The Many Faces of Demetria Lucas

Demetria Lucas

Tonight at 8 p.m., a sure-to-be-killer event is taking place in the social room of our favorite building on campus, The Heal. Demetria Lucas, blogger and relationship coach, is coming to speak as part of GU Women of Color’s Brown Sugar series. Famous for her work with Essence magazine, The Root and her own blog, “A Belle in Brooklyn,” Demetria has been called the “black Carrie Bradshaw” and is sure to provide a fun and informative event. But let’s learn a little more about Demetria!

Demetria graduated from the University of Maryland with an English degree.

She went on to get a masters in journalism from New York University.

She started A Belle in Brooklyn about eight years ago.

A Belle in Brooklyn covers issues relating to relationships, friendships, sex, careers and other important topics. Notably, Demetria states that about 40% of her readership is male.

In 2011, Demetria published “A Belle in Brooklyn,” her first book.

She’s been named one of the “30 Black Bloggers You Should Know” by The Root, one of “40 Fierce & Fab Under 40” by and one of the “Blogosphere’s Best” by Black Enterprise Magazine.

Right now, Demetria lives in Brooklyn with her fiancé.

She just came out with her second book, Don’t Waste Your Pretty: How to Make Better Decisions in Life & Love. In fact, she’s going to be signing copies of it tonight!

So if you want to hear more about Demetria, come see her speak tonight. Refreshments will be served and it’ll definitely be a good time!



News Team, Assemble!


The News Team is indeed assembling … but this time, far from sunny San Diego. On November 14th, Washington’s Newseum will begin featuring an exhibit dedicated to the the beloved comedy “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”. The exhibit, quite fittingly, will be titled “Anchorman: The Exhibit.” In anticipation of the movie’s upcoming sequel, the exhibit will be open through August 2014 and will display the costumes worn by the Channel 4 News team, some of the original props and a re-creation of the KVWN-TV desk.

Commentary by none other than Ron himself will lead you through the exhibit, as you lay your eyes on the jazz flute that he played so wonderfully to win over Veronica – or as you witness, with your own eyes, Brian’s coveted Sex Panther. For all the aspiring journalists out there, the exhibit allows you to take part in joining the team by participating in a broadcasting simulation with Mr. Burgundy.

The Newseum is all it’s cracked up to be, and with this exhibit coming next week, it’s about time to cross it off the bucket list. Everybody loves “Anchorman”, or at least yielded a smile at some point during the absurdity. So bring your Brian, your Champ and even your Brick … and head on down to the museum.

And remember, you stay classy … Georgetown.


Source/Photo:, Sourcefed, Family Fun and Beyond