Power Ranking of Drunk Epi Food

tumblr_static_junk_food_wallpaper_by_yume_fran-d31yapsWe’ve all been there: a pregame, two frat parties and a post game later, the drunkenness is high but the nausea is even higher. We at 4E have compiled a list of foods that have saved our lives at Epi on multiple occasions.

1. Quesadillas – Obviously a classic.

2. Onion Rings – Great for when you’re on a budget.

3. John Thompson – With corned beef, coleslaw and Russian dressing, this sandwich sops up alcohol like a shamwow.

4. Cool Ranch Doritos – Apparently they sell them there… who knew?!

5. Burger a la Georgetown – Order it with double veggie and feta cheese if you’re a guilty eater.
6. Smoking hot brisket – Did that smoking hot girl at the party ignore you? This sandwich definitely won’t do the same.

Sometimes, you do not have the mental capacity to pick a specific/complicated food (probably from all that studying). As one Epi-goer explained, “In real life, drunk me kind of just picks randomly off the menu.”

Here are the best of the random choices:

1. BBQ chicken pizza – You probably should get a whole pizza and maybe bring a friend along.

2. BLT – $3.25 and it’s greater than great.

3. BLT with avocado – Including tax it’s only $5.17. What a deal.

4. Other people’s fries – The move, always. Free food is always better than food you pay for.

While you should have so much fun at all the parties and stuff, try to keep yourself together enough to try these favorites from Epi.

*Remember that it’s good to eat and drink while drinking to avoid the dreaded ~hangover~
**Also remember the legal drinking age in the U.S. is 18 21

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OMG: Tomorrow is National Guacamole Day


Attention: Guac lovers of the world

Tomorrow is the day. It’s like Christmas, Rosh Hashanah and my birthday all rolled into one. Yep, you guessed it, it is National Guacamole Day (NGD, for those in the know)!


As this is a national holiday, you are basically mandated by the U.S. Constitution to eat GUAC. Come on people, it is your god given right as an American citizen!

If you are left wondering how to best celebrate this holiday, do not fret. 4E has got you covered.

Here is how I, the queen of guac, mandate you should spend NGD:

1.Visit your favorite guac serving restaurant. Whether that be El Centro (try their Guacamole Festival menu!) or Chipotle, as long as you have some guac in your life your day will be instantly better.

2.Do not mention paying more for guac. While you should never do this, on this holy day you should especially not mention the extra $2.05 that transforms your regular Chipotle burrito bowl to a heavenly experience.

Leo knows the guac costs extra


3.Wear all of your guac-pparel. Because, obviously you have this. I will personally be sporting my “I heart Guac” t-shirt. Get ready to be jealous. I am ready for my close up.


4.Post on social media about your BFF (guac). Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like an Instagram of you and your BFF guac doing a variety of fun activities. TBT that time you guys went kayaking on the Potomac! SOOOO CUTE.

5.Be creative and make your own guac! PSA: If you do this please contact me personally and let me know. I would be more than happy to be your tester. I know a thing or two about guac.

My favorite words

6.Attend the “Make your own Guac” class at Leo’s! Tomorrow. O’Donovan’s on the Waterfront. Lower Level. 5 p.m. Be there, or be a NARP.

Guac today, Guac tomorrow, Guac forever.

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This past weekend restaurants all over the District were awarded RAMMY Awards for their excellence in keeping the D.C. population full and happy. While 4E loves our food from all over the 8 wards, the food of Georgetown will always hold an important place in our hearts. So instead, 4E is creating our own RAMMYs for the one and only Hilltop.

It is the GRAMMYs (Georgetown RAMMYs)!

*No relation to music, unless we are discussing songs about food*

Here are the winners:

Favorite Gathering Place of the Year

GRAMMY WINNER: Midnight Mug (and the tables adjacent)

Upscale Casual Brunch:

RAMMY WINNER: Le Diplomate
GRAMMY WINNER: Farmers Fishers Bakers


Favorite Fast Bites:

RAMMY WINNER: Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza – Friendship Heights

Cocktail/Beer Program of the Year:

RAMMY WINNER: Bourbon Steak

Wine Program of the Year:

GRAMMY WINNER: Tie between Safeway (Franzia 4 life) + Wisey’s


Employee of the Year:

RAMMY WINNER: Evan Labb – Evening Star Cafe
GRAMMY WINNER: Omelet Lady – Leo’s

Manager of the Year

RAMMY WINNER: Joseph Cerione – Blue Duck Tavern
GRAMMY WINNER: Frankie – Einstein’s in Leavy

Pastry Chef of the Year

RAMMY WINNER: Agnes Chin – The Grill Room, Capella Hotel
GRAMMY WINNER: The Hipsters – Baked and Wired

First time Liz Lemon has been wrong
First time Liz Lemon has been wrong

Rising Culinary Star of the Year:

RAMMY WINNER: George Pagonis – Kapnos DC
GRAMMY WINNER: Me and my housemates #domestic

Everyday Casual Restaurant of the Year

RAMMY WINNER: DGS Delicatessen
GRAMMY WINNER: Good Stuff Eatery


Formal Fine Dining Restaurant of the Year:

RAMMY WINNER: The Restaurant at Patowmack Farm

Regional Food and Beverage Producer of the Year:

RAMMY WINNER: Catoctin Creek Distilling Company
GRAMMY WINNER: Who ever makes the best jungle juice

Let the nomz be with you.

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MEGA IMPORTANT PSA: Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day


Attention people! Today, Tuesday, April 14th is the most important day of the year: Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s.

As you’ve probably noticed, we here at 4E love lists, so we decided to make a list of things that are better than Ben & Jerry’s free cone day:







Be sure to visit our local Ben & Jerry’s at 3135 M Street (aka make a pilgrimage to Mecca) to get your free cone from now until 8 pm. Bonus: the walk to the shop will be a nice change to your usual routine of trekking to Vittles, grabbing a carton and watching Netflix while shoveling ice cream into your mouth.

Whether you’re a New York Super Fudge Chunk connoisseur or a Phish Food fanatic, today is sure to be the highlight of the year. Go solo or with friends, but don’t miss out on the chance to acquire free happiness and joy in its most pure form.

Shoutout to the two most important men in my life for always being there for me. Love you Ben & Jerry.

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Hump Day Chomp: Farmers’ Market Edition


Spring at Georgetown brings so many wonderful things: cherry blossoms, tulips around the John Carroll statue and warm weather that makes it just a little bit easier to get up in the morning (forget about the millions of tourists crowding everything in DC, allergies and the inevitable sunburn after spending five minutes outside).

However, there is one thing about spring at Georgetown that comes with no negative side effects: the return of our beloved farmers’ market! Farmers’ markets are one of the most beautiful things to grace our planet: they give you the opportunity to buy and eat delicious bread, produce, crepes, tacos and almost anything else your heart desires. While there’s always a soft spot in our hearts for whatever Leo’s is serving, it’s hard to beat strolling around Red Square with a Chaia taco in your hand.


There’s also no better way to forget about your impending midterms than stress-eating an entire loaf of bread from Upper Crust Bakery (no shame-it’s worth it) or devouring a Lulu’s ice cream.


The atmosphere at Georgetown is always just a little bit happier and brighter on Wednesdays from 12-5, and it’s always nice to get a break from your studies and breathe in the fresh air while enjoying delicious and fresh food. To find out more about the vendors coming to the farmer’s market every week, check out the GUFM Facebook page. You might even find out how to score some free hibiscus tea or learn about upcoming special events.

Come join me in frolicking about at the Georgetown Farmers’ Market – you’ll be fat and happy in no time.

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Red Velvet Oreos: Now in Stores!


It is here, it is finally happening! Brace Yourself!! Red Velvet Oreos are Coming!!!!

Nabisco heard our pleas and combined our favorite cookie with our favorite flavor. The wait is finally over and red velvet Oreos are now available for a limited time (since Feb. 2).

For those of you alone on Valentine’s Day, Nabisco has thoughtfully just supplied you with a date that will never fail to disappoint you. No longer will you have to dread the unavoidable V-day. You can now look forward to your day spent in bed with a box of these heavenly cookies right by your side! Plus, this comforting companion only costs $4.49! Just think about how much you are saving compared to those with significant others.

Red Velvet Oreo Cookie Review - Oreo Oration
Red Velvet Oreo Cookie Review – Oreo Oration

The cream cheese filling, stuffed between two crisp red velvet cookies, makes for a delectable treat for any time of day. Dip it in the milk of your choice and you are good to go! If you want to really enjoy your Oreo experience this Valentine’s Day, I wholeheartedly recommend watching “How to eat Oreos!?!?!?!” to enhance your Oreo-eating techniques.

And as if this red-velvet Oreo news wasn’t enough, word on the street is that Nabisco has another cookie coming down the pipeline: S’MORES OREOS. While Nabisco has yet to confirm this rumor, an image of S’mores Oreo packaging is currently circulating Twitter. The Impulsive Buy claims that they should be available in either April or May.

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!

But, until then, cancel all those imaginary plans for the 14th because your date has finally arrived at a store near you.

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Road to the Freshman Fifty: Captain Cookie and the Milkman Opens at GW


Well Hoyas, it looks like GW may have out-done us: a Captain Cookie and the Milkman storefront opened yesterday on GW’s campus at 2000 Pennsylvania Ave NW.

Like the popular food truck, Captain Cookie’s storefront offers seven regular flavors of cookies, one weekly special and three flavors of ice cream. According to my math-nerd friend, this means that there are 192 possible ice cream sandwich combinations to choose from (in other words, just enough to get you through midterms).


Because we at 4E care about research, I used this opportunity to buy myself an ice cream sandwich and not worry about the gym tomorrow. The warm cookies and ice cream were definitely worth the GUTS/Metro/Uber-fail trek, if for nothing else than the way the inside of the store smelled. I would definitely recommend rolling around in some Captain Cookie cookie dough if you’re looking to attract a special someone come Valentine’s Day.

Go to Captain Cookie if you love cookies, happiness and public transportation. You’ll probably find me there stuffing my face and avoiding my responsibilities.

 Gifs: Wikia.com, https://roaminghunger.com/