St. Patty’s Day


Anyone who has been out and about around campus today can probably tell that today is St. Patrick’s Day! The copious amounts of green and festive leprechaun attire have been very helpful in reminding those of us who cannot seem to keep track of what day it is. I know everyone has a lot of work to catch up on after break, and we’re all a little disappointed St. Patty’s day is on a Tuesday, but that is no reason to turn down!


This could be you, only more enthusiastic!

But in all honesty, if you’re looking to rage, celebrate your fellow Irishmen or just have a good time, you have ample opportunity to do so tonight. For those Hoyas who are 21 and over, the Georgetown Irish Dance Team is performing tonight in three wonderful locations. They start the night off at Tombs at 8:15 pm. Grab a friend, grab some dinner and watch some fantastic people dance their heart out. Can’t make it that early? That’s cool, they’re moving onto Piano Bar at 9:00 pm and Ri Ra at 9:30 pm so you have time to catch them later in the night. You could go out and still be back by 10:00 pm to study for that midterm you’re grossly underprepared for tomorrow… because that’s realistic.

All jokes aside, tonight’s going to be fabulous, and the GU Irish Dance team could really use your enthusiasm and general love of all things Irish. They’re also heading to their first intercollegiate competition in Ohio this weekend! So this is your chance to cheer them on. If you want a little preview of what is in store, you can check out one of their previous performances here.

dance team

Just remember, there will be great dancing and awesome outfits that you don’t want to miss!! So put on some green, close your books and make your way down to M St. tonight.

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