The Hoya’s Bunn Award Winners

bunnawards2Every year, Georgetown gives out the Bunn Awards for student print journalism in six categories: News, features, commentary, photo, sports and reviews. This year, The Hoya won 12 of 18 awards. Take a look at this year’s winning pieces to see some of our best content of the year.


1st place, “Trans* Students Share Their Stories,” by Sarah Kaplan


2nd place, “SWQ Ricin Scare Unnerves Students,” by Madison Ashley
3rd place, “Domino’s Robbed at Gunpoint,” by Katherine Richardson


1st place, “Hurdles for a Life in Transition,” by Lexi Dever
A guest viewpoint
3rd place, “Disaster Movies Sell Out a Serious Situation,” by Victoria Edel


1st place, “Beauty of Byzantium,” Nicole Jarvis
A review of the exhibit “Heaven and Earth” at the National Gallery of Art
2nd place, “Chipotle Spin-Off Spices It Up,” Sheena Karkal
A review of the restaurant ShopHouse
3rd place, “No Roar of Praise for Generic Album,” Jess Kelham-Hohler
A review of Katy Perry’s album “Roar”


1st place, “From Star to Student: Russell Pursues Dream,” Laura Wagner


1st place, “Students Protest XL Pipeline,” Kristen Skillman
2nd place, “DeGioia Attends Summit,” Alexander Brown
3rd place, “McCourt School Opens to Campus Fanfare,” Michelle Xu

Congratulations to all our writers and photographers!