Georgetown-Themed Rejection Lines


‘Tis the season for love and emotions! Everyone remembers last year when 4E brought you the best pickup lines in the planet. I mean you should, 4E (cough, myself) basically became famous.


But then… no one used the pickup lines. At least, not on me. THESE LINES ARE GOLDEN PEOPLE, COME ON.

Well anyway now we back, back again. And this time, we are better than ever. Because this time we are giving you ways to reject love. Maybe this will be more applicable to your lives.


You are more likely to get an appointment at the Career Center than a date with me.

The prospect of us having a relationship makes me want to run screaming down Prospect.

I feel more alone with you than I do in Lau.

Dr. Todd Olson: doesn’t exist. Your chance with me: likewise.

It’s not you, it’s your Wisey’s order.

You have a better chance of strolling down the Reiss walkway.

Of course I’ll go on a date with you! Meet you at the Georgetown Metro stop tonight at 7!

You are Los Cuates, and I am the police. Shutting. You. Down.

You may have stolen the clock hands, but you couldn’t steal my heart.

Do you know what NHS stands for? Not Happening, Sorry.

Make like JJ the Bulldog and bite me.

This conversation is a lot like the first week of school: NSOver.

Use them on a creepy classmate, use them on your friends. I really don’t care. Just as long as you don’t use them on me.

And remember, if you are #tryna, “let’s be like the cups in Leo’s and stick together” is always appropriate.


The Top 12 Things We Love About Jack

As the saying goes, “all good things must come to an end.” This week, we’ve said goodbye to our friends (read: mortal enemies) at Syracuse, the old 4E layout, and the box-eating days of our beloved mascot, Jack the Bulldog. Since Jack is retiring, we wanted to look back and admire some of his greatest moments. Here are The Top 12 Things We Love About Jack:

12. He loves to sit out and do his reading on Healy Lawn, just like us.


11. He always practices good hygeine.


10. He proves that horizontal stripes can be flattering.


9. He’s the perfect role model for JJ.


8. He promotes a healthy and active lifestyle (especially for Father Steck)!


7. Despite his wise face, he was a puppy once!


6. He always makes time to hang out with his friends.


5. He even loves hanging out with himself (in a totally non-egocentric way).


4. He loves reading AND cura personalis!

JacktheBulldogP_13. He’s already fulfilled the GU tradition of swimming in Dahlgren Fountain.


2. He once made this face. But most importantly…Screen-shot-2010-01-05-at-3.29.22-PM1. We could always count on him to eat that box.jack2

We love you Jack! Happy retirement!

Photos: Georgetown University, Vox Populi, MSN

JJ Selected to Succeed Pope Benedict

Jj is the pope with chairIt’s official: JJ has decided to leave his post as “mascot-in-training” and will be ascending to the position of Pope. The visit of the Butler bulldogs was apparently a training mechanism to test JJ’s diplomatic abilities as well as an attempt to gauge his ability to photograph well. He passed with flying colors, as is seen here, and has officially accepted the papacy. We are excited to see what JJ will do, though campus will miss him dearly. Congratulations, JJ!



[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/All of the bulldogs/”/]

This morning, campus was overflowing with puppy cuteness as Jack, JJ, Butler Blue II and, Butler Blue III waddled and scampered around. The mascot and mascot-in-training from Butler University have stopped by the DC area because of their game against GW and we thought a photo op of the very cute quartet was necessary! Butler is one of the names thrown out there quite a bit as one of our potential future conference mates, so we could be seeing quite a bit more of Butler Blue II and his successor Butler Blue III!

PhotoLeonel De Velez/The Hoya


jj 1

This has been a big week of firsts! This blog celebrated its first birthday, the Hilltop got its first snow of the year and I had Wingos for the first time! But there is another Georgetown first that happened this week that trumps all of these:

The Fourth Edition is proud to announce that JJ has eaten his first box!

The little bulldog waddled onto campus and into our hearts this past summer, and the budding successor to the Georgetown mascot throne has taken a monumental step in Hoya-dom. I, personally, was a little bit worried that his overfondness for balloons would somehow impede his ability to switch his palette from latex to cardboard, but JJ has prevailed! And thank God, because “eat that balloon” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

Congratulations, JJ! We’ll be celebrating you all weekend and are excited to see what else will come of our star mascot.

Photo: Alexander Brown/The Hoya

The 12 of ’12

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/12 of 12/”/]

Welcome back to campus, my fellow Hoyas! It is the new year, which means Yates is going to be filled to the brim by the usual “exercise-more-regularly-as-my-new-year’s-resolution” people (don’t worry, they’ll all be gone in a week or two), we brace ourselves for the inevitable baby boom that will occur on 9/21 and we all struggle to remember to write 2013 instead of 2012 on top of our papers. We at The Fourth Edition wanted to take a moment to remember some of the key moments at Georgetown in 2012, which was a monumental year in more ways than one. They say a picture says a 1,000 words — and I’m too lazy to write more than five sentences — so here you have it: 12 photos from The Hoya that sum up the not-so-apocalyptic year of 2012. Enjoy and Happy New Year!