25 Reasons Epi is the New Tombs this Summer

Epi Is New Tombs this summer

A momentous and unruly Georgetown tradition has been forever changed. Well, for the summer, at least. The Tombs has officially closed for renovations and with it many a 21st birthdays, forehead stamps, and traditions suspended until further notice. For many Hoyas, alum, and locals alike, this is an utter tragedy. The night so many have looked forward to, counted down, and dreamed about has been flipped on its head. Left in despair, many of those may be wondering what ever will they do?!



Here are your 25 reasons Epi is the new Tombs this summer:

1. Quesadillas. ‘Nuf said. 

2. Doctors. They have a tendency to be young, attractive, and scattered around Epi given its close proximity to their place of employment at the hospital.

3. $3.25 pizza. Mhmmm. 

4. The lighting. It’s a bit bright in the main area, but the dark bar provides a nice fun contrast. 

5. The dance floor. What, you didn’t know they had one? Turns out the opening between the two rooms is a great place to break it down. 

6. The diversity. Undergrads, grad students, drunk freshman, hospital staff, and Georgetown staff: it’s really just a great array of community. 

7. The playlist. Epi has jamz! 


8. The Darnall geotag. That is all. 

9. The hospital. You should never drink past your limit, but on your 21st, there is an even greater tendency for a person to seek medical attention. For this reason, there’s nothing better than a bar that shares a parking lot with a hospital!

10. Burleith. Two words: close proximity. 

11. Epi mems. You’re sure to have a ton. Why not add to the archival of weird Epi happenings thus far?

12. Drunk underclassman. They’re great to watch, truly. 

13. Free water. >>>>>.


14. Exclusive bar. Feel special in your own 21+ room while your underage friends stay close by.

15. Tombs is closed. NEXT! 

16. Epi has milkshakes.

17. And condiments. A vast and endless selection of condiments. 

18. Those round tables. Nothing says party like a circular table where you can sit and view all of your friends, and the other room only has rectangular tables. 

19. Underage friends. No longer must they mourn your departure at the door, but they can be at hand to help you walk and take part in your debauchery (well, from afar). 

20. Sushi bar. 

21. Henle. Proximity, proximity, proximity. 

22. Epi aesthetic. It’s just one of a kind. 

23. People watching. More of the above. 

24. You can customize your grilled cheese sandwich.

25. Epi rocks. Let’s be honest: It’s up there with The Tombs. Well, at least in the opinion of an underage person who has never been.

Alas, there’s just one small catch….


Epi closes at 10:30 during the summer. Didn’t we almost have it all?

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The 5 People You Met at the Student Activities Fair

SAC FairEarlier today, Leo’s was bombarded by overeager Hoyas and thousands of quarter-sized flyers. You guessed it, it was our favorite event of the year: the Student Activities Fair. We here at 4E made sure to keep our eyes open and make a list of those Student Activities Fair stereotypes that we all know and maybe love. Here are are the 5 people you met at the Student Activities Fair today:

1. The Overachiever Beaver We all know this person, the one who went to every table and signed up for every club. While we applaud you for trying, there is a point where that got a little out of hand. At least you will always have enough random cups to satisfy all your needs.

tumblr_inline_mlfsg1JFAI1r79k322. The Not-So-Coherent Participants Waking up and attending the Student Activities Fair was not their cup of tea this morning. Despite the obstacles, these people did get themselves there … in whatever shape they may have been in. While they might have been dying on the inside, they were still forcing you to sign up for their shockingly specific club.


3. The Student Activities Fair Cheaters These are the people that drive me up the wall. They come to the Student Activities Fair every year, walk around and steal all the free stuff. These people do not even try to pretend to be interested in what you are saying. Who do they think they are? ‘Cause we all know that the best part about Student Activities Fair is being able to keep all the leftover goodies (aka the candy). But no. The Cheaters ate it all.

Fo Free Gif

4. The Relentless Flier-ers. No matter your reason for going to the Student Activities Fair, it is literally impossible to get out of Leo’s without at least one flier. The flier-ers attacked you and didn’t let you leave. (Full disclosure: One of those flier-ers was probably someone on The Hoya. Sorry not sorry.) 

Pitch Perfect 75. You! Whether you were there to find a new hobby (cough, cough, remember to apply to the blog by January 17th) or just for the free stuff, the Student Activities Fair is a great time to realize all the ways you can get involved on the Hilltop! I hope you all had fun and took advantage of the people watching. It’s always the best part.

Gifs: Tumblr; Pictures: hercampus, isaactan.net, Wikipedia