What To Do This Summer If You Don’t Have an Internship

So now it’s April and you’ve found yourself without an internship. You’re probably asking yourself: what exactly can I do this summer? Well believe it or not, there is plenty more out there than being a Hilltern or interning with your favorite consulting firm. We at 4E have a few ideas of what you could do with your non-internship filled summer.

Let’s begin with some classics. You could take classes, volunteer, work at a local ice cream shop or be a camp counselor.

Read a lot of books. This summer activity is commonly done poolside or at the beach. You could always go for the throwback and catch up on all that summer reading you never did in high school.

But wait, why not write a book? Better yet, why not compile a whole series? Not only will you find a way to pass the summer, but you may even become the next J.K. Rowling in the process.

I call this next category personal start-ups. In this day and age of media, there is so much fun stuff you can create. You could start your own blog: a food blog, a workout blog, a blog for your cat–the options are endless. A meme page could also be your calling, or maybe it’s one of those Twitter accounts where you pretend to be a famous person. Who knows? This summer is your chance to find your social media calling.

Train for an Olympic Summer sport. You may discover you’re actually really talented at canoeing, throwing a javelin or steeplechase. Then you have the whole summer to learn an Olympic sport to begin training for Tokyo 2020!

Challenge yourself. Try every ice cream flavor at every ice cream store within a 25 mile radius of where you are spending the summer. This activity will take a lot of perseverance, money and a very strong stomach. But we believe in you and advise you to always order a large small.

Start your coursework for Fall 2017. It’s never too early to begin your 1000s of pages of readings.
Okay this one is just too ridiculous. Please don’t do this.

Learn the fight song. Patrick Ewing was just announced as the new Men’s Basketball Coach, so you might want to go to a basketball game next season! Prepare yourself. And, if learning the song doesn’t take the whole summer, you can always learn the alma mater too.

Never leave your house. Not once. This will take lots of dedication and a long list of either books to read, shows to watch or walls to stare at, but you’re a Hoya and thus can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Note: if you do in fact write a book, become a successful blogger, or eat at every ice cream shop within a 25 mile radius, please let us know, as we would like thanks and partial credit for your achievement.

Photos/Gifs: giphy.com, disney-planet.fr

4E’s Official 2016 Olympics Drinking Game

olympics drinking gameThe 2016 Rio Olympics are finally in full swing and this means that we at 4E are getting ourselves familiar with how things are ~run~ this year. With our careful observations and out-of-the-box thinking, we have concocted the perfect drinking game for you and your 21+ friends to play while watching the world’s best athletes compete for the gold, silver and bronze medals. We #obvi know the USA will come out on top once again, but why not sip on some libations while watching our rise to victory?

Here are our 15 drinking rules for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Drink responsibly.

  1. Drink every time “Zika” is mentioned. 
  2. Drink every time “doping” is mentioned. 
  3. Drink every time you see a foreign company sponsor the U.S. Olympic team. 
  4. Drink every time you see a foreign country that you have visited in competition.
  5. Drink every time they cut to a nervous parent in the stands.
  6. Drink every time you see an Olympic athlete compete that is younger than you. 
  7. Drink every time Matt Lauer says “Wow!”. 
  8. Drink every time they show a replay. 
  9. Drink every time they mention Michael Phelps. 
  10. Drink every time announcers mention how Lebron is not on the USA team this year. 
  11. Drink every time someone breaks a world record.
  12. Drink every time you see a person in a bikini in the background of the announcer’s box.
  13. Drink every time you see a beautiful person. 
  14. Drink every time the U.S. wins a medal. 
  15. Take a shot every time the U.S. wins a GOLD medal. 

Hope you enjoy our official 2016 Olympics drinking game! #GoUSA

Images: giphy.com, https://bit.ly/2aTAD03

Voy a Quito

watchcourtneyHola Georgetown friends! I hope you all are having an amazing time raging, sleeping and possibly working? (I am so sorry)

I am a huge proponent of adventurous summers — I tried sitting around and working last year and almost lost my mind.

As you all should know, I am going abroad to Turkey in the fall. So, naturally, I had to make my summer the epic pregame to my legendary Fall semester.

Yes, thats right. Today I will being heading down to Quito, Ecuador, for a fabulous six weeks! You are jealous, I know. It is completely understandable.

I needed to do summer study abroad because I need to become proficient in Spanish (#SFS). Thankfully, my trip is one of the coolest things ever and will be anything BUT boring.

94d6905503d5a90f8bc43117fe8720c4 5232d4cb8105799a837d86c77c9e6ef3

Crazy beautiful, right?

However, preparing for such an extravaganza is not as easy as it might seem. I have had the most difficult time packing, unpacking, shopping and re-packing again. It’s an endless cycle.

Making sure I have everything for Ecuador is like the Olympics of packing. The weather where I will be staying varies from around 50 to 85 degrees. And then, I also have to pack for both the jungle and the Galapagos. My wardrobe is seriously damaged. Hopefully all my preparation will pay off and I’ll survive this Hunger Games of dressing. And if not, you can pay your respects at Los Cuates with some guac.

While I will miss my family, friends and of course my fans (cue hair flip), I cannot wait for this adventure. I will be speaking only Spanish for around 40 days. Can I do it? ¿Dónde está la biblioteca?

Photos: https://500px.com/photo/9313873/quito-by-denise-gushue, 100beautifulplaces.tumblr.com

5 Olympic Sport Spirit Animals

Olympic Spirit AnimalsAs the Olympics wrap up this weekend, it’s time to reflect upon the past few weeks. We’ve watched Olympians ski, jump, race and skate around, representing their countries in the most competitive sports contest in the world. During the Winter Games in Sochi, I’ve learned a lot of things — things about beautiful Olympians and new sporting events — but what I’ve really learned in that each Olympic sport actually has a special spirit animal. Cute animals plus winter sports … what more could a person want? Without further ado, here are the top five spirit animals of the Sochi Olympics.

1. Figure Skaters They’re beautiful, graceful and wonderful, but let’s be honest, those skater girls can be nasty (cough, cough, Tonya Harding), just like our friend the swan.

figure skatingswans

2. Downhill Skiers Going at speed of up to 80-90 miles per hour, it’s clear that these speed demons are cheetahs at heart.

downhill skiing


3. Curlers We’re not really sure what their sport is and they don’t go very fast, but having long arms like this sloth would sure help.



4. Snowboarders The tricks they do are awesome, and it’s almost like they’re flying through the air, just like this nifty little flying squirrel.



flying squirrels

5. Lugers Let’s be honest, they basically stole this sport from penguins, except penguins do it all without any equipment.




There you have it: this year’s Winter Olympics summed up in pictures of cute animals. So embrace your spirit animals and you’ll be basically halfway to the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games, Hoyas!

Photos: katiaham.wordpress.com, 10000likes.blogspot.com, gardenofeaden.blogspot.com, www.npr.org, www.examiner.com, www.allvoices.com, www.denverpost.com, www.theonion.com, bleacherreport.com, averyhowland.blogspot.com, ccsuvt.org, commons.wikimedia.org

Okay, What Even Is Curling?

what is curlingWith the Olympics going on, I know you’re all wondering it. When curling begins, immediate confusion commences.


As much as we like to pretend we know what is happening, it’s a lot easier just to make up different explanations for why the people are doing what they’re doing. Trying to actually comprehend the sport gets pretty frustrating.

davidHere are my thoughts when I first watched curling:

Is that ice? Are they on ice? Why is there a big target painted onto it?  tumblrcrlHere come some people with brooms. Must be the maintenance staff. Wait. Those are the athletes? 


Is that a big rock? Where did they find rocks with handles on them?


Oh, okay. They’re going to push the rock. I guess this is kind of like bowling. 


Okay, she pushed the rock. She is still holding the rock. LET GO OF THE ROCK!


There you go. Now we’re talking! Wait, are they mopping the floor? Why are they sweeping the ice? Is it dirty? That is one high-maintenance rock… 



curling3Okay the rock stopped moving. Now what? They’re just walking away? Did they even score a point? A touchdown? A goal? 


Truthfully, curling is an intense and competitive sport with a lot of strategy involved. Also, nobody actually understands it.


If you want to be less confused and/or actually understand curling, try reading about it here. Until then, wonder on, my friends.


Photos: babble.com; gifs: tumblr, pandawhale.com, mojomotors.com, picgifs.com

Eye Candy Alert: The Hottest Olympians In Sochi

sochi hottiezEverybody knows why Sochi has been having unexpectedly high temperatures these past few days: The Olympians there are just too hot! It’s an understatement to say that the athletes competing in the Sochi Winter Games are the epitome of fit and beautiful. For those that really just watch the Olympics to admire muscles, six packs or just pure beauty, here’s a guide to help you be on the lookout for the most enjoyable sights you’ll see during this year’s Winter Games…

1. Bode Miller

Miller is a skier from the U.S. who has already garnered 5 career Winter Olympic medals!


2. Tina Weirather

All the way from Liechtenstein comes another alpine ski racer who made her debut in the World Cup when she was just 16.


3. David Backes

Backes is a U.S. Olympic hockey player and captain of the St. Louis Blues!


4. Jamie Anderson

Hailing from Lake Tahoe, Anderson is an Olympic snowboarder who won gold in the inaugural Women’s Slopestyle event in Sochi.


5. Bene Mayr

Germany is represented by this sexy freestyle skier. Just look at all all that freestyle swag!


6. Tina Maze

A World Cup alpine skier from Slovenia, she’s the current Super-G world champion and is also an Olympic champion in downhill.


7. Jonathan Toews 

This Canadian Olympic competitor’s one hot hockey player, but he knows how to cool things down on the ice.


8. Sara Hurtado 

De España, Hurtado is an ice dancer. Her Spanish look is sure to spice things up.


9. Shani Davis 

Another athlete from the U.S., Davis is a speed skater. Just look at that smile!

Shani Davis of the U.S. waves at the stands after the 1500m mens division A event at the ISU World Cup Speed Skating in Heerenveen

10. Theresa Johaug 

Last but not least, this blonde beauty is a cross-country skier from Norway.


Well, Hoyas, I don’t know about you, but after looking at these Olympians I have to go to Yates to feel a little better about myself! See you on the treadmills!

Photos: olympicmoments.tumblr.com, biathlonnews.com, starmagazine.com, mpora.com, espn.go.com, sloveniatimes.com, gettyimages.com, business.transworld.net, sports.yahoo.com, redbull.com, glamour.com

HoyaWinter OlympicSaxa: The Olympics, Georgetown-Flavored

Georgetown OlympicsOslo, Lake Placid, Nagano, Vancouver. Are these future celebrity children names? Close, but no. These are really the past sites of the Winter Olympics. You heard right, THE OLYMPICS!

This year, the Winter Olympics will be held in Sochi, Russia, and will surely bring some inspiring moments. But as you watch the events over the next two weeks of international “harmony,” stop and think: What if the Winter Olympics happened right here in Georgetown? Forget “snowboarding” and “figure skating.” Open your mind to a few of the events from the Georgetown (aka the better) version of the Olympics:

1. Write a full paper at the tables of Lau 2 Points awarded based on speed and lack of plagiarism. Periodically, to distract the competitors, someone will walk by and ask if they can “watch my stuff for a minute.”

Preach, K-Stew.

2. Climbing the stairs to Yates “Athletics!” Seriously, just getting to the front door of Yates Fieldhouse could pose a formidable challenge to even the fittest Hoya. A million bonus points for actually getting inside and using the machines. Who am I kidding — the real Olympians would be like:

3. Avoiding the onslaught of tour groups Duck, cover, squirm and wriggle your way through the masses of Blue and Gray madness. Bonus points if you convince a prospective student to come here while awkwardly avoiding the onslaught.

4. Navigating campus with unexpected obstacles The competitor is given two minutes to get from St. Mary’s to a lecture hall in Healy. The natural route is through Red Square and past Copley, but that’s blocked off. Time to go around the ICC. But wait: Where did all these people come from? And why are they spreading across all the walkways by Regents? This event is probably most similar to an actual Winter Olympics event. Think slalom skiing, but with people. Also, without skis.


For insight into actual events of the Sochi Olympics you should look out for, check out this article from Paranoia. Until then, the next time you finish your homework on time or trudge up the New South hill, pat yourself on the back. You might not be an Olympian, but you’re a Hoya, and you’re already a winner in our book.

Photos: ccsuvt.org, wikipedia Gif: gurl.com, tumblr.com, blogspot.com, gifsoup.com