How To Coachella In Your Dorm

Coachella PostAccording to various social media feeds and your BFF Lauren’s insta account who decided to go to college in SoCal, Coachella starts this weekend. Apparently, it’s the place to be!

Not going to Coachella these next two weekends? Luckily, 4E has the perfect guide to start your own #Chella2016 party in your dorm!

Step 1: Dress like you’re a vagabond hipster 1960s flower child with a touch of politically incorrect Navajo.

Make sure everything you wear costs at least $500!

Step 2: Acquire the drugs….JUST KIDDING! Instead, just pretend you are one with the music while erratically dancing. 

Step 3: Get your perfect Chella Playlist.  Whether you’re into House, that newest Indie band, or that chill white rapper, Coachella has it all!

Step 4: Prepare the ambiance! In order to do this, you must make sure your dorm is set to 110 degrees with the occasional dusting of desert sand! Prepare your bandanas!

There you have it! The perfect guide to try to be one of the #coolkids.  Get your insta accounts ready!


Happy July! And We’re Back from Our Holiday Hiatus

Happy July, everybody! We hope you all survived the heat, the derecho (with all of the falling trees), the heat, the 4th and all of the heat. Luckily for us, D.C. is once again cool enough to exist without a bucket of cold water and long spells of time in the air conditioning.

Last week, we took a week off to celebrate America, but we are back blogging in full force this week (and, since there are no more patriotic holidays) for the rest of the summer. But, just in case you missed last week also, lets quickly update on all that happened since our last post.

The June 29 Derecho Oh, hey, 70 mile per hour winds, horizontal rain, lots of thunder and lighting and the occasional falling tree (including that monster tree on Prospect and 35th.) Over a million people in the DMV lost power — and some are just getting it back now. And Volta Pool opened late the next day, so 4E’s choice of reprieve in the 100+ degree temperatures was only useful after 1:30.

The Heat Yes, last week was super hot. D.C. experienced a record 11 consecutive days over 95, and flirted with an all-time record on July 7. We hope you guys drank lots of water and found some awesome ways to cool off.

The Fourth Hopefully you did us proud by celebrating America.

And also, D.C. was ranked as the most livable city in America and the 14th most livable in the world. We agree. (Except for the fact that Toronto beat us. Go America!)