OWN IT 2017 Sneak Peek

The OWN IT Summit will be on March 18th with main stage speakers in Gaston Hall, breakout sessions around campus and a marketplace in HSFC. Do you find yourself asking what exactly is OWN IT? Well, here is its mission statement:

“Preparing the next generation of female leaders: OWN IT is bridging the gap between female leaders of the 21st century and the millennials who admire them, by shaking up the women’s leadership arena and producing accessible events for college-aged women.”

That’s got me ~feelin myself~.

Last year two-time Olympic gold medalist Abby Wambach helped ~kick off~ the Summit. She sat down for an interview with CBS anchor Norah O’Donnell and received the OWN IT award.

A few of her fellow speakers from OWN IT 2016 will be in attendance this year, including Amani Al-Khatatbeh, founder & Editor-in-Chief of Muslim Girl,

and Sarah McBride, National Press Secretary of the Human Rights Campaign.

Now back to 2017. Before reading any further, I highly suggest you click this link and play “The Future is Female” by Madame Gandhi. Madame Gandhi will be performing at the summit this year. On top of that, she, herself, is a Hoya.

She graduated in 2011 after majoring in Math. Before she launched her solo career, she was a drummer for MIA (brb transferring schools to become a math major).

So, if that hasn’t gotten you excited to #OWNIT, we at 4E are here to update you on some of the speakers, vendors and other happenings at the Summit this year.

Madame Gandhi will not be the sole Hoya to speak at OWN IT. She will be joined by one of the founders of Misfit Juicery, Anne Yang, who graduated just last year. Misfit Juicery uses fruit that was deemed unsuitable to sell due to its appearance to make juice (pro tip: don’t judge a fruit by its cover).

Anastasia Somozoa is another Hoya returning to the Hilltop for the Summit. You might recognize her as one of the speakers at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. She is also an international disability rights activist.

Current Hoya Summer Durant (C ’17), who spoke at TEDxGeorgetown this fall, will reprise parts of her talk at the Summit.

These Hoyas will be joined by the following leading ladies:

Symone Sanders, a CNN Political Correspondent and Former Press Secretary for the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Tina Tchen, former Chief of Staff to Michelle Obama.

Congresswoman Stephanie Murray, a Democrat from Florida who has earned the Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Civilian Service.

These are just a few of the accomplished and game-changing women that will be speaking at OWN IT. If you’d like to see the other speakers, check out the Facebook page.

Not only do they get to listen to women leaders speak on Gaston, but attendees partake in two breakout sessions, smaller, topic-focused panels where they have the chance to interact with speakers and become their best friend.

The Summit will also have a marketplace with over twenty vendors including Sweetgreen, POLITICO and Maracas Ice Pops. Sweetgreen is a sponsor of the event and will be providing lunch for the day. POLITICO will conduct video interviews with attendees for their upcoming website and will present print issues and provide promotional items. Three student groups will also be a part of the marketplace: Bossier, McDonough Women, and Bassigue. Bossier is creating a magazine issue specifically for the Summit which they will feature at the marketplace. McDonough Women will provide promotional items and Bassigue will present their merchandise.

If that doesn’t seem like enough, attendees get swag bags, which last year included an OWN IT pen and definitely helped me #own my finals.

So get ready to #OWNIT! And if you were unable to acquire a ticket, but still want to watch the day unfold, follow the Summit online through #ownit2017.

Photos/gifs: Giphy.com, OWNITSummit.com, TEDXGeorgetown.org, Facebook.com/theownitsummit.com, buquad.com

OWN IT 2015

Own It

Hello Georgetown, we here at 4E are coming to you live from Gaston Hall for the 2nd Annual OWN IT Summit. Things started here at 9am and time is starting to fly!

We started off with a beautiful introduction from Summit co-founders Helen and Kendall, reminding us that this day is about us and that we all need to OWN IT!

Azure Antoinette led off with an inspirational poem, embodying why we are here and what we need to do. Kara Swisher and Danielle Brooks had a great conversation, even though Danielle was basically choking (feel better!).  

Next up was the Image panel, filled with Georgetown alumni, talking about being leaders and trailblazers in the media industry! These women find the news so inspiring in this ever-changing world. You need a support system, not just in your personal life but also in your career. We are all here to help each other succeed. How do you balance work and home? To Norah, that’s a ridiculous question. It’s never asked to men, and it makes us feel inadequate.

At 11:40 the first round of experiential sessions began, I personally set out to attend the Women in Tech panel. There, I heard from a variety of women: from the White House to Air BnB. These women told us to be comfortable with what we know and to keep our vision in our minds. My biggest takeaway? This panel pointed out the difference between being a woman in tech and a technical woman. Just because one is not an engineer does not mean they cannot play a substantial role in the technology conversation.

After a rapid lunch thanks to Hilltoss and a pit stop at the Girls Lounge to say hi to Shelley Zalis, I headed to my second session this time with the college prepster!

 It was so amazing and refreshing to hear from a recent Georgetown grad who is doing something she loves and making money for it. Her boyfriend accompanied her and was super supporting, which made the session so much better.

Our next panel was the innovation panel, discussing everything from Google Glass to 3D printing. That was soon followed by the Identity and Impact panels, culminating in a overwhelming emotion of empowerment.

The day ended with Megan Smith receiving the OWN IT 2015 Award and, after hearing her speak 3 times today, I can honestly say that she has become my newest role model!

Overall, OWN IT was an amazing and truly empowering event. For those of you who were unable to make it, you surely will not want to miss next year. As each year passes by we grow the conversation more and more and I cannot wait to see what next year brings!

OWN IT Speaker Profiles: Carly A. Heitlinger

OWN IT Speaker Profiles

After last year’s overwhelming success, the OWN IT Summit is back! As The Hoya is the campus media partner, 4E will be periodically bringing you profiles of the illustrious speakers. Today, 4E is proud to profile Georgetown alumna and founder of the College Prepster, Carly A. Heitlinger!


Carly grew up in Tampa, Florida. She describes herself as a “quirky, Type A, workaholic”; a personality any Georgetown student can relate with.


Carly attended Georgetown University where she majored in marketing in the MSB. She started blogging during her freshman year.


Interesting fact: she was on the men’s heavyweight rowing team during this time!


In 2010, during her sophomore year, Carly wrote and published her first book, “The Freshman 50”. This book is one part memoir and one part survival guide. In the book, Carly explains that 50 things she wished she knew before going to college.


Since she graduated from Georgetown in 2012, she moved to New York City with her dog, Teddy!


By the way, Teddy is on Instagram and is incredibly adorable. Follow @theodorefitzpatrick for all the cute doggy pics!

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 1.06.02 PM

Since then, she has basically taken over social media with her extremely popular blog, her hilarious Twitter, her envy worthy Instagram (shoot me a follow, please!) and her informative Youtube channel!

Her blog, The College Prepster, is an entertaining blog that chronicles her day-to-day activities, her fashion advice, her various types of recommendations and much more! If you haven’t checked it out, you should. It is one of my favorite bookmarks on my computer!

Spring Outfit

So if you’ve got tickets for the OWN IT summit on Saturday, Mar. 28, get ready to chill with Carly and learn more about creating your own brand as a Georgetown student! While the sign-ups for speaker sessions might be over, you can still get a chance to meet her at the event. Get excited!

Photos: barnesandnoble.com; twitter.com; thestyleline.com; staree.com; ginandlinen.com; peoplecheck.de; instagram.com

Info: thecollegeprepster.com


OWN IT Speaker Profiles: Aria Finger

OWN IT Speaker Profiles

After last year’s overwhelming success, the OWN IT Summit is back! As The Hoya is the campus media partner, 4E will be periodically bringing you profiles of the illustrious speakers. As today is International Women’s Day, 4E is proud to profile social activist Aria Finger, COO of DoSomething.org and the president of TMI Agency. Let’s find out more about Aria, in her own words:

Aria graduated as valedictorian from her high school: “That gave me the confidence to hopefully change the world a little bit.”

She graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a BA in economics and political science: “I was an economics major in college and my stubborn self wanted to prove all of my classmates wrong – that working at a not-for-profit could be efficient, effective and world-changing.”

Aria joined DoSomething.org as an associate: “It was a tiny organization, with just six employees, and they empower young people to take action on every issue under the sun. To me, that sounded so fabulous, in addition to their sort of cheeky, fun, exciting vibe.”

One of her major campaigns at DoSomething.org was the Teens for Jeans program, in which Aeropostale shoppers who donated a pair of used jeans would get 25% off a new pair: “Teens for Jeans has been an incredible success in the past seven years because it resonates with young people and it’s an easy way for them to take action on youth homelessness.”

Aria really enjoyed working on the “Give a Spit About Cancer” campaign, which sought to get college students in the bone marrow registry, and combined Chris Pratt with Aziz Ansari in a popular PSA: “It turns out that college-aged students have the best bone marrow. All you have to do is swab your cheek, and you’re on the registry for life… It’s our smallest campaign, but our most impactful.”

Another popular campaign she worked on was “Thumb Wars”, which encouraged teens not to text and drive by giving them thumb socks: “We make it really easy and fun and sexy and entertaining and social to get involved.” (DoSomething.org has given out over 80,000 pairs.)

In June 2013, DoSomething.org launched TMI Agency as a nonprofit/business consulting company, of which Aria is president. When asked about heading up TMI as a supplement to DoSomething.org, she said, “We run 25 cause campaigns a year, and how many issues are out there: a bazillion?”

Aria has been profiled in the New York Times and was the youngest person, at 29 years old, to be part of Crain’s New York Business “40 Under Forty” list. When asked what she would say to a job seeker looking for a meaningful job, she said, “There are… a million ways to look for meaning – you don’t have to work at a not-for-profit. Someone who works at a big financial institution could lead the charge to teach millennials about how to save for their retirement and not get ripped off.  This would have a massive impact on millions of people. We need good people everywhere.”

Some fun facts about Aria: “At 6-feet tall I’m the shortest person in my family.  And I love, love, love salted caramel brownies.”

So if you’ve got tickets for the OWN IT summit on Saturday, Mar. 28, you might have the privilege to hang out with Aria and hear more about her incredible devotion to nonprofits and youth activism. Sign-ups for speaker sessions will be emailed to ticket-holders TONIGHT at 8:00 pm, so make sure to sign up for a chance to hear from your idols.

Info: https://mycrains.crainsnewyork.com/40under40/profiles/2012/aria-finger, https://www.companiesandcausescanada.com/aria-finger-coo-dosomething-org-and-president-tmi/https://magazine.wustl.edu/2013/october/Pages/Aria-Finger-DoSomething.aspxhttps://www.bmeaningful.com/blog/2014/09/aria-finger-coo-dosomething-org/

Photos: https://217989-www5.dosomething.org/files/styles/blog_landscape/public/pictures/blog/photo_16.jpeg?itok=lehr0E_R, https://forefrontmag.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Aria-Large.jpg, https://www.forefrontmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Aria-Spring-Dinner.jpg, https://magazine.wustl.edu/2013/october/PublishingImages/WU-Alumni-profiles-Aria-Finger.jpg, https://forefrontmag.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/aria-annual-meeting.jpg, https://www3.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Aria+Finger+Bing+DoSomething+org+Kick+Off+zrlmLtjv2u_l.jpg, https://www2.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Aria+Finger+Inside+17th+Annual+Webby+Awards+9BaMhOiJseIl.jpg, https://static1.squarespace.com/static/520507eae4b04eea63476227/t/520d5ed2e4b01d1e97b1bd72/1376607963073/aria_finger.jpg, https://mycrains.crainsnewyork.com/40under40/profile_images/2012/450x300xFingerMain.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Fx8VUi-Myw.jpg





OWN IT Speaker Profiles: Danielle Brooks

OWN IT Speaker Profiles

After last year’s overwhelming success, the OWN IT Summit is back! As The Hoya is the campus media partner, 4E will be periodically bringing you profiles of the illustrious speakers. First up: Danielle Brooks, known to many of us as Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson from the fantastic Orange Is the New Black. Let’s find out more about Danielle:

Danielle grew up in South Carolina and got into acting through church plays.

She went to a performing arts high school in South Carolina, called the Governor’s School for Arts and Humanities.

When she was 17, Danielle moved to New York to start school at Juilliard.

While there, she met Samira Wiley, aka Poussey on OITNB.


Before starting on Orange Is the New Black, Danielle was working on two productions: Blacken the Bubble and The Servant of Two Masters.

Taystee was only supposed to appear in two episodes, but clearly Danielle’s storyline was extended.

Brooks won the Breakthrough Actress Award at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards.

Danielle is a big music fan – especially jazz.

On her breakout role as Taystee, Danielle says, “It was important to me to tell [the story] in the most truthful way so that it didn’t become a stereotype.”

So if you want to hear more from Danielle and from other wonderful women, get your tickets to OWN IT 2015! Regular tickets are still for sale on www.ownitsummit.com until Wednesday night. Check out the Facebook event here, and for a list of other confirmed speakers click here. Don’t forget, we’ll be having more speaker profiles as they’re confirmed.

Info: https://www.juilliard.edu/journal/1309/fame-new-reality-orange-actress, https://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/things-orange-black-star-danielle-brooks/story?id=24574241, https://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/news/celebrity/2014/07/28/young-hollywood-awards-2014-winners-list

Photos: zimbio.com, huffingtonpost.com, digitalspy.co.uk, wikipedia.org, out.com, imdb.com, girltalkhq.com, Tumblr, Facebook