Mr. Georgetown 2014: Which Contestant Will Receive Your Rose?

Mr. GeorgetownThe Fourth Edition is pleased to present to you, the 2014 Mr. Georgetown Pageant contestants. This year, The Mr. Georgetown Pageant’s theme is The Bachelor. These bachelors are just gems and they are just looking to find love. Who will win your rose?

Jordan D. Blackwell — Mr. BSA


Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.
School: College
Major: Psychology and American Musical Culture

What do you love most about the program you’re representing?
I love the breadth of events that BSA offers. I can go to a discussion in my sweatpants on Thursday and then dress to the nines for a party on Friday.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
I’d say my best feature is my patience.

What is your weirdest or funniest Georgetown memory?
My weirdest/funniest moment at Georgetown will probably be what transpires on Friday. It’s been crazy at practice these past few weeks. Part of me still can’t believe that we’ll be performing these dances in front of people.

Daniel Corry — Mr. GIVES


Hometown: Wantagh, N.Y.
School: College
Major: Biology of Global Health
Minor: Music

What do you love most about the group you’re representing?
One thing that I really love about GIVES is that it helps its members to feel comfortable doing service work that can sometimes be out of the member’s comfort zone. With GIVES, our members have not only performed Random Acts of Kindness, like handing out candy in Lau during midterms. In recent semesters, we have also scheduled service outreach programs, often in conjunction with other service organizations at Georgetown, that have ranged from cleaning up the neighborhood to providing packed lunches to the homeless populations of D.C. Many of these kinds of service projects can be out of the comfort zone of many people, but through GIVES, I and many other members have grown more and more acquainted with this kind of service and cannot speak enough about how worthwhile this kind of service truly is. (Sorry that was really long, I just really like GIVES.)

What’s your most beautiful feature?
I’ve been told I have really nice thighs. #neverskiplegday

What’s your favorite song to sing?
You’ll have to wait for the talent portion of the pageant to find out ;)

Grant Franco — Mr. NSO


Hometown Greenwich, Conn.
School: McDonough School of Business
Major: Accounting, Post-bac Pre-med

What do you love most about the group you’re representing?
So I have sooooo much love for NSO I don’t even know where to start. I should start by saying, my experiences as an Orientation Advisor and then as a Captain this past year have been some of the most transformative experiences of my life.

But, what do I love mosssttttt…ugh….Other than the obvi’s: pluralism in action (obvi)/making the best friends ever(obvi)/meeting 500bajillion new amazing people (obvi)/WELCOME SESSION (OBVI)/chilling with uncomfortable new students(the point of the whole thing, obvi)/ KOB dropping Bombs at closing ceremony (obvi)/ finding yourself as a person (true true). But those are easy targets…my truly favorite part of NSO is a lil’ unorthodox. It’s the no sleep lyfe.

NSO has taught me some things about sleep:
1. When I don’t sleep around people who are sleeping, I feel like a weirdo and I am uncomfortable and self-conscious about it.
2. When I don’t sleep and I’m surrounded by people who are also not sleeping, I am definitely still super weird but I’m okay with it because everyone else is being their weird-ass selves too and it’s amazing.
3. Try being tired at Welcome Session…ITS IMPOSSIBLE! HOW ‘BOUT DEM APPLES SLEEP!
4. Also when you sleep for 4 hours a night it makes the days 20 hours long, which makes NSO seem longer than it actually is, which is fine, cause its Never NSOver.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
Ugh, rock hard abs, chizzled jaw line, piercing deep blue/green eyes?

What’s your spirit animal?
Easy. Panda. (Editor’s note: Grant included 2 sweet panda gifs but in order to save space we left them out)

Justin Giorgio — Mr. GUGS


Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.
School: College
Major: Government
Minor: Chinese and Economics

What do you love most about the group you’re representing?
I think the variety of people we have in GUGS is the best part. People from all over the place, all different majors, all different career paths, but we all love grilling up some meat and having a good time while we do it

What’s your most beautiful feature?
My most beautiful feature is a tough call, I’d have to go with 1: My disproportionately sized mouth or 2: The donk.

If you were a vegetable which one would you be?
According to a quick survey (aka texting two people), I am apparently a broccoli because of my currently poofy hair and generally harmless demeanor.

Jamil Hamilton — Mr. College Democrats


Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.
School: College
Major: Government

What do you love most about the program you’re representing?
Being in College Dems have me the opportunity to meet some awesome people and I’ve loved going on campaign trips across the country.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
Wow where do I even begin? I would have to say that despite my perfections, my ability to stay humble has always inspired others, so I guess that’s my most beautiful feature.

What is your weirdest or funniest Georgetown memory?
When I was an underclassman, there was a guy who went to parties dressed as captain America. To this day, I’ve always wondered who that kid who was.

Charlie Hernández — Mr. GUMSA


Hometown: Guanajuato, México
School: School of Foreign Service
Major: International Politics and Security Studies

What do you love most about the program you’re representing?
They promised me authentic Mexican tacos and cerveza con limón y sal if I win this contest.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
My serratus anterior. It’s a muscle located between the upper abs and lats.

If you win tomorrow, how do you plan to carry out the role of Mr. Georgetown?
I might apply to be a male stripper. But I’ll definitely avoid following in the footsteps of my Miss America counterparts: no hazing allegations or pornography scandals.

Cooper Joy — Mr. Ultimate Frisbee


Hometown: Baltimore, Md.
School: College
Major: Psychology

What do you love most about the group you’re representing?
What I love most about Ultimate is the general vibe of the group – we’re a fun-loving, insanely welcoming family. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and aren’t afraid to be a little crazy/weird. Plus the sport itself is so fun to play!

What’s your most beautiful feature?
My most beautiful feature is probably my eyes (they’re blue and wonderful). I like them a lot and have gotten some compliments on them over the years. Haven’t gotten compliments on much else though….wonder what that means.

What is your favorite Burnett’s flavor?
Grapefruit Burnett’s is the best. Mix it with Fresca. So good. So dangerous.

Richard Jung — Mr. Club Filipino


Hometowns: Seoul and Singapore
School: School of Foreign Service
Major: International Political Economy

What do you love most about the group you’re representing?
There are so many things I love about CF: in fact I love everything about it. But if I had to choose one, it would be described as “tambay,” which means “to hang out” in Tagalog. That essentially describes what CF is about; it is a family-like environment where people can be comfortable, have fun, and consume copious amounts of good food. It is where I truly found my niche.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
People tell me my arms are the best features, but I think my best feature is my shameless willingness to be silly in public with my friends, or for my friends’ entertainment.

What time period do you belong in?
I think I belong to the industrial period, during Marx’s time. I am pretty geeky and discussing economic philosophy with the big names like Marx or Marshall might have been pretty cool. And if I was born at the beginning of industrial revolution, it would have been awesome to learn new technology as they were just coming out! Too nerdy?

Thomas Angelo Lloyd — Mr. GU Pride


Hometown Flushing, Queens, New York City
School School of Foreign Serivce
Major STIA: Security Studies

What do you love most about the program you’re representing?
GUPride is one of the most diverse organizations Georgetown, in any way you can imagine. We are a social, advocacy, social justice, political and community group. We also have membership that includes every element of racial, gender, ability, sexual orientation identity that there can possible be.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
My judgement

If you were to write an autobiography about your life so far what would the title be?
“I’m Sorry”

Ben Manzione — Mr. GUSA


Hometown: New Rochelle, N.Y.
School: School of Foreign Service
Major: International Politics

What do you love most about the program you’re representing?
Working for the Student Advocacy Office, a major part of the GUSA Executive, has been the most rewarding experience I’ve had at Georgetown. As anybody who has gone through the Conduct process can relate, getting written up can be daunting for all students. Through my work with the office, I’ve been able to have an impact on student life here at Georgetown by working with individual students on their cases as well as on a broader level by working to implement policy changes such as instituting alcohol amnesty for GERMS calls. I love that my work affects Georgetown students of today and tomorrow.

If you were to write a memoir about your life so far, what would it be?
“I’ll Have Another Long Island: The Story of How a Boyzione became a Manzione”

Christopher Pepe — Mr. Superfoodchristopherpepe

Hometown: Essex Fells, N.J.
School: College
Major: Economics, Music

What do you love most about the group you’re representing?
Superfood has been my home at Georgetown for the past 4 years. It brings together an awesome group of people, both in terms of talent and personality. Whether we’re creating a new arrangement, or just messing around in practice, it’s always a blast with Superfood.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
The word beautiful has been used to describe my booty shaking abilities

What is your weirdest or funniest Georgetown memory?
Georgetown Day 2014. I got to drunkenly perform with Superfood for a large crowd in a full Scooby Doo costume. A combination of many of my favorite things.

Jimmy Ramirez — Mr. FOCI

jimmyramirezHometown: Antioch, Calif.
School: College
Major: Government, Film and Media Studies, Justice and Peace Studies, Male Pageantry

What do you love most about the group you’re representing?
The service we do. We take 54 freshmen into the D.C. community to conduct service and reflect every night. Also, the fact that we are like a social justice bootcamp and discuss structural violence. ~*~*all of the things i love in life~*~*

What’s your most beautiful feature?
My ears. They can predict the weather and hold my glasses up. #practical

If you were to create and teach your own course at Georgetown what would it be?
“Hip Hop from the 2000s” In the course we’d determine how low the Ying Yang twins wanted us to get and what Ciara means when she says ‘Goodies’.

Travis Richardson — Mr. APO


Hometown: Peachtree City, Ga.
School: College
Major: Linguistics
Minor: Catholic Studies

What do you love most about the program you’re representing?
I love the feeling of brotherhood, camaraderie, and community that APO fosters. What’s more, we’re the largest community service group on campus, and as such, we have an extensive history of actively engaging the greater DC area. From the homeless to AIDS victims, kids with developmental disabilities and the elderly, APO doesn’t shy away from building relationships with the most vulnerable in our society.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
Since I don’t have an overly strong body image, I’m going to have to say that my most beautiful feature would have to be my sensitivity. I try to be attentive to the needs and struggles of others, and I’m always available to be a shoulder to cry on or a friend to laugh with.

Write a Haiku.
“Haikus are easy,
But sometimes they don’t make sense.

Salvador Rosas — Mr. DC Schools Project


Hometown: Salinas/Elk Grove, Calif.
School: College
Major: American Studies

What do you love most about the program you’re representing?
I love that I get to meet with the workers on campus as well as families from all over DC and listen to their stories.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
My lips.

If you were to write an autobiography about your life so far what would the title be?
The Meatball That Keeps on Rollin’: The Salvador Rosas Story.

Ben Saunders — Mr. Running Club


Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.
School: School of Foreign Service
Major: International Economics

What do you love most about the group you’re representing?
It’s tough to choose just one aspect of GRC, but if I had to I’d say it has to be the people. I was taken under the wing of GRC as a young fledgling frosh, and I’ve developed a lot personally from my relationships with other members, found a great group of guys with whom to keep pursuing my passion and met one of my best friends at Georgetown who also turns out to be an awesome roommate. Great group of kids.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
My sensitive side.

Who is the bachelor to beat in this year’s pageant?
Grant Franco, that guy is just DANGEROUSLY charismatic and, on top of that, has quite the smolder.

Albert Scerbo — Mr. Hawaii Club


Hometown: Yardley, Pa.
School: College
Major: Government

What do you love most about the group you’re representing?
A lot of people talk about finding homes in the clubs they join, but the Hawaii Club is especially homey.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
My most beautiful feature is probably my collection of dad sweaters. I have a lot of really awkward looking dad sweaters which go great with my well-developed collection of dad puns and other dad jokes. Basically my goal in life is to be a cool dad. I’ve been trying to grow the requisite back hair, but it’s not happening as quickly as I’d like.

What is your spirit animal?
My spirit animal is probably Danny DeVito. People are constantly telling me that we look just like each other and also I love SpaceJam.

Dan Silkman — Mr. Relay for Life


Hometown: Greenwich, Conn.
School: College
Major: Government

What do you love most about the program you’re representing?
I love the fun, the people and the mission.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
My cowlick.

Who is the bachelor to beat in this year’s pageant?
Thomas Lloyd, Mr. GU Pride.

Zachary Singer — Mr. The Hoya


Hometown: Cambridge, Mass.
School: School of Foreign Service
Major: International Politics

What do you love most about the group you’re representing?
It’s Georgetown’s Newspaper of Record — enough said. But honestly it’s a great group of people interested in so many different parts of Georgetown that put out great stories every week.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
I’ve been told I have a really nice butt. And I tend to agree.

What’s your favorite song to sing?
“Only Time” by Enya.

Sumeet Singh — Mr. GU Jawani


Hometown: Long Island, N.Y.
College: McDonough School of Business
Major: Finance, Marketing

What do you love most about the program you’re representing?
The family that comes with being on the team and the rush that you get from performing on stage with them.

What’s your most beautiful feature?
My luscious locks

If you were to create your own course at Georgetown what would it be?
A case competition class in which students would have to rebrand a local business in the area in teams and pitch the results of their revamped marketing plan. Digital media is a huge passion of mine and I would love to teach students how to take something fun and use it to their business advantage.

Alex Skarzynski — Mr. Senior Class Committee


Hometown: Bethessa, Md.
School: School of Foreign Service
Major: International Politics, International Security

What do you love most about the program you’re representing?
We get to bring the Senior Class together, mostly through keggers in Leo’s

What’s your most beautiful feature?
Easy, my jawline. You could cut diamonds with it.

If you got to be DeGoia for a day what would you do?
First I would find out what’s behind the Russian door, then I would spend the rest of the day pretending to be a ghost and haunting both the 5th floor of Healy and the Tunnels. I would wrap up the day by carving “DeGioia Rules” onto the walls of the Healy Clock tower and culminate in a powerful double fist pump whilst staring into the sunset.

Brian Sullivan — Mr. Outdoor Ed


Hometown: Hingham, Mass.
School: McDonough School of Business
Major: Operations and Information Management and Finance,

What do you love most about the group you’re representing?
Outdoor Ed provides opportunities for the entire campus to break off and retreat to the great outdoors! There is no better way of doing this than with extended backpacking trips. You will carry your load, eat the trail spice, crap in the woods and make the best friends of your life!

What’s your most beautiful feature?
I assume you mean physical … There is a chunk missing from my right ear, don’t ask.

If you win tomorrow, how do you plan to carry out the role of Mr. Georgetown?
Honestly, I want to have fun and if I win, the fun won’t stop. It’s time we take a step back and realize college might fly by, but life doesn’t. Our time is not about the grades, the courses, and the parties. It’s about the people we meet, the things we learn about ourselves, and the relationships we take onward. I want to help us remember this … Oh and bring world peace, that always seems to be the right answer to this question.

So, who’s your favorite of the bachelors? Vote in our poll below:

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The Eight Disney Characters You’ll (Possibly) Meet on the Hilltop

the hoya disney

Co-authored by Nicole Jarvis and Lindsay Lee

We at The Hoya have often been told that our logo slightly resembles that of Walt Disney’s. While Healy Hall and Lauinger Library aren’t necessarily Cinderella’s Castle, life at Georgetown can sometimes be its own little fairytale. What if some of your childhood heroes were your peers on the Hilltop?


Ariel is a busy girl. She wakes up early for swim practice every morning, and sings with the Georgetown Concert Choir in the evenings. She only studies on Healy Beach Lawn and is always looking for fun little trinkets down on M Street. She’s the token ginger in any friend group and takes all of the jokes in good humor.



Belle spends a lot of her time working as a coordinator for DC Reads, but spends the rest of her days camped out on Lau 1 while she studies away. She’s an avid writer for The Hoya and is always walking around with a book, which occasionally causes her to bump into things. She likes to keep to herself, but when she wants to talk to someone, she calls her dad back at home. Many guys on campus have their eye on her but think she can be rather weird at times.



Cinderella spends the majority of her time working in the various Corp locations. Her home service is Midnight (Mug), where she makes the best pumpkin lattes. She works incredibly hard and doesn’t ask for much. She also doesn’t mind the gigantic campus rats. She loves the anonymity of Coffee Prom invitations, alway hoping to get matched up with that barista she’s had her eye on. When she has free time, she likes to go shoe shopping in West Georgetown.



Hercules (Honey, you mean HUNK-ules) spends the majority of his time in Yates, gettin’ swoll and hitting up Rhino on the weekends where he has no problem picking up the ladies. He’s secretly a huge softie who wants to be seen for more than his (ridiculously massive) biceps. It’s hard to meet his father’s expectations, so he studies pretty hard, even though people don’t think that he can go the distance here at Georgetown.



Pocahontas is the President of Outdoor Ed and loves taking hikes and spending time outside. Every Wednesday she volunteers at the Farmer’s Market, helping to sell organic products. She has no problem with the overly friendly squirrels and cat-sized rats on campus, for she is a friend to all the animals. She also loves to go kayaking on the Potomac, singing the entire time.



Gaston is the pledgemaster for B-Frat and the life of the never-ending party. As the popular tune goes, “No one chugs like Gaston, no one thugs like Gaston. No one drinks till they’re out cold on the rug like Gaston.” He doesn’t appear to have ever done any homework, and nobody is quite sure how he is still a student, yet there he is — drunk on a Tuesday trying to start a fight with a freshman and trying to convince people that they’re pronouncing Gaston Hall incorrectly (“It’s Gaston not Gaston”).



Aladdin is most likely to be spotted cruising around campus on his skateboard, which he calls his “magic carpet” or exploring the campus looking for the vast maze of tunnels that supposedly connect all the school’s buildings and the White House. He’s a dedicated character actor, and can always be spotted performing with the Children’s Theatre group or in the most recent department production. He’s never seen without his best friend Abu, who has put his natural pantomime skills to use as a member of the GU Improv Association.



Tarzan may be an exchange student with a not-so-firm grasp on the English language, but he’s found ways to get around it and attract the ladies. He hasn’t quite figured out how to dress for the weather in DC — which is much colder than his home — but it’s part of his charm. He loves to take girls on dates to the National Zoo (the gorillas are his favorites) and they quickly fall for him and his love for animals.

Tackle The Wild with Outdoor Ed

Classes have been in session for only a couple of weeks now, but for some students the stress is already piling up. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better way to relax and get in shape than by signing up for a Georgetown Outdoor Education trip. Outdoor Ed runs the ever-popular GOPOP (Pre-orientation program) and offers day trips throughout the school year. They’re looking to expand their program, meaning more opportunities for student adventures.

We talked to a couple of GOATs (Georgetown Outdoor Adventure Trainers) about the Outdoor Ed program and their favorite trips of the year. Alex Moran (SFS ’13) is the Student Director of Outdoor Ed and Anne Kenslea (COL ’13) is an experienced GOAT; both are eager to tackle the wilderness with Georgetown students.

Q: What are your favorite trips or trips that you would recommend to a student who has never participated in a trip before?

Alex Moran: We run weekend backpacking trips to Maryland or Virginia, as well as Friday afternoon rock-climbing trips (indoor/outdoor). We’ve also been running kayaking trips during the week (weather permitting). We adjust to the changing seasons. In the fall, we may even have an apple-picking or pumpkin-picking trip! You can look forward to our very popular ski trips in the winter! Come spring time, we’ll be kayaking again and possibly planning some trips for the senior class.

Anne Kenslea: OE leads day hikes and day climbs all throughout the year, as well as kayaking trips and my personal favorite– apple picking trips! My advice to people in all years, not just freshmen, would be to grab a friend and come along for an OE day hike, kayak trip, or apple picking adventure. You get to meet new people, get some fresh air and exercise, and it’s an awesome alternative to sleeping till 1 and going to Leo’s brunch before watching Netflix in Lau all afternoon. Meeting new people, feeling healthy, and coming back with great pictures and stories to make all your friends jealous– how can you say no?

Q: How is this year going to be different than past years?

AM: This year will definitely be different from years past. Russ Watts, now the former Director of Outdoor Education, resigned at the start of the year. Our new Director is Sam Bonfield, the former Assistant Director of Outdoor Ed. The biggest change is that the GOAT class, usually taught in the fall, will now be spread out throughout the year. The fall will give new GOATS the chance to learn hard skills on a backpacking weekend. They can take Wilderness First Aid in the fall and will go through the formal GOAT class in the spring.

AK: We’re putting control of the trips back in the students’ hands, and are focusing a lot more on the recreational part of being outdoors. Rather than emphasizing the teaching of hard skills, we’re hoping to show Hoyas the more fun parts of being outdoors, and widening our audience in the process.

So get off the computer, grab your outdoor gear (which you might be able to get from the program!) and bring out your inner Bear Grylls.


No Snow, Not Closing, Coping

by Michelle Cassidy

It seems that we’re facing a fairly mild winter in D.C. – despite this past weekend’s snowy excitement, temperatures are predicted to be in the 40’s and 50’s for the rest of the week. Walking around in a t-shirt and shorts in late January is kind of fun, we admit it. But we also miss some of the qualities of a real East coast winter.  Here are a few strategies to help you cope with the unseasonable warmth.

  • Get out of here! While Georgetown’s campus isn’t a winter wonderland at the moment, you don’t have to go too far to find one. Outdoor Ed is running Wednesday night ski trips to Ski Liberty in southern Pennsylvania. If you hurry, you can grab one of the last spots for this Wednesday’s trip. Already have plans for tomorrow night? No worries, Ski Nights last until the end of February.

Continue reading “No Snow, Not Closing, Coping”