100 Things to Be Thankful for at Georgetown

Be Thankful For

There are a lot of things to be thankful for this year. Besides the classic “family and friends,” some people might be giving thanks for Chipotle, Beyoncé or other things that would be considered “unorthodox.” However, an unknown author has been leaving a list of Georgetown-specific things to be thankful for around campus, “dedicated to Dean Carol Lancaster, Andrea Jaime, Mark Adamsson, and all those members of the Georgetown community who passed away this year.” Below is the (alphabetized) list of the parts of Georgetown that we, as lucky students, should rightfully be grateful for.

1. “Carry That Weight” Movement
2. “Free Henle” Movement
3. #YesAllRAs
4. 3AM Conversations about Life
5. A Different Dialogue
6. Abissa (ASG’s Cultural Showcase)
7. Active Minds
8. African American Studies Program
9. Alta Gracia apparel in the bookstore
10. Alternative Break Programs (formerly ASB)
11. Angel Garcia (Residential Living)
12. Back on My Feet
13. Ballet Folklorico Mexicano de Georgetown
14. Beeck Center
15. Ben Shaw
16. Black House
17. Bridget Sherry
18. Calcagnini Contemplative Center
19. Campus Ministry
20. Candy in Lau during finals
21. CBL classes
22. Chaplain Pratima Dharm
23. Chaplains in Residence
24. Chicken Finger Thursday
25. CMA
26. Coffee Hours
27. Coordinators of DC Reads and DCSP
28. Dahlgren Quad
29. Dean Keshia Woods
30. Dr. Diana Guelespe
31. Dr. John Wright at CAPS
32. Educators OUT Day
33. Erika Cohen-Derr
35. Farmer’s Market
36. Food Service Workers
37. Fr. Raymond Kemp
38. Francisco and Javier at Leavey Grab-N-Go
39. Frankie at the Regent’s Einstein Bagels
40. Free flu shots
41. Free food wherever we find it
42. Georgetown decorated for the holidays
43. Georgetown Heckler
45. GSC’s Worker Breakfast
46. GSP (Missy, Christine, Berto, Ale)
48. GU’s Ferguson Activism
49. Healey Family Student Center
50. Heritage Months
51. Hoya Saxa Weekend
52. Hoyas United for Free Speech
53. Imam Hendi
54. Jack’s Instagram
55. Jen Schweer
56. Jeron (Nevils/LXR security guard)
57. Kalmanovitz Initiative
58. Late-Night Breakfast-for-Dinner
59. Lau Sings
60. LEAD and YLEAD
61. MeChA
62. Meditation Center
63. Mentorship
64. Ms. Pat (Lau Guard)
65. NASC Pow Wow
66. Night Shift Workers
67. NSO
68. Piano Rooms in HFSC
69. Picchii Multimedia Room
70. Playing in the fountain
71. Professor Brian McCabe
72. Professor Elizabeth Velez
73. Professor Marcia Chatelain
74. Professor Pamela Fox
75. Professor Sabrina Wesley-Nero
76. Professor Sky Sitney
77. Rabbi Rachel
78. Rangila at the Kennedy Center
79. Reventón Latino
80. Reverend Kesslyn
81. Riggs Library
82. Saxby’s (especially Jim!)
83. Sexual Assault Peer Educators
84. Shiva and the LGBTQ Resource Center
85. Spanish Mass
86. Special Accommodations Notice
87. Steve from DPS
88. Study abroad (Office of Global Engagement)
89. Suru / Umberto / Ripai
90. Take Back the Night
91. Thanksgiving Leo’s Dinner
92. The Arts at Georgetown
93. The G2
94. The Trail Behind Yates
95. The Wisey’s Guys
96. The Women’s Center
97. Tree HAUS Art Share
98. Vegetarian Chicken Nuggets
99. Women’s Basketball Team
100. You-Me Park

Thank you, anonymous author, for reminding all of us to be thankful for so much of Georgetown that can often be taken for granted. Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo: amazonaws.com