Gadzooks! Where’d Our Seal Go?

School SealUh-oh-spaghetti-oh! Heavens to Mergatroid! It’s a John Carroll conundrum. From the looks of it, the Georgetown University school seal on the steps outside of Healy Hall seems to have disappeared – just in time for Homecoming Weekend.

In other words, what is supposed to look like this…

5863016890_a72c2934b9_z …currently looks like this:


Though we haven’t received word yet on the seal’s whereabouts or why it has gone missing (or potentially covered), we do have some wild speculations of our own about the disappearance. Take a look at them below:

1. A heartbroken Hoya alum stole the seal upon returning to campus for homecoming so he/she could keep a piece of Georgetown forever.

2. The University – in anticipation of our new mascot’s homecoming debut – took the seal away in case “new” Jack needed a bathroom break.

3. Someone from Syracuse just performed an elaborate heist to ruin Georgetown’s homecoming … Just kidding. Nobody from Syracuse could think of something that elaborate.

4. A prospective student who had previously stepped on the seal (and was subsequently denied from the University) destroyed the seal because he/she was denied entry to the best place on Earth.

5. Blue and Grey Tour Guides stole it so they could have some new material for their fall tours.

6. The University stole it and moved it to Clarendon, despite the results of the referendum voting. 

7. This is a part of Nicholas Cage’s newest movie National Treasure: Georgetown where he steals Georgetown landmarks. LOOK OUT, JOHN CARROLL.

8. A Mr. Georgetown candidate made it disappear as a part of his talent for tonight.

What are your theories, Hoyas? Where’s the seal? Check The Hoya for all the latest updates!

Photo: Adam Ramadan, flickr, wikimedia

Friday Fixat10ns: Hoya Homecoming

[8tracks width=”300″ height=”250″ playops=”” url=”″]

Homecoming weekend has come again.  Certainly a favorite weekend for both former and current Hoyas, the weekend culminates in the Saturday afternoon football game.  Just before that, though, is my personal favorite event of the weekend: the Homecoming Tailgate.  On top of all of the food that is around, there is a fantastic 1980’s cover band rocking out for a couple of hours, with hundreds of Hoyas jamming along with them.  To get everyone prepared and excited, here is a list of terrific 80’s songs that you will most likely hear at some point Saturday.

Here I Go Again- Whitesnake Best known for its music video, this is a classic 80’s-hair band hit.  It was Mark Wahlberg’s walk-out music in The Fighter, and since then, this has always been a song to get me pumped and excited.

Take On Me- a Ha This song will get stuck in your head for days.  Not necessarily a bad thing.  Just a heads up.

You Give Love a Bad Name- Bon Jovi A true heartbreak anthem from Bon Jovi, this is a great song to belt out, whether you have an ex in mind or not.

Dancing In The Dark- Bruce Springsteen Every great 80’s list needs some Bruce.  One of his biggest hits, this Springsteen classic is a huge song at karaoke bars, and lends itself perfectly to the tailgate.

Hold the Line- Toto While maybe a lesser known hit, this song represents 80’s music in all its glory: high pitched vocals, a catchy chorus, and some great guitar solos.

Livin’ On a Prayer- Bon Jovi We are halfway there (or a little over), we’ll make it I swear.  See what I did there?

Jack & Diane- John Mellencamp I have no idea if Jack and Diane were real people, but this little ditty is awfully catchy.

Your Love- The Outfield Arguably my favorite song of the era, I’m not entirely sure what it’s about, but it can get everybody moving.

Come On Eileen- Dexy’s Midnight Runners Maybe the most successful one-hit wonder of the decade, an 80’s countdown wouldn’t be complete without this crowd favorite.

Don’t Stop Believing- Journey I think it is probably a part of the USA Citizenship Exam to know the lyrics of this song.  Seriously.  Have you ever heard this song come on and not have everyone sing along to it? Everything about it is memorable, and it is certainly an appropriate way to end this playlist.