Igniting Georgetown One Speech at a Time

Tonight kicks off the inaugural Ignite Talks, a collection of talks given by Georgetown students about their diverse passions and interests. To learn more about the Ignite Georgetown talks, we reached out to Colleen Wood (SFS ’14), an organizer of this year’s talks. Ignite Georgetown will be held tonight at 8 p.m. in Reiss 103.

Georgetown is home to many interesting people who have fascinating life stories, hobbies, and adventures. I’ve noticed that students cluster by joining clubs and taking classes specific to interests that have already been developed. In a nutshell, Ignite Georgetown seeks to stir up the pot by having students share their diverse personal and professional passions. The hope is that each five-minute presentation will enlighten the crowd in some way — tonight we’ll hear ten speeches ranging from hip-hop production to the history of Batman. Ignite is unique in that it empowers students to be in control of the intellectual culture at Georgetown. Those delivering speeches perfect their presentations, but also hundreds of students who aren’t making a speech come out to support their friends and learn something new.

To learn more, visit Ignite Georgetown’s Facebook page.

Photo: Courtesy Colleen Wood