No Shave November Has Ended!

No ShaveThe day is finally upon us: Nov. 30. At last, the long and arduous facial hair-growing process of No Shave November will come to an epic conclusion … and a whole bunch of guys are now going to shave. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we at 4E have compiled a list of our favorite beards that could have been. If these people would have participated in No Shave November, here are what the outcomes might have looked like.

John Carroll:

John Carroll Beard Father Kevin O’Brien, S.J. (Vice President of Mission & Ministry):

Father OBrien Beard

John B. Carroll (a.k.a. the “new” Jack the Bulldog):

Jack Beard

Former Secretary of State and GU professor Madeleine Albright:

M Albright Beard

President Jack DeGioia:

J DeGioia Beard

And, of course, Lau:

Lau Beard

Happy December, Hoyas!

Photos: 123rf, The Georgetown Voice, PagePulp, Reddit, RenderRobin, Wamu, RbPhoto, Georgetown, Wikipedia, HealthNewsOne

No Shave November: The Origins

no shave

With November upon us, the leaves continue to fall, the days are getting longer and dreams of turkey and stuffing begin to creep into our thoughts. But for many men, and for those boys who are able, Movember and “No Shave November” begin.

Almost all are eager to start and less are able to finish, as campuses and communities across the country and world begin the month with thin and patchy peach fuzz that hopefully will produce thick and full mustaches and beards.

Most are familiar with the idea of “No Shave” (the cool way to say it), but we thought it could be useful, and meaningful for those choosing to put away the razor, to hear a little about the history and the vision of the organization Movember.

Movember is an organization founded in 2003 in Australia from 30 men’s decision to grow out their facial hair for 30 days. Their decision was based upon a desire to raise awareness of the heath issues affecting men across the world every day, including prostate cancer, testicular cancer and depression.

Since 2003, the movement has grown, and men and women have started raising money with their mustache growth. $147 million has been raised to date, as “mo bros” around the world have taken on the challenge and the duty to raise awareness for fellow men. The month is often kicked off with a “Mo party” where people gather in the workplace, at a favorite bar or at school to celebrate the beginning of the journey to “change the face of men’s health.” Here’s a great video worth checking out that gives a nice little history of Movember.

Along with the video, Movember’s site has all kinds of cool stuff including leader boards“Mo Maps” to find parties and fundraisers, and directions and tips on how to get involved. Whether you’re hosting a party and raising some money, donating or growing it out for kicks, know that men around the world are joining you for 30 days, not just to make your appearance more rugged, but to raise awareness and help create a healthier world for men one ’stache at a time.