The Hoya’s Bunn Award Winners 2015-2016

Bunn Award Winners

Every May, the Center for Student Engagement gives out 18 Edward B. Bunn Awards for Journalistic Excellence to honor the best of student journalism at Georgetown, covering six categories: news, features, commentary, photo, sports and reviews. This year, The Hoya received 11 Bunn Awards across five categories. Along with The Hoya, other student publications including The Voice, The Independent and The Caravel were also recognized.

Please take a look at The Hoya’s winning pieces for the 2015-2016 school year.


1st Place: “Facilities Workers Housed Overnight,” by Owen Eagan
2nd Place: “Demonstrators Address Demands to University,” by Ashwin Puri
3rd Place: “Profiling Claims Close Thread,” by Aly Patcher


2nd Place: “The Life of Pebbles,” by Matthew Quallen


1st Place- “A Life Lived Where the Wild Things Are,” by Molly Simio
2nd Place- “Remembering Scalia,” by Kshithij Shrinath


1st Place- “This is Acting,” by Jinwoo Chong
2nd Place- “Mockingjay, Part 2,” by Daniel Almeida
3rd Place- “The Life of Pablo,” by Tom Garzillo


1st Place- “Demonstrators Address Demands to University,” photo by Daniel Smith
2nd Place- “Students Attend Vigil for Paris Attacks,” photo by Naaz Modan

Congratulations to all of those who received an award and for all of those who helped get these pieces to print!


Selfie Sleuth


The selfie: a  present day representation of our generation’s narcissistic attitude.


Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge selfier. Ask any of my snapchat friends, they’ll back me up.

One of the biggest reasons for a selfie is the background you get to capture. *Cue every girl who took a selfie with the Eiffel Tower abroad.* The selfie is the perfect way to take a picture of yourself in front of something without having to ask someone to help you out.

The downside of selfies? Selfies are prone to selfie-overlookers, the people who see a selfie happening and, more often than not, judge the selfier.


Georgetown has one of the prettiest campuses in the world, so naturally there are a plethora of selfie opportunities. Since all Georgetown students are crazy busy, these selfies are usually ruined by selfie-overlookers. I know that a good amount of my Healy selfies have been foregone because someone gave me a look that instilled major fear.

So how do we fix this major issue?

Introducing, the secret selfie. A selfie so secret, you will never feel judgement again.

This is an art, to say the least. The secret selfier needs to be cunning, observant and ready at any moment. You never know when the right moment selfie moment will strike.

To demonstrate, I went undercover to take the best secret selfies at Georgetown. Because if I can do it, there is no reason you can’t!

*Note: Selfies are taken at my favorite places on campus, which are not the norm.*

1. Lau 2: The key here is to take advantage of the midterms stress and commiserate with everyone. Honestly, how epic is this selfie? 7 people were in it and not a single person was judging me. #score


2. Regents 4: Selfies in Regents are particularly difficult because of the bright lighting and large quantity of science-loving people. You can’t see it, because I was selfie-ing so quickly, but there are like 7 people in the background who didn’t see me.

IMG_05943. The Construction Zone: Living in Henle, my life is characterized by the construction that surrounds me. The fake leaves that cover the fence are basically my best friends. Also, this picture was taken during the busy rush times between classes. Legendary.


4. Darnall: Darnall was my first home at Georgetown and I am basically starstruck every time I pass it. I couldn’t see anyone in the windows, but I only hope that no one was looking/judging me from there!


5. 36th Street: One of the best places on campus, Tombs. Even though I am not part of the 21+ club, that doesn’t mean that I can’t selfie part of the 99-days club. Also, how perfect is this picture? Not a single person or bouncer in sight! (Note: time and date of this picture is irrevelant.)


Basically, selfies are awesome and you just need to go to random places on campus to take them without feeling selfie-shamed. Snap on, my friends.

Photos/Gifs:;;; Courtney Klein/The Hoya

Staffers of the Week: Jess Kelham-Hohler and Michelle Xu


Once a week, The Hoya recognizes one or two staffers who have done a particularly awesome job — now you can get to know about them, too. As part of our Leavey 421 series, we’ll be posting quick interviews with each Staffer of the Week. This week our outstanding Hoya staffers are Jess Kelham-Hohler and Michelle Xu. Read about these awesome ladies here:

Jess Kelham-Hohler

Jess Staffer

Hometown: London, U.K.
School: College
Major: Undecided, probably English
Year: 2017
Position on the Hoya: Guide Editor

If you could create your own Georgetown course, what would it be called?

Netflix Addiction 101: Understanding the phenomenon of spending eight hours on Netflix a day.

What made you gravitate towards joining The Hoya?

I’d never written for a student newspaper before, and I just really wanted to give it a go. At the info session, they said if I wrote for The Guide I’d be able to go to film previews and write reviews of albums. I was completely sold. Plus I heard that some pretty cool people worked there.

Why did you earn Staffer of the Week?

For making the Fall Fashion issue with Michelle (who took all the amazing photographs). Apparently people like it, which I hope is true!

If you could be any flavor of Burnett’s, what would it be and why?

Probably sweet tea, because I’m a caffeine addict and it’s the only flavor that has some suggestion of caffeine content. Plus tea, my being English — it all goes together.

If you could be a Wisey’s sandwich, what would it be and why?

The California panini, because after going to LA for the first time last summer, all I do is dream of going back to the glorious Cali sunshine.

Best thing about fall is…?

The start of colder weather. I’m English, and therefore need the rain in order to survive. But really, everything is great about fall. Except for all the pumpkin. I shall never understand this nation’s obsession with pumpkin.

Michelle Xu

Michelle Staffer

Hometown: San Diego, CA
School: NHS
Major: Healthcare Management and Policy
Year: 2016
Position on the Hoya: Senior Photo Editor

If you could create your own Georgetown course, what would it be called?

If I could create my own Georgetown course, it would definitely be Nap Time. The more you nap, the higher your grade.

What made you gravitate towards joining The Hoya?

Over the summer between high school and college, I saw the old Senior Photo Editor post on Facebook about joining The Hoya as a photographer. Then I thought, “Hey… I can take pictures. I want friends… I’ll join the Hoya!”

Why did you earn Staffer of the Week?

I earned Staffer of the Week because Jess and I did a kick-ass Fashion Issue.

If you could be any flavor of Burnett’s, what would it be and why?

I would be Citrus Burnett’s because I mix well with anything!

Best thing about fall is…?

The best thing about fall is the changing colors. Red, orange and yellow leaves are much more interesting than green. They also make for great photos!

 Photos: Facebook