majority of Life of Pi was filmed, hooray!)//Glen Ridge, NJ


What did you do to earn Staffer of the Week?
Annie: I’m not entirely sure … I missed the staff meeting – I know, right?! The one meeting I don’t go to … But I suspect that maybe because I went to all the GUSA election information sessions, debates, town halls and spent like 1,000,000 hours talking and stalking the candidates for the past two weeks. Also I’ve stuck with the GUSA beat for almost a year and a half (It could be a record).
Emma: I put together our coverage of the GUSA campaigns, elections and craziness for the past couple weeks.
What’s your favorite part about working for The Hoya?
Annie: Assassin season, for real. (Writer’s Note: during the spring semester, The Hoya Office engages in a bitter war of Assassins. Hoya staffers receive hit lists and must eliminate their “targets” with squirt guns, all while watching their backs and not getting hit themselves. Personally, I am still angry at my editor, Lindsay Lee, for killing me on Lau 2 last week.) (Editor’s note: GET OVER IT, KP.) My first target last year was Connor (as in, Connor Gregoire, former Editor-in-Chief) and I will never forget his expression when I splashed him. I had never talked to him or met him before then, so his face was full of disbelief and confusion. He tried so hard to act like it was no big deal and congratulated me and shook my hand and said “Nice to meet you.”  It just shows how awesome people who work for The Hoya are. But on a more serious note, my favorite part is writing campus news, being able to meet different students that I wouldn’t have otherwise met and learning about stuff students are doing to shape Georgetown in so many exciting ways.
Emma: When Braden (Executive Editor) orders a dozen Wisey’s cookies for delivery (but not when they’re oatmeal raisin).


If you had to pie someone in the face in the office, who would it be and why?
Annie: Braden, because I love how he always pronounces my name as “AHHH-nnie.” for no reason. But I always feel secretly bubbly and happy when I hear it (will Braden think I’m weird if he reads this?), so I think I’ll pie him with a sweet sugary strawberry flavored pie to express my secret crush for the way he calls my name.
Emma: Danny Funt (Editor-in-Chief), obviously. I hear his hair’s insured for $10,000.


What is your weird hidden quirky talent?
Annie: I can eat/have eaten the Chicken Caesar Salad from Grab ‘N Go for a straight five days for both lunch and dinner.
Emma: I’m really good at sleeping. It’s a special skill.


If you could name a beverage after yourself, what would it be called and what would it taste like?
Annie: Wait, I don’t get it. If it’s named after myself wouldn’t it just be called Annie? Why do I need to make it a name again? I guess it’ll be pretty tasteless in the beginning, because I’m really a boring and awkward person when I’m with people I don’t know well. But maybe bittersweet and sour if you care to take a few more sips because I can get really mean/sassy once I get to know people. (Note: I’m actually afraid to try this drink.)
Emma: Emmalasting Gobstopper and it tastes like rainbows and sunshine.


Casual Thursday: Gotta Get Down on Pie Day

The battle of pie versus cake is long and storied, dating back to ancient times. You’ve probably heard Marie Antoinette’s response to her starving peasants, “Let them eat cake!” But you probably haven’t heard Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s exasperated declaration “Is everybody crazy? Pie is clearly the better choice!”

Personally, I’m inclined to agree with good old King Tut. I’ve been championing the pie cause my whole life, and avoiding cake wherever I can (excluding Carvel ice cream cakes). The world is finally coming around to my point of view, and pies are slowly making their way to the top of the trendy desserts hierarchy. D.C. has some great pie shops, including Dangerously Delicious Pies and Georgetown’s very own Pie Sisters, but that’s not what I’m here to talk to you about today. I’m here to talk to you about a cocktail that includes all that’s good in the world, and it’s called ‘Liquid Pie.’

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