“So, How Was Your Break?”

AwkwardIf you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had about 13 conversations today that have gone like this. It begins with an awkward hug, and then:

Person 1: Hey! How was your break?
Person 2: Good! How was yours?
Person 1: Good!
[Conversation ends even more awkwardly than the hug.]

4E doesn’t like awkward post-winter-break conversations. That’s why we’ve made this handy dandy list of alternative conversation starters for you to use instead of “How was your break?”

1. What was your favorite part about your break?

2. What are you looking forward to most about this semester?

3. Did you make any good New Year’s resolutions?

4. How about that Auburn-FSU game?

5. If you were a Harry Potter character, who would you be and why? (Not break-related, but always important to know.)

6. What did you give your family for Christmas?

7. [Insert political topic.] Suggestions include the Chris Christie email scandal, marijuana legalization in Colorado and/or Obamacare. Be wary, though. These might get heated.

8. Have you applied to The Fourth Edition yet? Because you really should.

9. Do you like green eggs and ham? Why or why not?

10. What’s your favorite/least favorite part of the first day of classes?

And if all else fails…

11. How about this weather?

Photo: thekavanaughreport.com

All Hoyas Want for Christmas Is…

Christmas-Tree-Wallpaper-christmas-8142630-1024-768Santa, can you hear us? We have been so good this year. And all we want is one thing… Actually, no. We want lots of things. Hoyas want lots of things for Christmas – and here is just some of our Georgetown list:

1. Summer internshipsIntern8

2. Vineyard Vines everything2bd3f4d3e88c6fc11cfbaef63f77616525430fc2e43a97f603ffa43719652644

3. A guide to not getting lost in the ICCtumblr_mcxiw8aCN41rtwyeyo1_500

4. Delicious food from Leo’s (a Christmas miracle, indeed)delicious

5. A Tuscany comeback518757822

6. A 4.0 GPAh176CD89E

7. For class registration to go like thisfresh_prince_amazed

8. Free and unlimited Wisey’s forevertumblr_m9flpzpEOa1r25xgk

9. For Lau to get struck by a catastrophically gargantuan meteoriteAtomic_Bomb

10. World peace


GIFS: tumblr; Photo: The Hoya, FreeChristmasWallpapers.net

This Year Was…

this year was

People are packing up and headed home, preparing their late-stay plans, or moving into their spiffy new apartments for the summer. It’s a time of reflection. So we at 4E wanted to know, how was this year for you? For us, it was magical thanks to you lovely readers!


(1) … intense.

(2) …a challenge to finally find happiness and fulfillment on my own terms l– and I succeeded.

(3) …a learning experience.
…when I figured out that I have emotions and that they are overwhelming.
…when I learned what it means to really miss someone.
…a tropical paradise.
…a new standard for incredible.

(4) …the darkest timeline.

(5) …blossoming of a new relationship.

(6) … SWUG.

(7) … أفضل من العام الماضي

(8) …the one with the best memories.

(9) …the worst I’ve ever had with the biggest silver lining.

(10) …”there’s a first time for everything”. 

(11) … Scooby Doo.

(12)  … frisbee.

(13) … Lau 1.

(14) … BAZINGA!

(15) … awesome and unexpected twists and turns.

(16) … the happiest, most liberating, most experimental, and favorite year of my life thus far. Here’s to 3 more. Hoya Saxa!

(17) … D.O.A.

(18) … commando.

(19) … magically delicious!

(20) … a dramatic learning curve.

(21) This year was, like most years, uneven — full of incredible moments where everything was perfect and I woudn’t have wanted to change a single thing and horrible ones where everything was the worst and I felt like for a moment I’d lost my way. But to quote a certain time-travelling alien, “The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things.The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice-versa, the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things and make them unimportant.” Here’s to another.

(22) … more work than I ever thought I would have to do.

(23) … life-changing.

(24) … a whirlwind of new experiences both terrifying and wonderful.

(25) … full of unexpected friendships.


(27) … sexual.

(28) … oversexed.

(29) … bangin’.

(30) … supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

(31) … the best and worst of my life.

(32) … eye-opening.

(33) … better than I could have ever imagined.

(34) … Village B 51.

(35) … incredibly difficult, but equally as rewarding.

(36) … kitchen.

(37) … a step in a totally different direction academically.

(38) … A roller coaster.

(39) … llena de esperanza!

(40) … Voice-tacular!

(41) … more than I could have ever hoped for.

(42) … BEAT ‘CUSE.

(43) … filled with unbelievable experiences and made me glad that I came to Georgetown!

(44) … transformative.

(45) … exhausting.

(46) … the first of a lifelong friendship with Tiffany Li.

(47) … life changing.

(48) … filled with GraceNotes love.

(49) … full of unexpected blessings.

(50) … a learning experience.

(51) … better than I expected.

(52) … dance and coffee.

(53) … 2012-2013.

(54) … more enjoyable than a chai latte.

(55) … different than I expected.

(56) … disappointing.