Three Ways to Beat Today’s Tuesday Blues

TUesday BluesIt’s the first full week of second semester and the daunting list of readings so carefully detailed in those syllabi is already casting a gloomy shadow over your spring. We understand. With syllabus week behind us and summer oh-so-far in the distance, the beginning of the semester can feel like one long case of the Mondays. Except, worst of all, it’s really actually a rainy Tuesday. Yes, it’s January, and yes, you’re still in Add/Drop purgatory, but we can at least find some solace. Here are three reasons this semester has no where to go but up:

1. You are getting older We all just got one semester closer to seniority in preregistration, that sweet, sweet, day of validation that is the 21st birthday and for the freshmen among us, the arrival of a new class of people who are more lost and confused than you.

2. The weather is on the up & up (and so is the probability of pastels) One sunny day we will all wake up and what to our wondering eyes shall appear but a campus of colorful pants and well-structured sundresses. Better than Christmas!

3. Love (and pollen) are in the air this spring With your New Year’s resolution to hit Yates more than once a semester still in play, the spring hope springs eternal. All new classes means a fresh opportunity to turn that lab partnership extracurricular (or into the possibility of having no friends in any class and spending the semester completely alone). But let’s focus on the positives.

Chins up Hoyas, and, in the words of a great athlete/singer/musical star, “We’re all in this together.”


Things You Can Only Get Away With During Summer


Happy (almost technically) summer, Hoyas!

Bring on the warm weather, sandy beaches, service trips across the globe and internships, internships, internships! As you know, each season brings a special etiquette – i.e., “Don’t wear white after Labor Day” and “You can only start listening to Christmas music after Thanksgiving” – and summer is no different. The sunny skies and lazy days of the season bring about a special rule book that is all their own. So let’s take a gander at it, shall we? Here are “The Things You Can Only Get Away With During Summer”:

Summer is the only time when you can sleep in all day.

So in the morning, you can be like this:


And then in the afternoon, you’re a little like this:

tumblr_lpa74o7nOO1qmmrh6o1_250 And then in the evening you look like this:


But then at night, you look like this…


…because you’re going out! Duh.


Maybe you’re even going to a bonfire!


Okay, maybe more like this:


Only during the summer can you chill by the pool…


… and do really cool tricks off the diving board.


And afterwards, you can eat ridiculous amounts of these Freeze Pops:


And then eat obscene amounts of ice cream:


Followed by daiquiris.


And then you’ll go to a music festival.

music-festivalAnd then watch a bajillion episodes of Arrested Development.


Cause it’s summer. And you can do/watch/eat whatever you want.tumblr_mlzgscIULn1qhmnito1_500

For example, you can wear a whole bunch of pastels. BECAUSE IT’S SUMMER.


Or you can wear this bathing suit. BECAUSE IT’S SUMMER.article-1031081-058986F00000044D-341_468x395

Just kidding. You should NEVER wear that bathing suit because it is morally and visually WRONG.


But you can go to the beach! (Because it’s summer.)


And you’ll look like the cast of Baywatch!

tumblr_mkfi8vLILo1qzjhsto1_400 Jill-Baywatch

Only because it’s summer. And you’re awesome.


Happy summer, Hoyas!