How to Stay Awake


As a self-proclaimed night owl, I rarely got the supposed necessary eight or nine hours of sleep in high school, let alone now in college. However, our unwavering midterm season has led most, if not all, to this same lack of sleep. The solution? More sleep. The reality? Any and all means of keeping yourself up until Thanksgiving break.

So, here are 4E’s suggestions for how to stay up (whether all night, through your next class or even for the next hour) :

  1. COFFEE: A classic method for staying up. Take your pick of straight black coffee or sweet vanilla lattes. Whether it’s from Saxby’s, a Corp location, your dorm room, Starbucks, Leo’s or somewhere else, Hoyas never lack a source of coffee.
  2. Other caffeinated drinks (tea, Coke, etc.): I have only recently converted to coffee myself. Before Georgetown, the taste of coffee never really appealed to me. So, for those who still can’t drink coffee or would simply prefer not to, have no fear! There are plenty of other caffeine-infused drinks: Mountain Dew, Coke, tea (green teas and black teas are best), energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster and much more.
  3. Other energy products: Though I cannot  say I have any personal experience with these products, mainly because I’m slightly afraid of most of them, there are caffeine or energy products to keep you up. A popular choice is 5-hour Energy, but there are also other products that range from gummy bites to drink mixes. These affect everyone differently, so proceed with caution.
  4. Exercise: Not only does exercise provide a good distraction and a break from work, but this is also one of the few methods that gives you NATURAL energy. As a wise blonde once said, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people stay awake!”
  5. Power naps: Even a 20-minute nap can give you a great boost of energy. Be sure to set a few alarms, because once you fall into that deep stage of sleep, it’s not easy to resurface!
  6. Pinch yourself: This may seem a little cruel, but hey, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, right?
  7. Go outside!: With the arrival of the super cold weather, take a quick five-minute walk and let the brisk air wake you up.
  8. Snack time: Have a quick snack. Sometimes just eating a little something can keep you going for another hour or so!
  9. Study spots: Choose a smart study spot. Study in public, not in your room or on your bed. Sit in a chair at a desk, not on a sofa.

Use these tricks and keep working hard, Hoyas! We only have to stay awake for a little less than two weeks, and then that elusive sleep will finally be ours!