Between a Rock and a Far Place: A Review of the Rock & Roll Hotel

h-street-hipstersPeering incredulously at our crop-tops, denim cut-offs, and wedges at 11:45pm on a Saturday, the older lady across the row on the bus immediately knew we were going to “da club.” When we told her we were heading to the Rock & Roll Hotel on H-Street, she tisked, questioning, “Is it worth your life?” The answer: most definitely.

Clearly, I survived the supposed harrowing night on H. Although I enjoy a good concert, I am not willing to be a martyr for live music. Despite the unwanted—and insane— mothering of an old stranger, H-street is an energetic, upcoming street filled with lively bars and fun concert venues.

H-Street is definitely a place to explore. Unfortunately, the location adds hipster, grunge feel of the street: while I may sound like Stephan from SNL regaling about the out of the way, distant feel of the area, I actually mean it. Using walking and public transportation, I spent an hour commute time. For an awesome band, it’s definitely worth the trek, but I definitely recommend investing in an Uber for the way back.

Surprisingly, the “mothering” did not end once we got to the venue. We went to see Lower Dens, an emerging band from Baltimore who recently opened for Belle and Sebastian. Even though the music possesses an off-beat, almost ethereal, edge, some of the audience legitimately looked like they were coming from work. Don’t get me wrong: there were some plaid-shirt wearing, man-bun with amish-esque people there. But, it’s not too far out of our DC prepster comfort zone.  Most amusingly, there were two seventy-year-old women raging in the front row. I don’t know if they were particular fans of the band or if this is a recurrent theme of the venue, but be forewarned if you don’t like to rock out with old people.

With a barely-elevated stage, low-ceilings and a small audience space, the Rock & Roll Hotel provides an intimate and cozy concert experience. I legitimately made eye contact with the lead singer the whole time. The concert almost had a garage, private concert vibe. Compared to the 9:30, the Rock & Roll Hotel feels much more casual and relaxed.

The best part of the venue, however, is the features after the concert. While the concert space rests on the first floor, there are two bars on the upper levels. Boasting low tables, high circular chatting tables and string lights, the roof top bar particularly is fun to relax in after a concert. The venue solves the dilemma of what to do after a concert: before hitting up H street (or going home), you can debrief the concert and relax at one of the upstairs bars at the Rock & Roll Hotel. Overall, definitely check out the Rock & Roll Hotel—just be willing to make the commute!


4Eats: Our Guide to Fall Eating

Well, it’s that time folks. Sweater weather. Boots. Leaves. Turkeys. Hurricanes? Yes, Hoyas, fall is in full swing, and that means it’s time for the season of eating. Thanksgiving might be a few weeks away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get out into the city and enjoy some delicious grub. At The Fourth Edition, we were quite inspired by The Washington Post’s Tom Sietsema and his Fall Dining Guide, so we decided to give you our own—college friendly, budget friendly, and tummy friendly—list of Fall’s Best. Here are our 4Eats:


Located in the heart of jazzy and eclectic U Street and consistently ranked one of DC’s top Ethiopian Restaurants, it’s no wonder why Dukem made our Fall Dining List. Dukem is definitely a fun, interactive experience for all you foodies out there, and we highly recommend going as a group. Combination platters featuring spongy Injera bread, Lamb Wot, Beef Tibs, and savory Kitfu with cottage cheese will leave your mouth watering for weeks!

Toki Underground:

We didn’t think it could happen, but H Street just got more hipster and happenin’ with Toki Underground. $10 Ramen. $5 Dumplings. Infinite happiness. We’re telling you, these dishes are going to blow your mind. There was so much umami going on in our mouths, we could have had a party like this. Not to mention the salt-cured pork belly had us screaming in pleasure. Don’t take our word for it? Fine. But maybe you’ll believe DC’s hottest veteran chef, José Andrés. Yeah, that’s what we thought. If you don’t eat at this place, we’ll go again for you.


Nothing makes our hearts warm up like the crisp autumn air and a Chef Geoff’s restaurant like Lia’s. Take the Red Line up to Friendship Heights for some hearty Italian that will leave you with the happiest food coma of your life. Lia’s Happy Hour Menu is the by far the best deal in town, and their Crispy Risotto Balls are probably the best thing in the world. Oh, and if you still have room for dessert, try the Nutella Chocolate Tart with roasted white chocolate-banana ice cream. Yes, David After Dentist, this is real life.

Amsterdam Falafelshop:

Nothing quite says Fall like Amsterdam Falafelshop. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with Fall, or even Amsterdam. But yes, it does have everything to do with heaven in your mouth. This Adams Morgan eatery is what we like to call a “falafel buffet,” an eden of sorts where you can dress your falafel up or down however you please. Our tips: wear pants two sizes too big, have the baba ganoush, and please, for the love of God, try the garlic sauce.

Photo Credit: DC Eater