Where To Move If Donald Trump Becomes President

Banner - Trump MapWalking down M, lost in ICC and even in the depth’s of Lau, you hear the whispers: “where will I move if Donald Trump becomes president?” As the impossibility of a President Trump becomes ever more likely, people throughout our 50 states, and even territories (@Puerto Rico & @Guam), find themselves asking the question. So if you’re looking to say “America, you’re fired” if the former reality TV star becomes the next holder of our nuclear codes, and move out of here fast, 4E has a few ideas of where you could go.*

*Disclaimer: this post was not sponsored by Trump Realty, but in fact is an attempt for a freshman to begin studying for Map of the Modern World, by choosing random countries to search on Wikipedia.

Many people have decided to go straight to Canada if January 2017 brings a Trump inauguration. But while Canada is close and has great maple syrup, it’s going to get crowded really quickly. Even The New York Times published an article entitled “Fleeing Trump (or Clinton): Look Out, Canada, Here They Come” following Super Tuesday. So Canada may not be an option much longer…

But there is no need to panic. We have plenty of options for you!

Gabon, is an African nation located on the Atlantic Ocean. Its capital is Libreville which in French means free city. If you choose Libreville, you will be free from Donald Trump, in this lovely city. aeriel view of Libreville Gabon Africa

Guyana. The capital of this South American country is Georgetown, so it’ll be like you never left! Except it will be, because Guayana has rainforests and beaches and not snow.

If you’re thinking Europe for your next home, but you don’t want a mainstream country like say France, try Liechtenstein! It’s central location (see below) makes traveling quite simple. This small country has “more registered companies than citizens” according to Wikipedia. But maybe we can change that when Donald Trump becomes president!

Location of  Liechtenstein  (green)in Europe  (dark grey)  –  [Legend]

Nation of Brunei, the Adobe of Peace, otherwise known as Brunei, is an Asian nation on the South China Sea. I don’t know about you, but just the name of this seaside state screams not Donald Trump’s America! 

If none of these countries appeal to you, there is no need to worry! Below are a few more options for the more ~adventurous~…


The transportation logistics may be a bit complicated, but there is plenty of ~space~ so bring the whole family!

The Bermuda Triangle

The Island from Castaway

*You in five months

And when everywhere else is full and you’re about to lose all hope just create a time machine! Chilling with the dinosaurs may be a better option than Trump’s America.


Pictures: reddit.com, wikipedia.com, africa.com

The Night Before the Map Exam


‘Twas the night before the Map final, when all through the Hilltop,
Nervous SFS freshmen were studying, though they wished they could stop.
Their Sporcle quizzes were aced, all filled out carefully,
From Armenia with Yerevan, to Rome in Italy.

College, NHS and MSB kids were nestled, all snug in their beds,
No visions of wind patterns danced in their heads.
And you with your Atlas and I with my notes,
Were readying our brains for whatever exam JRA wrote.

When down on Healy Lawn there arose such a clatter,
I rushed from Lau to see what was the matter.
Out to the lawn I flew like a flash,
And breathlessly asked if this was about Map class.

When what to my exhausted eyes did appear,
Well, I don’t go to lecture, but I think that’s the professor standing here.
In a downpour like the summer monsoons, his capitals they came,
And he shouted with glee as he called them by name:

“Now Belize has Belmopan, now Hungary has Budapest,
On Angola with Luanda, on Romania with Bucharest!
From Russia’s long history to Greece’s financial descent,
You must know it all – er, at least 70 percent!”

So away to the files of lecture captures I flew,
To learn geographical features and geopolitics, too.
As I drew on my maps, my mind was spinning around –
We have to know rivers and seas, too? Are there no bounds?

Ukrainian elections ran through my head,
And I realized that tonight I wouldn’t be going to bed.
Reardon-Anderson, meanwhile, went straight to his work.
“What time is it in Manama when it’s 7:00 in New York?”

“In the United States South, how do voting trends go?”
“In which direction do the Trade Winds blow?”
“What are the similarities in the conflicts in Nigeria and Sudan?”
“Why does the US need to maintain relations with Kazakhstan?”

And he displayed iClicker questions up on a screen,
Then showed us the right answers, lit up in green.
Then he left Healy lawn, and went toward Red Square,
I stood all alone, feeling so unprepared.

But I heard him exclaim, as he walked to the ICC,
“The subtropical highs are north and south of the equator at 30 degrees!”

Photos: theodora.com