Nextspot: The New and Improved Doodle

Next SpotHere at 4E, we’re always up-to-date on the best new apps for Hoyas – if you’re not using the BroApp, you’re missing out. Nextspot was recently founded by Georgetown student Daanish Jamal, and while the app is still in its infancy, it is fully functional. According to its description, Nextspot “helps you and your friends organize casual meetups. It streamlines the details – what, when, where and who – in a collaborative process, so everyone’s input is accounted for.” Basically, it allows you to create various groups within the app, which then provides a group chat as well as the ability to create “events” for that group.

It lets every person in the group vote on what times are best for them, similar to how a Doodle poll works. It’s insanely helpful if you have to get together for a group project and need to decide whether to do it in Lau at 9 p.m. or in Regents during the afternoon. Or, it’s especially ideal for trying to organize a pregame and deciding whose place is the best.

Obviously, your friends  have to have the app for its functionality to be fully realized. So link your friends to this article, download the app and support a Georgetowner trying to get his company off the ground!