A New Phenomenon: Georgetown Geofilters


If you’ve been using Snapchat in the past several months, you’ve obviously noticed their new geofilter feature. Or, if you’re technologically challenged like me, you might have no idea what I’m talking about.

For everyone out there still struggling to understand the new, hip lingo of our generation, I’ll explain. Geofilters essentially allow you to be even more obnoxious about the amazing places you go. (Good thing I didn’t know about this during study abroad!)

geofiltersGeofilters are small graphic designs that you can add to your original Snapchat photo that specify the location you’re in. For example:


It’s pretty similar to geotagging a post on Facebook or Instagram. Don’t mind me, I’m just in the Bahamas for spring break – we might like your Instagram, but we secretly hate you. It is obnoxious in the best way possible.

So for the jetsetters out there, this is your chance to make everyone even more jealous of you. As for the rest of us who are bound 2 the 202, here are some Georgetown geofilters that 4E believes need to exist. (Note: a Georgetown DC one does exist, but it’s about as basic as they get. We can do better.)

  • Lau. All those snaps you send of yourself miserably studying in that cubicle will become that much funnier by letting everyone know exactly where you are. This geofilter definitely needs to be dark and grumpy like the building itself and the constant mood of all its inhabitants.
  • Brown house. Those late night regrettable Snapchats will only be more embarrassing by openly admitting that your current location is the infamous Brown house. Although, deep down you know you secretly love it there. Don’t lie. (Just don’t add it to Our Campus Story.)
  • The Corp. Each Corp location should probably have its own geotag, and you know that every single one will be super edgy and hipster with a bunch of Corpies doing the designs. Eating that Hilltoss salad? Geotag it! Quick coffee between classes in the ICC? Snapchat it or it didn’t happen!
  • Heal Fam Stu Cen. I’m still not really sure what we’re calling this building, but it’s so beautiful that it deserves its own geotag. I’m not sure you could fit all the letter of its name on a Snapchat though. If you could, you would immediately win the Snapchat game.
  • Leo’s. The good, the bad, the ugly, the Leo’s geotag would capture all of this. Who needs Instagram when you can Snapchat your Leo’s meals? Am I right?

Well luckily for us, it is apparently now possible to make your own geofilters! So for all the tech kids out there get cracking! Be sure to check this link for more info on how to do it.

I expect to see some great geofilters popping up in my Snapchat inbox soon! And yes, that is a challenge.

Photos/Gifs: support.snapchat.com, https://static5.businessinsider.com/, https://images.businessweek.com/, https://blogs-images.forbes.com/

Where Do I Get My Hair Cut?

HaircutWell, Hoyas, it’s that time of year again. No, it’s not time to start listening to Christmas music. No, it’s not time to get the flu. No, it’s not time to eat Nutella (just kidding, it’s always time to eat Nutella). What I mean to say is: It’s time for a haircut.

I’ve been looking around campus and things are starting to get a bit scary. Half of Georgetown’s population looks like ratchet Rapunzel with hair extensions. Needless to say, it’s time for a trim. The problem is, many Hoyas don’t know where they can get a decent haircut around town. Have no fear, 4E has got you covered … or in this case, washed, cut and styled. Here are our top picks for a haircut nearby:

Fringe Hair Studio — the all-around contender!
Location: 1425 Wisconsin Avenue NW
Cost: $65+ for Women, $40+ for Men
Services: Wash & Cut, Styling, Coloring, Hair CPR, Highlights, Up-Dos

O Salon — great highlights!
Location: 3212 O Street NW
Cost: $100+ for Women,  $55+ for Men
Services: Wash & Cut, Styling, Coloring, Keratine Treatments, Highlights, Evening Styling, Relaxation Treatments

Salon Pejman — the best!
Location: 1419 Wisconsin Ave NW
Cost: $90+ for Women, $50+ for Men
Services: Wash & Cut, Styling, Coloring, Keratine Treatments, Highlights, Hair Extensions, Japanese Hair Treatment

Georgetown Hairstyling — the closest!
Location: 1329 35th Street NW
Cost: $24+ for Men only
Services: Wash & Cut, Styling, Shaving, Coloring

Diego’s Hair Salon the cheapest!
Location: 1901 Q Street NW
Cost: $25+ for Women, $20+ for Men
Services: Wash & Cut, Styling and more

What are you waiting for, Hoyas? Get out there and cut those coifs! (And share your own haircut suggestions in the comments below!)

Photo: Baltimore Sun