Before You Throw a Reefer Rager…

hoyaPOTWARNINGIn case you missed the news this past week, marijuana was legalized on Tuesday when D.C. voters approved Initiative 71 by 69 percent.

But take warning … Before you throw a massive Reefer Madness party this weekend and frolic around Healy Lawn, know that this is just the first step toward total legalization.

As such, marijuana use in D.C. has the following stipulations:

1. Initiative 71 will not go into effect until it clears a 60-day Congressional review period.

2. If Congress does not reject Initiative 71, it will only go into effect until February or early March — just in time for April 20. Coincidence? I think not.

3. The law only applies to people over the age of 21. Too bad, underclassmen.

4. You can possess marijuana if it’s under two ounces. Backpack side pockets are finally useful!

5. Sales of marijuana are still prohibited, so please keep that Dean’s office job.

6. You can cultivate as many as six plants, as long as only three or fewer are mature. Good thing campus housing can only hold about five total.

7. And most restricting of all, smoking on campus is still prohibited. This means you will never be able to legally hug John Carroll while high or use the beakers in the biology lab as bongs (which, considering what those beakers normally contain, would be a pretty bad idea).

So hold tight Hoyas, be safe and keep your eyes on the news, because next semester might just get a whooleee lottt greeenerrrr.


Friday Fixat10ns: Lighting Up

Friday Fixat10ns: Medical Marijuana Version from thehoya on 8tracks.

Medical marijuana could be available at dispensaries across D.C. by the end of the summer. Though D.C.’s law is much more restrictive than those of many states (we’re looking at you, California and Colorado), we’re getting prepared with this week’s Fixat10ns. Here are ten perfect songs to listen to during your cancer, glaucoma or HIV treatment. Though the song possibilities are seemingly endless, we decided to limit them to the past 10 years. If I were my dad circa 1981, I may have included other greats like Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, or the Greatful Dead. But I’m not, so here’s a more modern mix.

2am — Slightly Stoopid The first of many songs on this playlist that sound the same. But, hey, if something’s working for you, why not keep it going?

The Show Goes On — Lupe Fiasco A year and a half ago, Lupe wouldn’t even be close to being on this playlist. But, then I saw his fall concert performance last year where he forgot the words to this exact song due to some drug-induced state.

Marijuana — Kid Cudi Need I say anything else?

Santeria — Sublime Another one of those songs that just sounds like you should light up a joint whenever it comes on shuffle. But don’t. Please don’t. That’s illegal. (For now).

Wet Dreams — Pepper Unlike other songs on this playlist, this song clearly isn’t about lighting up. But, again, it’s in that category of songs that just fit with today’s theme.

Never Ending Summer — 311 Keep on blazin’ the trail, keep on rockin’ the joints… We do it all the time!

Maui Wowie — Kid Cudi Soon, you won’t have to go back to Honolulu just to get that Maui Wowie — if our dispensaries are anything like California’s, you’ll be able to get pot from around the world.

Chillin’ (feat. Lady Gaga) — Wale Here’s another singer who has forgotten words at a concert due to some level of highness. And, since he’s local, you can bet he’s excited about the new dispensaries.

Love 101 — Pepper This playlist is just loaded with songs designed to lower your blood pressure (even if you’re not lighting up).

Paper Planes — M.I.A. No, this song isn’t about two Indian kids riding on the roofs of trains (as Slumdog Millionaire would have you believe). It’s about getting high and crossing borders.

Medical Marijuana is Coming to D.C.

Way back in 1998, District residents first voted to approve medical marijuana, and after years of being blocked by Congress, it’s finally becoming a reality — in a few short months, dispensaries will open around the city.

Before you get too excited, know that it won’t be easy to get a prescription for pot in D.C. (where do you think we live, California?). In order to qualify for a medical marijuana prescription, patients must have HIV, cancer or some other serious chronic illness.

The laws governing pot in the District won’t be quite as lax as they are in other states. Residents with prescriptions will not be allowed to light up in public or at the new dispensaries, and cannot carry more than 2 ounces at a time.

The executive director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), Allen St. Pierre, commented on the legalization of weed in the nation’s capital:

These laws when implemented will be in the shadow of a very recalcitrant government. The DEA is based here. The drug czar’s office is based here. How is that dynamic going to work when some of these entities say marijuana is not a medicine and two to three miles from his or her office will be a lawful, compliant medical marijuana dispensary?

While pot is still considered illegal under federal law, sixteen states have legalized it for medical use (to varying degrees of strictness). The ongoing debate leads to confusing standards for both sellers and buyers.

D.C.’s legalization arrives while the federal government cracks down on medical marijuana dispensaries in other states. Even in states like California, Colorado and Washington (where medical marijuana is legal), the federal government has threatened dispensary owners with lawsuits and criminal prosecution if they don’t close their stores.

Because the District falls under the jurisdiction of Congress, the upcoming election could change things yet again. If we wind up with a president who’s stance on marijuana is stronger than Obama’s, the dispensaries set to open this summer could be short-lived.

Photo: Flickr user ekelly80