It’s Time to Say Goodbye…

200_sThe start of the fall season gets everyone here at 4E just a little bit too excited. It’s the season of PSL’s, cozy flannels, UGG boots (we get it, we’re basic) and most importantly: fall TV shows!excited

Fall is the season of answers. You get closure for everything that happened during that summer finale and no longer have to re-watch trailers in a crazy attempt to find clues as to what’s going to happen in the next season.

With every season premiere however, comes the return of TV shows that can’t seem to get the hint. It’s their bajillionth season premiere, and their episodes are so predictable that you literally say the words as they’re coming out of the actor’s mouth. So in true 4E fashion, we’ve made a list of 5 TV shows that need to play their last finale and stay gone.

Bones: Bones is one of the 100,000 crime shows on TV that are the exact same except for the fact that this one focuses on- you guessed it- bones. To be honest I only started watching this show because the character Booth used to be on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (#tbt). Aside from the fact that the show focuses on bones and one of the main characters is really hot, I’m not sure why it’s been renewed for it’s 11th season.

The Real World: Raise your hand if you ever thought about applying for TRW once you turned 21. This mess of a reality show is one of the longest running reality shows in history. When it first came out (in 1992), it was considered to be a good conversation starter about “young-adulthood” problems like sex, drugs and drinking. But now we all know it’s only good for ruining whatever little was left of your professional life and getting you Instagram followers.

Maury: “You are NOT the father” are words that will forever be stuck in my head. If the first thing you watched on TV during the week wasn’t Maury, what kind of childhood were you living? This was probably one of the most scandalous shows I watched when I was little, filled with lie detectors, people fighting on stage and paternity tests galore. Once you grow up watching Maury, you begin to recognize the pattern and ultimately get tired of people going to a TV show to get testing done rather than just going to a hospital (adulting done right).

Jeopardy: I may or may not get a lot of slack for this, but Jeopardy is one of the most boring game shows I’ve ever watched in my entire existence. Alex Tribeck just isn’t entertaining to watch and this game never fails to make me feel like an idiot when I don’t know the answer to something. Plus, everyone knows that Wheel of Fortune is where the real fun is at. Plus, isn’t it always awkward when people don’t know what the answer is?

Supernatural: Just to be clear, I LOVE Supernatural. There’s nothing like a good Winchester demon hunting party. But when it’s been going on for 10 SEASONS, you might need to give it a rest. This show has touched upon everything supernatural (get it?), including demons, witches, werewolves, wendigos, spirits, ghosts…the list goes on. When you’ve done absolutely anything and everything, what else is there to cover? Someone should just give the Winchester brothers a break and end it on a high note, if that’s possible with a show about demons.

What TV shows are you guys tired of watching? Hopefully they don’t have 11 seasons worth of episodes…