What Your Favorite La Croix Flavor Says About You

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La Croix: It can be found in any Georgetown Girl’s refrigerator, but no one really knows how to pronounce it … La Croy? La Cwah? La Crocs? For those of us who love this sparkling beverage, here’s what your preferred flavor says about you.

Pamplemousse and Cran-Raspberry : Although all flavors of La Croix are basic, these two are the worst of them all. You wear Adidas Superstars and Lululemon leggings and drink La Croix to ~rehydrate~ after SoulCycle. You use La Croix as a chaser for your Mango Pineapple Svedka because it’s “healthy.”

Any of the Curate Flavors: You’re really bougie and probably pronounce it “La Cwah.”

Plain: You’re a real hardo. You’d prefer to drink plain water out of your Brita filter but you drink plain La Croix to seem jazzy.

Coconut: Some may say it tastes like a candle, but if you drink Coconut La Croix, you’re the cool kid at the party. You’re super trendy and fun and everyone wants to be your friend (disclaimer: this is my flavor of preference).

Lime: You’re trying to cut back on soda and if you really pretend, it tastes nothing kinda like Sprite.

Peach-Pear: You really like Burnett’s, but since it isn’t socially acceptable to drink on a Tuesday at 1 p.m., Peach-Pear La Croix is the closest you’re going to get.

So, next time you walk around campus with a can of La Croix in hand, just know that the rest of us are judging you.

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The Ultimate Georgetown Day Guide

gudayadviceThe bloggers, as you may suspect, know a thing or two about merry-making and debauchery. So when it comes to Georgetown Day, you can rely on us for all the advice you need. We’ve seen it all and we’ve been feeling generous recently, so we’re about to lay our knowledge down for you.

We put our heads together to compile a few rules to help you make the most of your favorite darty.

Don’t waste meal swipes in the days leading up to Georgetown Day — you’ll need as many swipes as possible on our beloved holiday. Addendum: If you run out of swipes, vending machines will become your best friends.

Don’t pre-game the pre-game.

Don’t try to make breakfast after you pre-game.

Don’t ever turn down a bagel.

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen. You will get sunburned, and it will hurt just as bad as — if not worse than — your hangover the next day.

Do not nap if you won’t be able to wake up and rally.

Don’t assume your friend means you should drink more alcohol and nothing else when she tells you to hydrate.

Do not black out at Sweetgreen.

Don’t accidentally enter someone’s Nevils when you’re looking for a party at another person’s Nevils. The people in the Nevils will not be expecting you and they will get angry when you enter their apartment and go into their kitchen without permission.

Do not sit on a curb on Prospect Street for a prolonged period of time. DPS will tell you to leave and it will be a struggle to orient yourself and get up off the curb.

Do not eat a marble from a Wisey’s vase. It will be dusty.

Do not steal someone’s L.L. Bean boot.

Do not send mad pics of yourself passed out on Copley Lawn covered in Mai Thai takeout unless you understand that people will most definitely screenshot those selfies and spread them via social media.

Try to (yay, positivity!) remember as much of the day as possible because a lot of fun things are going on and a lot of memz can be made!

Finally, DO NOT forget to check out all of 4E’s coverage of the Hilltop’s Georgetown Day shenanigans, whether on Twitter @thehoya4e or on our website blog.thehoya.com.