Staffers of the Week: Lindsay Lee and Nick DeLessio

Once a week, The Hoya recognizes a staffer who has done a particularly awesome job – now you can get to know about them, too. This week it went to two staffers for their work on the spiffy new Hoya website!
Lindsay Lee
School: College
Year: 2016
Major: Economics with a Spanish minor
Hometown: Albany, NY
Why were you named staffer of the week?
The Hoya’s website used to operate on a platform that was very difficult to work with and limited our abilities to expand our online content. It had caused a lot of headaches for editors over the course of many years and this year we really made the big push to get onto the WordPress platform. I spearheaded the effort to organize a team to manually transfer our archives and assisted the tech department in making sure everything was user-friendly for both the editors as they uploaded the stories and for the audience as they navigated the website. It’s been a long and tough journey and was a huge team effort, but we finally made it happen and it’s paid off!
What’s your favorite thing about working for The Hoya?
My favorite thing about working for The Hoya is that you truly reap the rewards of the time you put in. We work hard and stay up way past a normal human bedtime to produce two issues a week and get this tangible product of everything everyone has put into it. You get that feeling of gratification as you see people walking around with the newest issue or see the number of views on the website climbing and it feels great. Because of this, you bond with the people you work with in a totally different way that is equally as gratifying.

If you were to pick a mascot for The Hoya what would it be and why?
An owl. We’re nocturnal, we see and hear everything, we’re a diverse bunch and we regurgitate pellets of animal bones … wait … no not that last part.

What’s your favorite blog post you’ve ever written?
I would say any article that allowed me to shed a different light on a campus issue in a way that the print edition couldn’t. Articles like “The Problem With Anonymity: An Interview with Georgetown Confessions,” “Lovingly Defiant” or, more recently, “Behind the Designs.” 
What is the theme song to your life?

“Hell Yeah” – Rev Theory, also known as the theme song to Blue Mountain State. That song pumps me up like no other.

Nick DeLessio


School: College
Year: 2015
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Bettendorf, Iowa

Why were you named staffer of the week?
My department created and launched the brand new

What’s your favorite thing about working for The Hoya?
My staff, especially my managers. They’re all crazy smart and support me in every possible way, both inside and outside of The Hoya.
If you were to pick a mascot for The Hoya what would it be and why?
I guess a lion. It’s still my favorite Hoya party costume to date.

What is the theme song to your life?
“A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” by Fergie.

Staffers of the Week: Personnel and Blahg Power

SOTW Lindsay Michal Addie

Names Lindsay Lee; Michal Grabias; Addie Fleron
Positions on The Hoya Senior Blog Editor; Director of Personnel; Human Resources Manager
Years 2016; 2015; 2016
Schools COL; MSB; COL
Majors Economics; Finance/OPIM; Undeclared
Hometowns Albany, NY; Northborough, MA; Westfield, MA

What did you do to earn staffer of the week?

Lindsay: You’re lookin’ at it! I redesigned the layout for the blahg. (Writer’s Note: Lindsay requested this special spelling of “blahg,” and I also find it hilarious because she is going to have to edit her own interview.) (Editor’s note: it is currently making me uncomfortable to edit my own words.)

Michal and Addie: We forced people to judge other people and then compiled it so we could judge people in the least judgmental way possible. (Writer’s Note: The Personnel team actually conducted peer reviews, which provided feedback and constructive criticism for a large part of the Hoya Staff. The process took hours of hard work and professionalism!)

What is your favorite part about working for The Hoya?

Lindsay: People sending me aggressive numbers of funny articles online and also not feeling like a dork for making grammar/typography jokes.

Michal: How great the people are. That’s why I’ve stayed around so much. We have personnel dinners and I love hanging out with them.

Addie: I get to know everything about everything! And I love everyone … even though I know everything about them. Which says a lot.

In your opinion, which person in the office is most likely to be president? Least likely?

Lindsay: Most likely: Wow. This is hard. This shouldn’t be this difficult! I’ll say Nicole Jarvis (Deputy Guide Editor) because people just gravitate toward her. She’s really deceptively cute, but I feel like she could be ferocious and a very strong leader. Least likely: Chris Grivas (Deputy Photo Editor) because he consistently spells my name wrong and that’s a skill you just need as president. Oh, also Ryan Bacic (Senior Sports Editor), because he’s too sassy for his own good.

Michal: Most likely: I could see Braden (Executive Editor) as president. (Note: Braden is not American and cannot be President.) But we’ve amended the Constitution before; why not now? Least likely: Zoe (Senior Layout Editor) for reasons that everyone in the office knows. (Writer’s Note: Actually, I’m pretty sure Braden is less likely than Zoe for obvious reasons. As in, his nationality.)

Addie: Most likely: Jon Rabar (Former General Manager) could convince you to vote for him or your life would end. So yeah… that. Least likely: Michal because he’s Polish. Like Alexander Hamilton, who would’ve been a great president but wasn’t American. (Editor’s Note: DANG IT, JUST KIDDING I CHANGE MY ANSWER TO JON RABAR.)

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Lindsay: I would want to be able to shoot Nutella out of my fingertips. I feel like I would just spread happiness/Nutella, which are synonymous, everywhere I go.

Michal: Oh my gosh! It’s obvious: to be able to freeze time! Anyone who says otherwise is wrong! Have you seen the movie Clockstoppers? (Writer’s Note: He then proceeded to rant about the movie at a pace that no human could ever keep up with and talk about robbing armored cars of money. Yes, Michal wants to freeze time so he can steal armored cars of money.)

Addie: I would like my superpower to be whatever inborn power you get to be a wizard in Harry Potter, which would also allow me to freeze time and rob armored trucks. But why would I want to do that when I could just spontaneously generate cash as a wizard?

If you could have an alter ego (possibly an alias to hide the above-mentioned superpower), what would it be and why?

Lindsay: Beyoncé-Queen. I don’t need to explain that. (Writer’s Note: Lindsay said this answer in approximately 0.3 seconds. She has thought about this before.)

Michal: I had a couple fake names back in high school. People would recognize me in the mall, but they wouldn’t know my actual name. They’d call me David or Alex. So, I essentially already have alter egos. (Note: egos. Plural.)

Addie: Subtractie. As in, Addie, Subtractie.

Michal also insisted on ending the interview by saying, “No matter what, Personnel is always watching.” Hoya Staffers, beware.