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The 4E staff is probably the most eclectic group of individuals on the Georgetown campus. To be honest, I doubt I would be friends with the other bloggers without our common interest of sharing pointless news. Thankfully we are all friends, and we all work so well together, #blessed.

As we are all slightly insane and incredibly amusing, there are naturally a ton of rumors going around about us. Which are kinda true and which are completely true? You be the judge.

Is he in love with me? How does baking soda fit into the relationship?
This is less of a rumor and more of a fact.
4E 4 Prez 2020?!
You have to see it to believe it.
The Fourth Edition cannot confirm nor deny this.
Georgetown University Avocado Club, duh.
Fr4Esh Princ4E of B4El Air
RIP Ike’s…
You be the judge.
That can’t be true… or can it?
4E does not confirm that Brown House exists.
Josh Smith > Obama?
He wore army pants and flip flops so I wore army pants and flip flops.
He wore army pants and flip flops so I wore army pants and flip flops.

Wanna learn the truth? Apply to 4E by Monday September 14.


4E 4Ever

Join The Hoya!

Join the Hoya

Earlier this week, we published a post about why you should apply to 4E. While we totally stand behind this statement, because we are the bomb, we recognize that writing for 4E isn’t for everyone. Maybe you’re the next Ansel Adams (the name of a famous photographer that I just Googled, because I am not the next Ansel Adams). Maybe you love watching movies and you want to write about your feelings on “Interstellar.” 

Whatever the case, The Hoya has a place for you. While there are a lot of positions on the publishing side of things – ranging from sales to marketing – as part of the editorial division, we wanted to quickly highlight each editorial section. To do so, we asked the senior editors of each section to share their thoughts on their sections.

News: News is the heart of the paper. If you join news, you have the opportunity to write biweekly about everything that happens around campus and in the city, from the Ferguson protests in D.C. to the changing policies on free speech around campus. In addition to improving your writing skills and working with fantastic people on the news staff, you’ll be the most informed of all your friends! We’d love to have you.

Opinion: The Opinion section of the Hoya occupies pages A2 and A3 of each issue. Pieces that commonly comprise it include viewpoints written by anyone on (and sometimes off) campus, installments of columns written by a select team that tackles issues of administration, politics, student life, and the like, and a series of editorials written by a distinct board of Hoya staff and community members. Two viewpoints, “Reflecting on the Ordeal of a Mishandled Ricin Case” by senior Thomas Lloyd and “I Was Mugged, and I Understand Why,” by Oliver Friedfeld, are among the most viewed pieces in the newspaper’s history and received national attention. As part of the opinion team, you’ll have the opportunity to edit straight away.

Guide: The Guide is the lifestyle and culture section of the Hoya. Its writers cover a variety of topics such as food, music, theater, film and artistic events happening both on and off campus. You might also get the chance to interview actual famous people, like Eddie Redmayne from “The Theory of Everything.” [See the recent review of “Annie” as an example of the Guide.]

Sports: Interview some of the best athletes in college sports, attend NCAA Tournament matches and watch men’s basketball games from courtside of the Verizon Center — these are all things that our writers do on a regular basis and, if you join the sports section, you could do them, too. Apply to write for sports and be part of what everyone knows to be the best section on The Hoya (but don’t tell the other guys).

Photo: Photo is a great section for anyone from an iPhone amateur to an experienced pro. Press passes and giant cameras are your key to seeing the president speak and sitting on the floor of games of the Verizon Center.



Copy: do you thikn you have wat it takes too meticullusly reed and edit the news paper off record? Join copy! Weed love two have you hear.

Layout: The layout section is all about creativity, design, and precision. Apply if you like to make graphics or want to learn all about graphic design. Another perk: you pick your own times to work – you only need to come in for one two-hour shift a week!

Multimedia: Multimedia creates videos to complement the content produced by all of the other sections – from breaking news to Jack’s new tricks. If you think you’ve got what it takes to run to Mount Vernon Square to videotape protesters, edit together a video of the school mascot skateboarding, or would like to learn how to film and edit videos, apply for Multimedia!

Online: The interwebz are the final frontier. Know how to code? Join. Illiterate, but creative? Join. Even if you don’t have computer skills, the Online section is looking for creative minded people to help develop the Hoya’s website and social media.  This department has the most potential for growth, so we’d love to welcome anyone who has the technical know-how or vision. Whether you think big or like the details of coding, definitely apply!

If any of the above sections appeal to you, don’t hesitate to apply! By putting in a short amount of time filling out the application, you could join one of the biggest parts of Georgetown and get to meet new people! What do you have to lose?

Apply here. You have until tomorrow, Jan. 16 at 5 p.m. to join us! All updates will be posted on our Facebook page.

Photos: Daniel Smith/The Hoya, Chris Bien/The Hoya, LinkedIn

Which Department Should You Join?

Which SectionOdds are that if you’re reading this post, you’ve already heard all of the great reasons to join 4E. What can I say? We love what we do, and we think anyone could (and should!) enjoy it. However, if Bradley Cooper or the Capitol Hill fox aren’t the big-hitting stories you’re looking for, or if (for whatever reason) you feel like joining the 4E family might be a little too much fun, have no fear. The Hoya has plenty of other sections to get your paper-producing fix!



News – Do you feel as though you’re the next Ron Burgundy and you just need somewhere to start? Do you want to be the one breaking the big stories and scandals to the Georgetown community? Maybe the News section is for you.

Opinion – Do you have a lot of feelings? Do you want to learn and perfect the skill of sharing those feelings with the world? Can you craft well-written arguments about current events and debates, big and small? Opinion has your name written all over it.

Sports – Are you a Hoya Hooligan? Do you dream of one day hosting SportsCenterHave you ever gotten into a passionate argument over the merits of Space Jam? If you answered yes to any of the above, the Sports section is probably for you. Plus, I hear its blog, Hoya Paranoia, is a lot of fun to write for. (4E Editor’s note: Max is Paranoia’s editor. And yes, he is a ton of fun, so you should write for him!)

the guide Are you artsy? Do you consider yourself a connoisseur of fine dining or an expert movie critic? Do you have style or wit? Come write for the guide.

Copy – Do you want to have a hand in all the articles that are written? Do you cringe when people can’t figure out the difference between “well” and “good”? Do you perk up when people debate the merits – or lack thereof – of the Oxford comma? Join Copy, and help The Hoya maintain its great reputation.

Photo – Are you a whiz on Instagram? Can you always get the perfect picture? Do you want to get to meet and photograph big guest speakers without waiting in ridiculous lines? Check out our Photo section and give it your best shot. (Pun intended.)

Layout – Are you a former high school yearbook/paper editor or future interior designer? Help organize and put the paper together with our dynamic Layout section.

Multimedia – Do you think you have what it takes to become the next YouTube star? Are you looking to be a part of a revolutionary shift into video content with The Hoya? Apply to our Multimedia section and make us go viral!

Online – Are you trying to get involved with all aspects of the paper? Have you ever dreamed of managing a website, but couldn’t figure out how? Want to work with our 4E editor-emeritus, Lindsay Lee? Your answer should be yes, and your section should be Online!


Are you trying to get involved with The Hoya, but don’t really have any interest in writing? Do you want to experience the business side of a large-scale multimedia project? Publishing has you covered with positions in sales, technology, personnel, accounting, marketing and corporate development. In Publishing, you get started right away and have a huge impact on the paper, managing our current affairs and planning The Hoya’s future.

All applications are due Friday, Jan. 17th, at 5 p.m. sharp.  To find out more about the application process, the individual departments and the application itself, check out our website. Good luck, applicants!

PS-  Everybody should still apply for 4E. Don’t forget about us. But also, seriously consider applying for the sections that appeal to you, because we’d rather have you in another section you love than not on the paper at all!

Photo: Memecrunch.com 


Why You Really Wanted to Join 4E for Christmas…

apply to write for 4eChristmas has come and gone. While the presents and food were fantastic, we know that for you there was still something missing underneath the tree. At one point, we were all there, too. We all shared that feeling of emptiness, that feeling of having one secret, lurking, unfulfilled Christmas wish. And, lucky for you, we know exactly what that wish is: You want to join 4E, don’t you?

Lucky for you, ’tis the season for new hires! All Georgetown students dream of being a part of 4E. (At least they should.) The Hoya is a pervasive part of the Georgetown community, and 4E is one of the most dynamic and exciting sections (sorry, not sorry, other Hoya members, I’m biased). Although applications don’t emerge until January, it is never too early to think about the endless possibilities that could present themselves if you join our intellectual (and attractive) staff!

Still not convinced? Check out the list below to find out why joining 4E is the gift that you didn’t receive (but still can get) for Christmas:

1. Don’t you wanna be like us? We are hip, we are cool and we surf the web. We’re also obsessed with the latest fads. Gifs? We love them. Quirky news? We’re your source. Creative approaches to journalism? We’re all about dat lyfe. Wisey’s sandwiches? Can’t get enough. We want to be website that you and your friends scroll through during theology class … and to keep the addictive pieces coming, we need your help!

2. Best friends 4E is a really, really, really good time. Our bloggers are super close friends, and the majority of our meetings end in uncontrollable laughter. It is comical how comical we are, and we’re always looking for eager minds to join the fun along with us.


3. F is for FUN Writing for 4E is a party. It doesn’t even feel like work. (There are deadlines, though, and we still carry the integrity and professionalism of The Hoya brand.) That being said, our section is always relaxed, creative and cool. Part of what makes blogging so exciting is the freedom to write about what we like and the ability to think of post ideas ourselves. You like politics? Write about it! Are you a fashion fanatic? Show off your style! Have a unique idea that Georgetowners would love? Share it – and share it with us! At 4E, we encourage one another to be ourselves and come up with our own innovative content.

4. NAPS 4E is a major proponent of napping. If we had our say, napping would be a national sport. Do you have what it takes to join our team? Sleep all day, blog all night. Nap in the middle of writing a blog post (as long as you make deadline). You’ll dream of sugar plums and sparkling blog content!

5. Storytelling The 4E loves to do staff collaborations. We all take turns adding our own personal touches and end up with a fabulous product. What parts will you bring to our story? Are you our action hero? Our science junkie? The average guy (who happens to love current events)? We want you to add your special spin to our 4E narrative.

6. Newsies Not everything is gifs and glitter. 4E also likes to write about serious items. When writing companion pieces with The Hoya, we put our own spin on interesting and relevant content. Informative, outside-the-box and funny … 4E is such a triple threat.

7. TV-aholics TV and Netflix are important parts of the 4E sphere of influence. (I can personally attest to my own Netflix addiction.) What better reason to procrastinate studying than watching TV for a blog post you’re required to write? Television shows may take over our lives at times, but they provide us bloggers with plenty to talk/write about. And if they’re watched in the name of putting out new content, then it’s a sacrifice we’re willing to make.

8. PUPPIES We love our mascots more than anything. Join 4E to look at and write about this adorable face. You know you want to …

IMG_3329… and how can you say no to that?

9. Snack and Play Every week, we name a Blogger of the Week who goes above and beyond with his or her work. This blogger is awarded with food, cupcakes, milkshakes, coffee and/or other amazing prizes. In fact, the bloggers are currently in the midst of a friendly post battle for a delicious Tombs dinner! Some of us even take our work to the big leagues and compete for The Hoya’s coveted Staffer of the Week prize. At 4E, your hard work gets rewarded. (And most of the time, it doesn’t even feel like work.)

10. Fixat10n Nation Music makes us lose control. Misdemeanor’s in the house! Ciara’s in the house! I’ve got a cute face, chubby waste … ahem. What I, uh, meant to say was that our Friday Fixat10ns playlists incorporate blogging expertise with some pretty amazing tunes. Bonus: The playlists are also themed. So if you like music, you should probably join 4E.

There are still a million other reasons why being on 4E is totally the Christmas gift you never got … but still can get. The only way you can truly find out why 4E is so awesome is to apply and experience it for yourself. Applications are coming soon, so in the meantime, ask questions to any of our writers or email us at [email protected] to learn more about the 4E life.

The bottom line: APPLY TO THE BLOG. (And tell your friends to apply, too!) We would love to have you, as long as you think we are really pretty.Mean-Girls-GIF-Regina-George-Rachel-McAdams-You-Think-Youre-Really-Pretty

So you agree? You think 4E is really pretty?

GIFS: tumblr; Photo: Daniel Smith/The Hoya

Join The Hoya!

Seriously though, do your laundry.

The Hoya is now accepting applications for new members. No matter what you’re interested in, we have a spot for you.

The Hoya has jobs in writing, photography, design, copyediting, marketing, sales, and finance. No prior experience needed! Because 4E is new on the scene, we’re looking to build a brand new staff full of smart, interested writers. If you like what you’ve seen so far, and want to get involved, contact me at [email protected].

Joining The Hoya is a great way to make friends, explore the city, and learn how a newspaper operates. The best way to get to know the business of journalism is to dive straight in, and The Hoya has been providing that opportunity at Georgetown for more than 90 years. With a current staff of over 100 students, we’re one of the biggest and best ways to get involved on campus.

Applications can be found at thehoya.com/contact/work-for-the-hoya and will remain open until January 25, 2012. If you have any questions for specific sections, feel free to contact them.