Manly Monday: Spring Break Edition


While the weather in DC wouldn’t be any indication, Spring Break is just a week away. One more week of classes and we can all retreat to warm paradises or our cozy homes. After a brutal few weeks of midterms and papers, a much-deserved break is finally on the horizon. The men at 4E are here to make sure our loyal manly men are all prepped for Spring Break.

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This winter in DC has been historically cold, so it has definitely been a while since anyone has had the ability to break out the shorts and T-shirts. A solid wardrobe is essential to a memorable spring break. You don’t want to be that guy wearing the generic Nike shirt and shorts combo.

Every manly man needs something memorable, their own personal schtick. Maybe your thing will be visors instead of traditional hats, short-shorts or an assortment of old jerseys. Either way, you need to find something unique and embrace it.

If you’re just looking to upgrade, Chubbies Shorts are always a classic favorite. Also, everyone appreciates a good Hawaiian shirt, so make sure to have at least one in your repertoire. Finally, don’t forget a swimsuit. Seems so obvious, but unique trunks can really pull together a Spring Break outfit.


A quality and extensive Spring Break playlist is essential. You are finally back out in the sun and able to appreciate music that doesn’t make you long for the days of summer.

Spring break is a time for often-forgot-about “summer” songs to make their way back to your Spotify playlists. So break out that summer playlist that has been underutilized since the long-ago days of warmth.

Don’t have one? Don’t worry. 4E has you covered with a variety of summer and spring break themed playlists. Here is our latest Summer Throwbacks playlist that should definitely be utilized during your Spring Break.

Some country stars like Luke Bryan even have whole albums dedicated to Spring Break. So next time you need a study break, throw together a playlist for you and your boys to enjoy while getting a nice tan.

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The Perfect Tan

That leads me to the next thing you need to prep for: getting that perfect bronze tan. Getting a quality tan is an artform. Burn too early, and you ruin your whole trip. Be too safe, you become one of those people that gets on a plane leaving Florida, Mexico, etc. still pasty white. It is a fine line you need to walk, but we are here to help.

First off, know your problem spots. For most people shoulders and nose are classic problem areas, so pay close attention to them. I recommend always putting a higher strength SPF on them. Obviously you are going to want to start out with stronger sunscreen, then work your way down.

After a long day in the sun, your best friend is going to be aloe. Even if you didn’t burn that day, it will help your skin recover for the next day.

Make sure to have an even tan. Nothing looks more bizarre than someone who laid on their back all day and their front is blatantly darker than their back.

Also, don’t wear sunglasses too often. A tan line from those is glaring and embarrassing. Moral of the story: be careful and don’t be embarrassed to ask a friend to help you reach those spots that you just cannot get to.

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What to Do?

While the majority of Spring Break should be spent relaxing, obviously you are all there to have fun. An instant way to ruin fun is to end up bickering at each other about what to do. Make sure to have some things planned.

In Florida for the week? Catch a Spring Training baseball game which just got started. Maybe you can all each pick one thing to do on the trip to make sure everyone gets to do what they want and no one has to argue. However you choose to do it, go into the vacation with a bit of a plan, but remember that you are there to kick back and relax.

Staying Home?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with heading home for Spring Break. Maybe you are lucky enough to live in a classic Spring Break area, and your backyard is your vacation. If you are home, it is important that you still enjoy yourself and not sulk around that you aren’t somewhere else.

Home is often the main ingredient in a recipe for a relaxing and fulfilling break. Spend time with your family, eat your favorite meals, finish House of Cards, or whatever suits you. The fact that you had to go home should not mean you have a boring break. Sometimes your couch and family are better than thousands of other people crowded onto a small beach. Everyone misses their family, so cherish the time you have at home.

Spring Break will be a welcome break that everyone has been counting down towards since we came back from winter break. No matter where you are going, or with who, just make sure to kick back, relax, and enjoy the break. To all the loyal followers of Manly Mondays, have a man-tastic Spring Break.

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BTW Drake Just Released a New Album


Good news, Drake fans! The former Degrassi star and current crooner/rapper/October’s Very Own hasn’t released an album since 2013, the well-received Nothing Was the Same.


He literally just dropped his mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late on iTunes, a la Beyoncé.

She was surprised, too.

Track names range from the short but sweet (“Legend”, “Energy”) to the mysterious (“Star67”, “You & The 6”). Guests include PARTYNEXTDOOR (a fellow Canadian) and Lil Wayne. The closing track, “6PM In New York” might be a callback to “5AM In Toronto”?

Either way, clearly Drake is making moves by dropping a surprise album right before Valentine’s Day. And it looks like he’s been dropping hints for a while, including references to song titles via Twitter and Instagram.

Started from the bottom now he’s on iTunes for $1.29 a track or $12.99 for the entire album! Get Listening!

“Happy Valentine’s Day, world. XOXO Aubrey.”

P.S. Full review coming to the The Guide soon.


I’m Too Soxy For My Shirt

Hoya Soxa

Fall, autumn, apple pickin’ time … Whatever you want to call this season, it’s time to say goodbye to the sandals and say hellooooo to the SOCKS AND SANDALS! Just kidding.

But let’s talk socks. I know that you, the perspicacious 4E reader, is wondering why a whole post is being devoted to socks, a.k.a. “shoe liners” or “foot cozies” or “really horrible Father’s Day present.” But let me tell you something: Socks are no joke. This time of year, nothing can make or break a day like a pair of socks. Got caught in a mid-autumn downpour after class? Changing from wet socks to dry wool-y ones is like getting a million high fives: It’s awesome!

There are many different types of socks roaming the Georgetown campus. But for the sake of brevity, we’ve decided to feature five key types. If you already have them, consider yourself set for the rest of your undergraduate education. If you’re missing a type, what are you waiting for? In the words of Ron Swanson, “Just give me all the bacon and eggs [socks] you have.”

1. The Mid-Calf

Forget the muscle tee, snapback or sweet Nike© kicks: nothing screams “I’M AN ALPHA DOG” like a perfectly executed mid-calf sock. Wear these when you’re “chillin’ with the boiz” at “the gym”, or when you’re “chillin’ with no one” on your couch watching “the game.” Sports!

Please refer to the dude on the left for an example of an “alpha dog.”

2. The Ankle

An American classic. Actually, a worldwide classic, because who doesn’t love ankle socks? Perfect with sneakers, boots, Crocs, you name it – these put the “Terrific” in “versatile.”

3. The Knee

Hold up. You’re wearing ankle socks with knee-high boots and you feel uncomfortable, and you’re thinking of giving up on socks entirely? Don’t do that! Get a pair of knee socks! If you don’t wear knee-high boots, you should still have a pair of these because they can come in clutch for costumes.

4. The Low-Cut

Shoutout to Costco for slowly cornering the market on these bad boys. While you may be shocked, as I was, to hear that KB stands for K. Bell and not Kirkland Brand, don’t let that misunderstanding prevent you from enjoying an inexpensive pair of durable and cozy (and colorful!) socks.

A sight for sore eyes.

5. The Toe

For those of you out there who want that extra wiggle room, here’s a sock that fits like a glove. It literally fits like a glove. These are foot gloves. Whatever, it’s your life – you can let your toes hang loose if you want to. #miley

Hoya Soxa!